New dodgy president of the Safavid state – Mullah Rouhani

9647e023-dd62-41ff-afd5-7971764043b4Desperation can lead to many things, like fooling oneself that voting for a ‘moderate’ Shia cleric (oxymoron) will change things. A strange logic, but the masses follow it (they are desperate after all) The logic since 34 year by those who claim they are not with the regime but still go and vote, i.e. ‘Lets save things from getting worse’. Although the reality looks pretty much this way:


So the  Iranians were so desperate to get rid of Khamenei (eventually, i.e. weakening him) and his henchmen that most of them gave their votes

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Khamenei’s Police Chief Commander: ‘Not following Wilayat Al-Faqih is like adopting Salafism and makes ones blood persmissible to be shed’


In a reflection of the polarizing effect of the political battles, Iran’s police chief, Gen. Esmaeil Ahmadi Moghaddam, was quoted this week by the official Islamic Republic News Agency as saying it was “permissible to spill the blood” of anyone opposing Iran’s system called “Velayat-e-faghih (Wilayat Al-Faqih),” loosely translated as rule of the clerics. The same news agency, which is under the control of Ahmadinejad’s administration, later denounced Moghaddam, saying he should “go back from where he came.”

Nothing suprising if you remember one of our previous articles:

‘Ayatollah’: “Disobeying the Wali Faqih (Taghoot Khamenei) equals Shirk!

But this time …

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Iranian ‘Ayatollah’ declares Salafi Muslims as disbelievers and Zionists!

The Nifaq of the Rafidha clergy has no limits. Day and night you hear them wailing about how ‘Wahhabis/Takfiris/Extemist Sunnis” etc. declare the Shias as polytheist Kafirs, although the Shia believe in the testimony of Islam (the truth is they merely utter it, in action they nulify it with endless heresies). Well, what about the Salafis? If merely uttering the Shahada alone makes one a Muslims, then verily the Salafis must be Muslims too, according to the common (flawed) Shia (flawed) understanding of Tawheed. But this sect has its own agenda and changes its attitude based on her desires, yesterday they called the likes of Sufyan Al-Thawri, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmad, Hassan Al-Basri etc. as ‘Nawasib enemies of Ahl Al-Bayt and impure Kuffar and today the new Boogeyman (honestly, Salafis give Rafidhis very hard times, acedemical wise and …)

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It’s official: The Rise and Fall of Iran in Arab and Muslim Public Opinion


The following post, a month old is really worth to linked by our page, but before reading it we’d like to remember our dear readers to the following article which proves the lunacy of the Shia Rafidha clergy and the Iranian regime who seriously believs that they are the representatives and supporters of the ‘oppressed’ in the world or even more ridicolous that there failed and polytheist and unjust and hijacked (by Mullahs, see here>>>) revolution and ideas (polytheist Shiism) will be imported to the world (particularly the Islamic world that never hated the Shia clergy and the Shia as it does today! Heck, Iranian Shia themselves leaving Shiism in DROVES>>>, particularly in south Iran>>>).


In old times, whenever the Rafidha clergy and the Iranian Shia state was attacked, the Mullahs could bring up the excuse that those who impose them are secularists and enemies of Islam, like whenever the Iranian embassies was being attacked around the world (a very common phenomena, since the Rafidi clergy has lost the trust of the majority of its own people), the Iranian regime was quick (and mostly right) to accuse secularists, MKO’s and other mostly Anti-Islam and nationalist iranian groups for those assaults. But since the crimes of the Iranian regime (thanks to their own satanic politics) have been exposed even to the most ignorant among the Islamic Ummah, the times of Iran being a role model, or Muslims looking up to Iran are certainly gone. Today the very youth who make up a major part of the religious community in most Arab (and non Arab countries like Indonesia, Malaysia) countries and in fact entered the parliaments (like in Egypt) are attacking the Iranian embassy and the Iranian regime and Shia clergy for their many crimes against Sunnis worldwide and the attacks on Sunni beliefs through Iranian promoted Shia temples, books etc.

Here more articles in regards to this topic:

Ayatollah Fadhlallah’s son: Iran wants to use all Shiites

Iran’s own Rasulullah caricatures! Everybody’s fed up with the Rafidi Republic, even Al-Azhar!

The American role in the Rafidite Safavids clergy’s Rise to Power

When the Rafidi Mullahs used to pledge allegiance and how they conspired their way to power.

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As-Salamu ‘Alayka, Ya Hugo Chavez (AJ)

64109_513636368679414_29849882_nVenereting a polytheist socialist and cursing the Sahaba – It’s a Shia (regime’s) world. The mad man Ahmadinejad is at it again, this time they literally venerated and idolised an open Kafir (in Tawheed/ monotheism), a socialist Kafir who (more than in one occasion) clearly stated that he is a polytheist Christ-(peace be upon him)-worshipping trinitarian (i.e. a Christian).

We as Muslims do not decide who goes to paradise or hell, this is a misconception by many so called modernist Muslims and non-Muslims (Kuffar) alike. The one who ultimately decides who goes to Heaven and Hell is ONLY God (Allah) himself, all we know is that Paradise is certainly  forbidden for a polytheist soul, of course this does not mean that the Ummah (nation) of Prophet Muhamamd (peace be upon him), who are the true remaining Monotheists on earth will enter the paradise only, rather all the nations before the final Messenger will  enter the paradise too IF they died upon Monotheism. This is why Islam teaches that the TRUE followers of Moses, Jesus etc. will all enter Jannah, this is because all Prophets were Muslims and hence all Prophets taught the same core belief which is Tawheed (Monotheism). As for the Christians of today, they are all trinitarians, except a very few who although don’t hold trinitarian (heretical) beliefs, yet they reject the belief in the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) which is kufr (disbelief) in itself. Anyways, the point is …

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Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish

almajoosHIGHThe 9th of Rabi’ Al-Awwal is another day and ‘Id the Rafidha Majoosian Shias have added to the Deen of Allah. Here several made up names for this made up ‘Id:

– “Farhat Al-Zahra'” (the joy of Fatimah Zahra’)

– “Youm Al-Ghadeer Al-Thani” (the second Ghadeer)

– “Omar Koshan” (the killing of Omar. The name that is mainly used in Iran).

On this day, they celebrate the day when the Chief of the Believers, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, the breaker of the ribs of their oppressive King Yazgerd III was stabbed (while leading the Fajr prayer as the Imam, for  the Sahabah and Ahl Al-Bayt) by a Majoosi (Zoroastrian) called Abu Lu’lu’ah (Al-Majoosi, whom Shia – interestingly and desperately – try to potray as a hero and Muslim, we have debunked their claims here>>>).

Now there are two claims by some apolegetic Shias when it comes to the celebration of Omar’s (RA) death and the veneration of his pagan Majoosian murderer (who eventually committed suicide!).

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Iran – The horn of Shiism (Kufr) – Iranian Sunni resistance group

DISCLAMER: does not support or fund any external bodies or entities, and is an organization with strictly intellectual intents and purposes. We also do not actively support any group be it inside or outside of Iran, be it Sunni or non-Sunni. Past remarks on our part (towards fighting Sunni organisations inside Iran) do not represent our views anymore, for we do not believe in any violance towards any civilians/innocents whatsoever, this of course, does not mean that we reject the right of Iranian groups (be it Sunni or non-Sunni) to defend their rights by a physical resistance against the Iranians dictatorship regime and it’s military forces (a right which is even giving to them and all nations by the U.N. itself, under certain circumstances). We also do not fear the Kuffar, let alone the Rafidha polytheists and whatever we stated here is based on our beliefs. As for the “Harakat Ansar Iran”, then we do not have sufficent informations regarding this Iranian Sunni resistance group, hence the following video should be taken as an informational, educational, study, and research source.

‘Ayatollah’: “Disobeying the Wali Faqih (Taghoot Khamenei) equals Shirk!

The religion of Shirk (polytheism) and Zandaqah (heresy) and its Priests (the ‘Ayatollahs’) are at it again. After having introduced the alien concept of ‘Wilayah/Imamah’ of their twelve ‘Infallibles’ to (their fake version) of Islam and accusing the Muslims Ummah of Kufr (disbelief), or to say the least of misguidance, for not believing in this fairy-tale (‘Imamah‘/divine leadership of twelve ‘infallibles’) that has not place in Islam whatsoever,  the Rafidhite Shiite clergy has gone now to another lever of heresy, this time they accuse every opposer of their innovated (even among Shia ‘Ayatollahs’ disputed!) ‘Wilayat Al-Faqih’ (Guardianship of the Juris i.e. ‘Ayatollah’) concept, of polytheism (Shirk). The audicaty of these heretics goes beyond borders, but it is (sadly) nothing new, as you can watch here:

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In Iran non-Shias (Muslims/Sunnah) are publically being insulted as sons of Prostitutes

This is what you will find in the streets of the “Islamic Republic of Iran”, the Rafidhi Safavid state that is literally run by the “Ayatullahs” who as they claim have no issues with Sunnis, only with “Wahhabis” as they claim:

It is written: Those who doubt the Wilayah [divine leadership of Ali] of Ali are the sons of Zinah (fornications).

It is not new, these filth are available in their books so

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Demonstrations in Iran – Economics is for donkeys!

Iran police clash with protesters over currency crisis

A protest and scuffles with police broke out in central Tehran on Wednesday in the first sign of public unrest over Iran’s plunging currency, which has lost more than half of its value since last week.

Hundreds of police in anti-riot gear stormed the capital’s currency exchange district of Ferdowsi, arresting illegal money changers and ordering licensed exchange bureaux and other shops closed, witnesses told AFP.

Several arrests were seen, carried out by uniformed police or plain-clothes security officers.

The Mehr news agency said … Read more >>>

Here some clips:

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Anti-Islamic and Anti-Arab sentiments on the pulpits of the Shia regime – A response to the “poets”

We decided (as Sunni Iranians of Arab, Persian, Kurdish etc. origin) to comment on two videos that have been widely circulated on the internet, it’s a while ago but we believe that the rebuttal by Iranian Sunnis to fashist Persian groups/personalities is not something common in the WWW. Actually it is really worth and interesting to see the similarities between Shia Sahaba hatred and Neo-Majoos/Sassanid hatred for the Sahaba/Arabs. The following two clips are yet another prime example of  the Anti-Islamic and racist nature of the so called “Islamic” (Safavid) Republic of Iran”. The following is a clip showing the famous mainstream Persian poet Badkoobei (Next Ferdowsi as his followers claim!) and another one by “Seyyed Mohammad Reza Aali Payam (aka Haloo), both insulting Arabs and deriding Islam, the Prophet’s companion and the Qur’an inside the “Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The first poet, Mostafa Badkoobei insulted Arabs and Islam in state-run institution. He recited a poem that derides Arabs (as a whole) and Islam, the video has been  The poem entitled “The God of Arabs” came in response to a statement made by a guest in a show on state TV that “Arabic is the language of heaven dwellers.”  (a statement that is not supported by authentic Islamic text anyway). Here the full clip:

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Iran’s own Rasulullah caricatures! Even Azhar had enough!

Scholars, Al-Azhar demand Iran refrain from screening film on beloved Prophet

Saturday 15 September 2012

With the announcement almost three years ago about the production of a film portraying the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Iranian director Majeed Majeedi sparked a controversy all over the Islamic world. Now, as the film is ready for viewing, the temperature is rising.

Read more >>>

What was hidden to many scholars around the world is being exposed day by day for the heresies of twelver Rafidism and the “Ayatollah” clergy are uncountable, one just needs them to openly declare their beliefs, that’s enough of a refutation, just like the following pictures

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Merci, brother Morsi!

Mohammad Morsi, the new President of Egypt, we don’t know how he’ll do in the future, but we know one thing for sure, what he did in the capital of the Neo-Zoroastrian Rafidite Safavid state will cool the hearts of all the believers whenever they remember him. Basically Mohammad Morsi visited the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movements held in Tehran on Thursday. That means it was not an official visit to Iran (the Safavid regime desperately hopes for that, since they boldly claim that the Revolutions in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world were inspired by their khomeinian-Shi’ite revolution!) the summit just happned to be there and Mohammad Morsi left shortly without even meeting the Taghoot and Wali Al-Amr of the heretics, Ali Khamenei (whom many visited).  Addressing leaders and representatives of 120 countries, Morsi delivered several political messages. He began by Continue reading

For 3rd time, Tehran’s Sunnis banned to offer Eid prayer

The official website of the Sunni community of Iran has released an English article to the Persian one we have linked to in our English article about the banning of ‘Eid prayers for Sunnis in Tehran.

Thursday, 23 August 2012 17:12
Iran, Tehran- The Iranian security officials have banned Sunni Muslims of Tehran to establish Eid Al-Fitr prayer for the third consecutive year on Sunday, August 19, 2012.“SunniOnline” has received credible reports from the Iranian capital, Tehran, that the security authorities had blocked points of entrance of Sunnis’ prayer rooms.


No-go areas for Iranian Sunnis – Iran and Bahrain compared

The Sunni community of Iran including Sunnis of the Sistan-Baluchistan province has been facing massive discriminative governmental policies since the public revolution in 1979. It has compelled some Sunni MPs and Friday khateebs to speak out decrying unwelcome stances of rulers. Some unwritten biased regulations have been forbidding the Sunni community to take part in serving the country. Although, the reformist government of Mr. Khatami tried to get the support of huge population of Sunnis by giving them some regional posts, but he could not cross the red lines. Elimination of discrimination remained a downright slogan for candidates of the presidential elections of the early terms.No-go areas for Sunnis:

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Khomeini’s promises and the divorce rates of Iran – “Spiritual Greatness” at its best, one of the most conservative and closest news agencies of the Iranian regime can’t bust just reveal the fruits of thirty years of Shi’ite Rafidite reign and education by the clergy (“Ayatollah’s”):

  • زمان مخابره:
  • ۰ : ۵۴ — ۱۳۹۱/۵/۲۸
ایران رتبه چهارم «طلاق» را در جهان به خود اختصاص داد ؛

«بله‌»هایی که عرش خدا را می‌لرزانند!

گروه جامعه- محبوبه علی‌پور – طی روزهای اخیر رسانه‌ها به نقل از «معصومه آباد» دبیر کمیته سلامت شورای شهر تهران اعلام کردند که ایران رتبه چهارم طلاق در جهان را به خود اختصاص داده است.

Iran holds the fourth highest divorce ranking in the world! This has been confirmed by the official Assembly of the Health Committee of Tehran. Source>>>

Now let us quote what the tyrant of Tehran, the one-handed Ayadollar Khamenei has to say (taken from this Shia Rafidite website>>>):

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The American role in the Rafidite Safavids clergy’s Rise to Power

Have you ever seen the western world watching how a (as they call practicing Muslims) Islamist is sitting in their backyard and calling for an Islamic state (and removing one close ally of the west themselves!) in his native country? Have you? Let’s spice it up, imagine that a, Islamist’s sitting in a country that is one of the close allies of the “Great Satan” (America), yet that country grants that Islamists not just asylum, rather once that “evil Islamist” achieved what he wanted (the ALLY of the west in his native country being forced to leave) the very same western country puts the ice on the cake for the Islamist and chauffeurs him peacefully to his native country.

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Same procedure as every year – The Sunnis of Tehran prevented from holding ‘Eid prayers

Same procedure as every year, the Safavid Rafidite state of heresy and oppression has again prevented the Sunni community of  the only major capital in the WORLD without a single Sunni Mosque!) from holding their ‘Eid Al-Fitr congregational prayer. Right, there is not a single Sunni Mosque in Tehran anyway, although the Sunnis in Tehran (Sunni Iranians from Hormozgan, Balochestan, Kordestan, Khorassan etc.)

The Iranian regime has again proven it’s TRUE Anti-Islamic nature and has exposed the truth behind their empty slogans of “Islamic Unity”. Keep in mind that the Sunni community of Tehran has been prevented of building a Masjid since the arrival of Khomeini the pagan, polytheist child molester and arch-liar, who at the beginning of the Revolution promised all sorts of freedom to everyone, like to one of the major Imams of the Sunnis of Iran in Zahedan, Molana Abdul-Aziz. He promised this influential man to let the Sunnis have a Mosque in Tehran, including all religious freedom, with the condition …

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Wave of arrests among Sunni Arabs of Iran before Eid Al-Fitr

This is getting very common, people are converting in MASSES to Islam (Sunnah) in the mainly Arab region of south Iran (Khuzestan/Arabestan). Ahwazis are traditionally Shias, but thanks to the oppression of the Rafidi Shia clergy, the Shia clergy and Shi’ism (here an example of the plain reality >>>) is like one of the most hated things among Arabs of Ahwaz, the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy basically shot in their own legs, and the mass conversions are no myths, it is sufficent that one of the two biggest enemies of Islam/Sunnis are confirming the changes in Ahwaz. One is the American based, Persian chauvinist and nationalist, Anti-Islam preacher “Bahram Moshiri” and “Ayatollah” Golpeygani who (acc. to Shia-News Iranian based website) is very worried about the spread of Sunnism among Arab Iranians. The Iranian regime and the Rafidi Shia clergy are boiling, hence it almost getting normal that they storm Sunni Mosques in Ahwaz which are filled with new reverts, here the latest news: Wave of arrests among Sunni Arabs before Eid al-Fitr >>>

“The Revolutions in the Arab world are inspired by Iran’s revolution”

More delusions of Rafidi-Safavi grandeur. How these heretics can even remotely attribute the Arab Spring to the FAILED Rafidi revolution of Iran (Bazargan said so, “Ayatollah” Sadiq Shirazi said so, so did many other Maraji’, let alone Sunni Muslims!) of the arch heretic Khomeini the accursed, is beyond any sane rational individual. Alhamdulillah from Tunisia to Libya to Egypt and Syria, all have resoundingly rejected and despised this ill gotten religion of lies and deception and its fortress, the Iranian regime.

English & Farsi

This is the reason why the Syrian Revolution earned the title ‘Al-Thawrah Al-Fadhiah’. It has exposed long time hidden enemies like …

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A clear letter to the advisor [stooge] of president in Sunnis’ affairs

Molawi Eshaq Madani, advisor to the Iranian president inSunnis’ affairs, expressed his views over the circumstances of the Sunni community in Iran before a media delegation of Egypt. Teachers of Darululoom Zahedan [Iranian Sunni centre in south-east Iran] decried his statements refusing his claims strongly in a lucid letter.

The text of the letter is as following:

Excellency, Molawi Eshaq Madani;

Advisor to the president in affairs of Sunnis


In previous days, an Egyptian journal, “Al-Yawm As-Sabe’” published your words in meeting with an Egyptian media delegation in Tehran.

You have said: “There are Sunni representatives from predominantly Sunni cities…

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Iran opens supply route for NATO – Breaking news


“Anti-american ,Anti-imperialist and Anti-Zionist” Safavid Republic of Iran has agreed to open the port of Chabahar to allow NATO supplies into war-torn afghanistan .
The port is being partly financed by india to maintain Iranian and Indian influence in afghanistan when the americans leave in 2014 .

The agreement was signed by Afghan minister of commerce – Anwar al-haq Ahady andIiranian ambassador to afghanistan – Abolfazi Zohrevand .

The signing of the agreement came as a relief to US/NATO forces since the closure of Nato supplies from pakistan last year , NATO has a trusted ally in Iran , despite the bluff and bluster we keep seeing and hearing on the news .

The last thing the Safavid Shia Mullahs want to see is Muslims ruling Afghanistan , that would be a disaster for them,  and they will do everything they can to prevent the return of Islamic government , even if it means they will be exposed in the process .

Madame Tussauds – Rafidi version in Najaf!

while children are starving in Iran (even in Tehran, south Tehran) and Iraq, the Rafidah clergy decided to spend HALF A MILLION dollar (KHOM$$$) to construct some idols of their rotten Ayadollar$. YA SHIA, this is where your KHOM$ goes, free yourselves from these devils!

[NOTE: Erecting statues just as the pagan Hindus and Catholics do is VERY common in the pagan Shia Rafidite religion that unjustly ascribes itself to Islam, check the following post here>>>, not to forget AYATOLLAH CARDBOARD>>>]


City of Amir al-Mominin (A) venerates Shiite icons in wax museum ….

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Verily, they ARE Majoos & enemies of Islam: Eid Ghadir, Nowrooz and Omar’s death, the Rafidhite holidays!

[…] یوم غدیر خم افضل اعیاد امتی.

 امالی صدوق: 125، ح 8.

The day/’Eid of Ghadir is the MOST SUPERIOR of all Eids of the Ummah […]

(Amali Sadooq, Vol 8 , p)

2. عن الصادق علیه‌السلام قال: هو عید الله الاکبر،و ما بعث الله نبیا الا و تعید فی هذا الیوم و عرف حرمته و اسمه فی السماء یوم العهد المعهود و فی الارض یوم المیثاق الماخوذ و الجمع المشهود. وسائل الشیعه، 5: 224، ح

On the authority of Al-Sadiq  (peace be upon him) who said …

 [‘Eid Al-Ghadir] is the GREATEST ‘EID OF ALLAH (‘Eidallah  Al-Akbar!). Allah did not sent any of the Prophets except  that they CELEBRATED on that day and acknowledged the greatness of this day and the name of it has been mentioned in the heavens and earth.  (Wasa’el Al-Shi’a, Vol 1 p 224

more pagan narrations ATTRIBUTED to the Ahl Al-Bayt:

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a) was asked if there was Eid for Muslims besides Friday, Adha and Fitr. Imam replied, “Yes, there is one more Eid which is most great in holiness (a’dhamuha hurmatan).” The person asked him which Eid that was. Imam said: “It is the day (i.e. Ghadir) when the Messenger of Allah declared the Chief of the Believers (Ali) his vicegerent, saying: “Of whosoever I am the Mawlaa, ‘Ali is also his Mawlaa. And it is the 18th of Dhil-hijjah.”

As for  one of the biggest Rafidite Shi’ite lies in history namely that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him) declared Ali Ibn Abi Talib his vicegerency at Ghadir Khum on his return from his last pilgrimage, then this is nothing but a lie. NONE of the companions of the Messenger and even NON of the Bani Hashim understood Ghadir Khum as the declaration of Ali’s Khilafah, not even Ali himself who NEVER (not in a SINGLE  authentic narration) used to argue for the sake of his “divine Imamate” with Ghadir.  To understand the Rafidite deception and the SIMPLE TRUTH about Ghadir, read the following article >>>.

The Rafidite regime and the Rafidite religion prefers the day of Ghadir  over the greatest ‘Eid of the Muslims which is ‘Eid  Al-Fitr. Right, they  (as usual) have gone into extremes with Ali and his progeny and NOT with the Messenger (both is wrong, but their extremes are not even with the personality of the Prophet!) and thus the y regard the  (so called) day of the declaration of Ali’s Imamate SUPERIOR than ‘Eid Al-Fitr.

Here some news from one of the biggest Shia news websites on the net, namely (Iranian based). It reports how several grand “Ayatollahs” were enraged when they heard of the news that the Iranian gov. wants to extent the holiday of ‘Eid Al-Fitr (which is just 2 days off in the so called ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’). They demanded that Eid Al-Ghadir must be superior even when it comes to the celebration even when it come to the days off for the holidays.

Shia reports: “Ayatollah” Makaarem Shirazi on his TV show advised the gov. to reduce the days off in the country. He mentioned this after the Iranian gov. increased the days off for ‘Eid of Fitr from one to two days.


Before it was ONE day of in Iran only, yet NOWROOZ the ZOROASTRIAN ‘EID is worth TWO weeks off for the Rafidite regime. What about if Mr. Shirazi would have asked for  a reduction of all those days and weeks of for the death of countless Imams (including Khomeini!) or a reduction of TWO weeks (actually more it’s THIRTEEN days) of the Zoroastrian based holiday! Instead he goes and attacks the TWO days for ‘Eid Al-Fitr!

But it even gets worse, even the Zoroastrian ‘Eid  of Nowrooz has more significance to them than ‘Eid Al-Fitr, we have discussed it here >>>.

Certainly these pagans of Qom have changed the religion of Islam to some Sassanian Madhab of Yazgerd just like Ghulam Ahmad has changed HIS version of Islam to some Asian version. There is only one Islam, neither Arabic, Persian nor Asian it is the pure and orthodox Islam of the Ahl Al-Sunnah.

BTW: They have innovated so many ‘Eids to Islam, they even got the “SECOND ‘EID Al-GHADIR” which is the day the Zoroastrian Abu Lo’lo’a had killed the Caliph of the Muslims Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

They have even ascribed Nowrooz to the Mahdi!!!



‘Al-Mu’alla narrates from Imam Al-Sadiq  : Nowrooz is no other day but the one we [the Ahl Al-Bayt] are awaiting the reappearance [of Al-Mahdi], for it  is one of our days that was protected by the Persians and carelessly lost by you.” (‘Al-Du’a’ li Al-Imam Al-Zaman’, p. 94)

So the Sahaba, their students and their students (i.e. Salaf Al-Saleh) have missed to ‘protect’ the holy (!) day of Nowrooz, but the Persians managed to protect this so called holy day. Look at their audacity! How dare they ascribe a Zoroastrian holiday to Islam and the Ahl Al-Bayt! Not even the most wicked Islamic has ever dared to ascribe any pre-Islamic pagan Arabic holiday (there were some) to Islam!

This is how portray the Ahl Al-Bayt i.e. Imam Al-Sadiq in the Hadith above! He literally blames the Arabs for having forgotten the Majoosi holiday of Nowrooz! A holiday that was never sanctified in Islam!  Look how much Sassanian-Pre-Islamic-Persian customs have infiltrated Shiism, then they wonder why they are being called Majoos!



[Narration attributed to Imam Al-Sadiq who is free of Majoosite Rafidhism]: The day of Nowrooz is the day when our Qa’im of Ahl Al-Bayt (Mahdi) and the commanders [of his army] will rise. On that day Allah will make the Dajjaal appear and he will be crucified on the church of Kufa (Iraq)’. (Bihar Al-Anwar by Mulla Baqir Al-Majlisi, vol. 52, p. 308)

Kufa? Crucifiction? NOWROOZ?! We all know that JESUS (peace be upon him) will kill the Dajjaal, not on the holy day of Shiism though, which is NOWROOZ!

All this Majoosiyyah (Zoroastrianism) is so deeply rooted in their sect that they even celebrate Nowrooz in the shrine (waste of gold and other wealth of gullible Shias) of Al-Hussein in Karbala!

In this video you can see Iranian pilgrims in Iraq (whichis basically occupied by Iran with the help of the Americans and Iraqi Shia puppets) celebrating NOWROOZ in next to the shrine of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali in Karbala’. That’s what these heretics call ‘the Islam of the Ahl Al-Bayt, the true followers of the Sunnah’!

Now if you think that these are maybe some traditional Iranian Shiites who have mixed up their religion (to them Islam) with their cultural traditions the let us dissapoint you. Although it is true that many Arab Shias don’t celebrate Nowrooz, yet the reality of the Shia sect is that this Persian Majoosi holiday is a PRAISED and ESSENTIAL part of their religion, to such a degree that a number of Hadith in PRAISE of Nowrooz have been ascribed to the Ahl Al-Bayt and even preferred deeds that one should do on that day!


As for the death of the Chief of the Believers Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, then this to is an Eid according to Shiism!

Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish