“The Revolutions in the Arab world are inspired by Iran’s revolution”

More delusions of Rafidi-Safavi grandeur. How these heretics can even remotely attribute the Arab Spring to the FAILED Rafidi revolution of Iran (Bazargan said so, “Ayatollah” Sadiq Shirazi said so, so did many other Maraji’, let alone Sunni Muslims!) of the arch heretic Khomeini the accursed, is beyond any sane rational individual. Alhamdulillah from Tunisia to Libya to Egypt and Syria, all have resoundingly rejected and despised this ill gotten religion of lies and deception and its fortress, the Iranian regime.

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This is the reason why the Syrian Revolution earned the title ‘Al-Thawrah Al-Fadhiah’. It has exposed long time hidden enemies like …

Nasrallat the filthy swine …

it has exposed every Rafidi mushrik enemy of Islam, especially the hypocrite Iranian regime with its empty, hot air slogans of ‘death to America’ and their even more lying slogan of ‘Shia-Sunni Unity’. By Allah, what took scholars, preachers and the average Muslim activist decades to  (i.e. that Shi’ism is a polytheist cult and that the Iranian regime is satanic, polytheistic) convery with just a little success, the Syrian revolution accomplished it to complete 100% success within months.

Remember in 2006 the Hizbul-Iblis of Lebanon and Iran/Ahmadinejad were popular to such an extant that the people of Cairo (out of their love) used to name their DATES after Hassan Nasrallat on their markets! Ahmadinejad was the most popular president in the Arab world. Most Muslim simply fell prey to the empty rethorics of the Rafidi Safavid Republic of Iran and the victory of their stooges in Lebanon. For how many years scholars around the world were warning people about the Rafidi Shia religion, the Iranian regime (straight after Khomeini gaining power, scholars passed Fatwas on the Kufr of this individual>>>) and the Hizbullat but most of the people gave a blind eye to it, the Rafidi Republic and its stooges make it seem as if only the ‘Wahhabis” are agains the Shia and their “holy Revolution’, now many are regretting their blind support to the devils of Tehran and Qom, the average Muslim today hates the Iranian regime and Rafidi Shi’ism, especially the rotten clergy of Qom. Seriously who would have thought that one day instead of ‘exporting their revolution’, the Rafidi clergy will be faced with Tunisian, Lybian, Egyptian, Yemeni, Saudi, Lebanese, Gulf state and ESPECIALLY Syrian youth burning the pictures of Khamenei, Khomeini and Nasrallat and opposing the Iranian regime and Rafidi Shi’ism.

All we can say to the Rafidi clergy and its henchmen is:  you made our job so much easier by exposing yourselves at your own hands, thank you.