Iran not only welcomed but actively supported the US invasion of Afghanistan and excitedly participated in US-backed international efforts to establish a new Afghan government in Kabul. Later it played a significant role in the US invasion of Iraq and shaped the post-Saddam Hussein political atmosphere with the US. Though the alliance between the “Great Satan” and a member of “the Axis of Evil” was more or less hidden from broader media and public discourse it’s agenda is now out in the open.

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Qasim Sulayman’s empty threats and the illusion of Hamas and co.

By Allah, you will fight not a single nation as treacherous and hypocritical as the Rafidi nation. Hundreds of Palestinians have been slaughtered in this summer 2014, yet all Iran and Hezbollat is doing is what they are best at i.e. barking and shouting empty slogans. The slaughtering of Sunnis is no appropiate time to stop shouting slogans and actually show some actions?


Note: Over the course of the last 30+ years Iran burnt 3459 Israeli flags, shouted “death to Israel” 124500 times. If Israeli aggression continues they might double that number so be careful. In any case, don’t expect anything from the part of Satan except empty slogans and threats, no actions (except supporting Sunni butchering Bathists like Bashar!)


Security forces raid Sunni mosque during Eid prayers in Sanandaj, Iran

12494_352647398221634_5700443230644060067_nThe Iranian security forces raided a Sunni mosque on Monday during Eid prayers in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province of Iran.

The mosque, located in the town of Kani Kozaleh in Sandandaj, was raided by the security forces whilst worshipers were performing Eid prayers.

There are reports that security forces were also deployed in other parts of the city to prevent Sunni Muslims from holding Eid prayers in several Sunni mosques across Sanandaj.

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The hysterical Shia regime tries to stop conversions to Islam/Sunnah by distributing thousands of books, mocking Sunnis!

10494763_350727811746926_927659553626523310_nIran distributes more than 6000 books mocking Sunni beliefs in Ahwaz, Khuzestan province.More than 6000 books mocking Sunni beliefs were distributed on 21 July 2014 in Ahwaz, Khuzestan province of Iran.

The books appear to have been distributed on the behalf of the Iranian government, with information printed on the books identifying them as being published ‘in support of Organisations and Agencies, The Department to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice, Khuzestan Province, in co-operation with the Municipality of Ahwaz City.”

The books mock Sunni Muslims and their beliefs, frequently referring to them as ‘Wahhabi’, a term widely used in a derogatory manner by the Iranian media in reference to practicing Sunni Muslims.

Iran’s crackdown continues on Ex-Shias in Ahwaz

Iran’s crackdown on the Sunnis of Ahwaz continues as three Sunni preachers from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority were arrested on Sunday in Mahshahr city, Kuzestan province of Iran.

23-year old Hossein Saboori and his 21-year old brother Hassan Saboori were arrested and taken to an unknown location by security forces on Sunday 20 July 2014 in the town of Taleghani (Al-Kora) in Mahshahr city, Khuzestan.

Security forces then proceeded to raid the Saboori family home, causing ‘fear and panic’ to the women and children in the house.

Ahwazi human rights activist Karim Dahimi told the HRA News Agency, “[Hossein Saboori] was a Sunni preacher and he would collect the youth of the Al-Kora area [Taleghani] and teach them Arabic language and the Qur’an.”

The Saboori brothers were previously detained in May 2014 by the Ministry of Intelligence on charges of ‘spreading propaganda against the state’ in relation to their Sunni preaching activities.

Another Sunni preacher, 25-year old Sami Zebady Alboghobesh, was also arrested on Sunday in the market in Taleghani.

A Sunni religious activist, he had previously converted from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam, and actively participated in meetings held to teach the Arabic language.

The latest arrests comes just days after seven Sunni converts were arrested in Ahwaz city and taken to an unknown location after holding congregational Sunni Taraweeh prayers.

Although the majority of the population in Khuzestan is Shia, a large number have converted to Sunni Islam in recent years, causing alarm in the Shia-led Iranian government about the growth of Sunni Islam in the area.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Sunni converts arrested in the Khuzestan province. Earlier this year, four Sunni converts were sentenced to imprisonment and compulsory participation in Shia rituals by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, after being accused of “engaging in propaganda against the state’s official religion [Shi’ism].”

Iran’s Quiet Massacre at Qeshm (Iranian majority Sunni island)

Iran’s Quiet Massacre at Qeshm, on Qatar’s Behalf

Many don’t know that Iran is (at best) 50% Persians. There are many other ethnic groups in Iran, including Arabs (over 5 million!). What many definately don’t know is that the biggest island in the Persian Gulf is not Bahrain, rather it is Qeshm (also called Jasem or Jazeerah Al Tawilah by the locals) which is twice the size of Bahrain, and unlike Bahrain (which is over 60% Shia), Qeshm is traditionally Sunnis-Shafi’i (minus the occupying the Basij, Revolutionary Guards and Shia Mullahs and their families from Qom, Isfahan etc.).


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More Ex-Shias inside Iran and the Mullahs answer with torture!

The rise of Sunnism inside Iran (especially among Persians in major cities and Arab Ahwazis). Look how hysterical the Iranian Safavid regime reacts! Their days are counted, the whole Ummah is tired of the Shia clergy and Iran’s crimes. Although the majority of the population in Ahwaz is Shia, a large number have converted to Sunni Islam in recent years, causing alarm in the Shia-led Iranian government about the growth of Sunni Islam in the area and leading to the arrest of Sunni converts and activists.

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“Neighbouring Iran says it opposes US intervention. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused Washington of “seeking an Iraq under its hegemony and ruled by its stooges”.” [BBC News]
And what does that make Maliki, a man raised in Iran (by the Revolutionary Guards), who speaks fluent Farsi and along with the doomed Ayatollah Abdul-Azeez al-Hakim was a frequent guest and favourite choice of Rum-has-fled (Rumsfeld) Bush and co?. The Safavid, non-Islamic regime wants greater direct control of Iraq to further consolidate Shia control of the region, minus any leftover American influence (after they purposely handed it over to the Rafidah, their most trusted allies in the region on a plate).

This turbaned mafia have literally perfected the art of hypocrisy


More conversions to Sunnism (in Ahwaz) – The impotent Ayatullats see their last chance by forcing people into Shia rituals!

Ahwaz333Article taken from We have only bolded and underlinded some parts in this post. Please note that this is not some isolated case. Conversion to Sunni Islam is increasingly common among Ahwazi Arabs and lately even among ethnic Persians from major citiies such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan etc. 

In this shocking court indictment you can read first-hand how the Iranian authorities attempt to criminalize Sunni religious activities such as holding Qur’an study meetings and performing congregational prayers.

Bizarrely, even celebrating Eid “at the same time that it was announced in Saudi Arabia” was mentioned by the court as ‘evidence’ that the defendants had engaged in “propaganda” against the state.

The court’s blatant discrimination against the defendants’ Sunni beliefs was further illustrated by its decision to sentence the men to obligatory participation in Shia religious rituals.

Also note the court’s use of phrases such as ‘Wahhabi’ and ‘Salafi’, terms that are commonly used in a derogatory manner by the Iranian authorities in reference to practicing Sunni Muslims.


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The Iranian Shi’ite regimes dark shadow on a Sunni student graduation ceremony

photoAfter the crackdown on two Sunni school in southern Iran (in the Fars and in the Hormozgan province) by the Iranian authorities (an old tactic by the Iranian Shia regime to send out the warning to the rest of the Sunnis in Iran), we are glad to inform you about some good news, after all, the Iranian Shia regime and the Shia clergy – despite all the hate they harbor – can’t concentrate on harassing and persecuting the Iranian Sunni community without a break. After all they are busy backing up a mass-murdering Sunni killer and tyrant in Syria and they are themselves active in fighting and killing the Syrian people, so here and there the Sunni community of Iran gets the opportunity to practice their religion (in their own majority Sunni areas!) without any interference from the Iranian regime and the Mullahs of Qom (and the Iranian regime is in need of granting the Iranian Sunni community such freedom, because this is what they are going to use to fool their gullible admirers from amongst the ignorants of the Sunnis worldwide to portray themselves as a Shi’ite, yet just and Sunni-friendly country). Here some pictures from the graduation:


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Crackdown on Sunni students continues: Sunni graduation ceremony cancelled

emam-shafeiThe so called ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’ is still busy fighting his real enemy i.e. the Muslims, the Sunnis of Iran. We just recently posted an article about the Crackdown on Persian Sunni students in Evaz (Fars/Larestan) and the Imam Shafi’i school there. Few days later the Iranian regime cancelled a graduation ceremony for Sunni students in another Sunni-Shafi’i school (most southern Iranians are Shafi’i Sunnis), the  Imam Shafi’i religious school in Kargan in Minab County, Hormozgan province, after immense pressure from the Iranian authorities. The following report is taken from the taken from: website. Just look at the pathetic reason the Iranian Shia regime uses to harrass Sunni Muslims whenever they can:

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Ex-Shia phenomenon in Iran: Mass-conversion amongst Arab Ahwazis

2568alrasheadnet Conversion to Sunni Islam is increasingly common among Ahwazi Arabs who are disenchanted by a Shia theocratic regime that persecutes them (.  Just recently around twenty Arab Ahwazis betwen 20-30 years old have been arrested and their crime was their conversion from Shi’ism to Sunnism (orthodox Islam). Human rights activist pointed out that none of those arrested were involved in political activities (something the Iranian regime and her stooges always use to get rid of everyone they dislike).


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Iranian Shia intellectual questions the core of Shiism and the ‘Ayatollahs’ go nuts!

www.islamtxt.netThe situation for reasonable Shiite insides Iran who are tired of the with heresies and superstitions infested sect of Twelver Shiism (which has been condemned throughout centuries by Muslim scholars) is not easy. Criticising the ‘Ayatollahs’ and certain Shia beliefs and practices alone will get one in huge trouble, let alone declaring openly ones conversion to true Islam (Sunnism) or denouncing the core of Shiism.

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‘Ayatollah’ says: Khamenei’s words = Words of God

84480fc9-511b-4d37-844c-401b8ec40dae_16x9_600x338Several Farsi news agencies reported (yet another) godless statement of the godless ‘Ayatollahs’. reports how one of the ‘Friday Imams’ of the Siahkal province (in Gilan, northern) in regards to the up coming ‘Eid Al-Adha (Qorban in Farsi) said (the Khutba is from the 11/10/2013):

خطیب جمعه سیاهکل افزود : مرحوم سید احمد خمینی گفته است که «اگر مقام معظم رهبری بفرمایند که سر بچه ات را ببر من این کار را انجام می دهم» و معنی این جمله این است که ایشان نماینده برحق امام زمان (عج) در زمان غیبت هستند و سخن ایشان سخن خداوند است.

شیدایی با تأکید بر این مطلب که حضرت آیت الله خامنه ای بزرگترین افتخار برای جهان اسلام و شیعه هستند اظهار داشت : علمای عربستان ، قطر ، الازهر از افرادی که در کودتای مصر حضور داشتند حمایت می کنند اما علمایی همچون امام خمینی (ره) ، امام خامنه ای (مدظله العالی) و سید حسن نصرالله همواره به دنبال حق هستند.


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Imam threatened and Mosque shut down – Iran continues persecuting Sunnis

Mamousta (Sheikh) Abdul Ghaffar Mohammadi

Mamousta (Sheikh) Abdul-Ghaffar Mohammadi

Originally posted by the supportmybrothers website, with some additions by sonsofsunnah

Iranian authorities barred Mamousta (Iranian Kurdish title for Sheikh) Abdul Ghaffar Mohammadi from leading the Friday prayers and prevented worshippers from entering the village mosque in the town of Alek, Kurdistan province of Iran, on October 4, 2013.

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Vilayat-e Faqih managed to illustrate Tawhid!


Today, a new joke has reached us from Shirkistan, from the Sabaite Rafidite Safavid Republic of Iran, by a living fossile (‘Ayatollah’) called ‘Ayatollah’ Emami Kashani (where Abu Lu’lu’a Al-Majoosi is buried), who is one of the Imams of the Tehran ‘Friday prayer’ event. Friday prayers in Iran (amongst the Rafidah) is nothing but joke itself.  What many, if most of the Ummah does not know is the shocking fact that there is only ONE Friday prayer (in a city of over 8 mio.!) in the whole of Tehran! Yes, you heard right, Tehran is not only the only capital in the Islamic world (heck, in the whole world, even Washington D.C. has Sunni Mosques) that doesn’t allow Sunnis to have a single proper Mosque (Majoos, Jews etc. all do have their places of worship though),

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The military interefence of Iran in Syria – A chronicle of Rafidi deceptions and lies

1000895_486197361451124_1043302849_n Syrian oppositional groups have repeated for a long time that Iran is actively suppressing the Syrians and their revolution by siding with the Pharao and Yazid of our time, Bashar Al-Assad, the Alawite, secular and Bathist tyrant. Not just ideological and logistical aid but rather military aid, Iranian troops actively fighting the Syrian resistance. All these reports by the Syrian oppositional groups were dismissed by Iran, its stooges and cheerleaders after a number of embarrassing blunders on the Iranian side and victories on the side of the resistance fighters who managed to capture video material of known Iranian Revolutionary Guards who activerly operate in Syria. This exporsure led finally to the addmission of Hassan Nasralla(t)’s that the Hezbolla(t) are actively operating in Syria to defend Shia places of polytheism (shrines), particularly the shrine of lady Zaynab in Damascus. In this article we’d like to show in chronological order of how deceptive the Rafidi regime of Iran is, the very same regime that tried hard (to save its face as long as possible) dismiss ANY (let alone military) involvement in Syria. You will be shocked of how blatantly Iranian officials lie, whether Revolutionary Guards or the unholy ‘Aytollahs’.

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The Iranic Kurdish people In the light of the Shia Rafidi traditions in the past and today

8201V2The Kurds, a great people, a Muslim people, the sons of Jaabaan Al-Kurdi the SAHABI (unknown to most in the Ummah) of the Messenger of Allah (sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa Aalihi wa sallam) who brought Islam to Kurdistan. The Kurds,  the sons of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi, the hero of every ‘Arab and ‘Ajam (non-Arab) in this Ummah, the just warrior who was very well aware of the danger of the Rafidi Shia cancer, thus before liberating Jerusalem from the barbarian Cursaders he first dealt with the Shia Rafidah by wiping away their Baatini Ismaa’ili Ubaydiyyah (Alleged Fatimid) state that the TWELVER Shia Rafidah ironically take pride in to this very day (and on top of it wrongly claim that back then Egyptians used to be Rafidi Shi’ites although Egyptians themselves never used to be Rafidi Shi’ites they were merely RULED by a Shia clan – not even a Twelver one  – just as Sunni Syria is ruled by a polytheist Alawite clan).

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‘Eid Al-Fitr 2013 – Tehran’s Sunnis were banned again!

3It’s the fourth time in a row (before Sunni Iranians didn’t even possess any rented houses to pray their prayers!), the Iranian Shia regime did it again and prevented the Sunnis of Tehran from praying the ‘Eid Al-Fitr prayer (the prayer Muslims can pray in America, England, ‘Israel’, Europe etc.). The Sunni community ofTehran (larger than all the other minorities in Iran AND in the capital of Tehran such as Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Sikhs, yet ALL of those groups have massive Churches, temples, PRIVATE schools and even private hospitals, like in the case of the Jews) released an official statement on the website, the official online representation of the Sunni community of Tehran. underlined the fact that the Tehrani Sunnis even followed the announcement of the ‘Eid as per the regime’s official release (although most Sunni countries celebrated the ‘Eid on Thursday, the 8th of August 2013) i.e. on Friday, yet still they were prevented from holding the ‘Eid prayers in their own RENTED houses:

ممانعت از برگزاری نماز عید فطر اهل سنت صادقیه و چند مکان دیگر در تهران و حوم

This is what the Iranian regime has done THREE times in a row (before Sunni Iranians used to pray in the Saudi or Pakistani embassy, but they were prevented from that too!) i.e. in the last three years the Iranian regime literally stormed the RENTED-FLATS in which Sunni Iranians in Tehran perform their prayers on the beautiful occasion of ‘Eid.

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The hypocrisy of Khomeini’s ‘Qods Day’

qods-dayThe chief heretic khomeini declared the last friday of every Ramadhan as the ‘Quds day” (another Bid’ah introduced by the Rafidah for  anything – except what has been sanctified by Allah and his Messenger – that is celebrated or remember at a specific time period every month, year or decade is called a Bid’a). This is the day when the Safavid Rafidites (‘Shiites’) and Jews come together on the streets of London, Tehran etc. and shreik worthless slogans about Palestine. Ironically the site of Masjid Al Aqsa remained barren and was used as a rubbish tip for nearly 600 years until the Great Khalifah Omar Ibn Al-Khattab liberated Jerusalem in 637/8 AD. It was actually Sayyidina Omar who began the foundation of Masjid Al-Aqsa and a timber mosque was built. This here is the true Masjid Al-Aqsa’:

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