Same procedure as every year – The Sunnis of Tehran prevented from holding ‘Eid prayers

Same procedure as every year, the Safavid Rafidite state of heresy and oppression has again prevented the Sunni community of  the only major capital in the WORLD without a single Sunni Mosque!) from holding their ‘Eid Al-Fitr congregational prayer. Right, there is not a single Sunni Mosque in Tehran anyway, although the Sunnis in Tehran (Sunni Iranians from Hormozgan, Balochestan, Kordestan, Khorassan etc.)

The Iranian regime has again proven it’s TRUE Anti-Islamic nature and has exposed the truth behind their empty slogans of “Islamic Unity”. Keep in mind that the Sunni community of Tehran has been prevented of building a Masjid since the arrival of Khomeini the pagan, polytheist child molester and arch-liar, who at the beginning of the Revolution promised all sorts of freedom to everyone, like to one of the major Imams of the Sunnis of Iran in Zahedan, Molana Abdul-Aziz. He promised this influential man to let the Sunnis have a Mosque in Tehran, including all religious freedom, with the condition …

that the Sunnis, especially Sunni scholars support the Revolution against the Shah. Well, the Sunnis did support the Revolution, and once Khomeini got what he wanted, they were just as betrayed as the Shia majority of Iran who believed that the Mullahs, the Safavid Shia clergy are the salvation of their problems. Well the Mullahs have become the worst nightmare of ALL Iranians, the only ones who profitted were the clergy, who thanks to the great devil Khomeini who OPENLY lied and promised that the clergy won’t ruled, eventually did rule in the absolute sense. Anyway, Khomeini did not hold his promise, in fact during his and Khamenei’s reign  more Sunni scholars were imprisoned, tortued and assassinated than in the time of the the two previous Shah’s altogether.

Here some picture sent in by our brothers in Tehran showing how the police has sealed the entrance of a prayer placed where Sunnis usually hold their prayers in Tehran. This regime cannot  even bear the existences of a few PRIVATE  flats/houses* in Tehran (in the Sadeghiyeh district, Shahrak Danesh and some other RENTED Houses/flats) where Sunnis gather to pray.

This is today’s ‘Eid 1433/2012, this is the “Islamic Republic of Iran”:

What you’ve seen is a PRIVATE HOUSE, UNOFICIALLY the Masjid Al-Nabi of Tehran. This place has been running for five years now and the Iranian officials haven’t missed one opportunity to harass the community (no Adhan allowed, no minarets allowed etc.). This place is not even a proper Mosque, is just a private house converted to a prayer place, yet even this is something the Iranian Safavid regime can’t bear! The regime did not give the permission for the community to hold lectures (!), nor any classes (!), just the Friday prayer under extreme observation is been hold at that prayer place. And whenever the officials feel like, they simply seal the doors of the prayer place, especially if large congregational prayers are to be held, like last years ‘Eid and THIS years ‘Eid.

Source: First hand account by the Sunni Community of Tehran and THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE SUNNI COMMUNITY OF IRAN


*Note: these few private FLATS/HOUSES in Tehran have been advocated by some Shia websites related to the Iranian Gov. and recently some English Shia websites as “Sunni Mosques in Tehran”. They have simple given the addresses of those FLATS/HOUSES and claimed that these are the Mosques of their “Sunni brothers” in Tehran. Of course this is nothing but a load of tosh, for there is not a SINGLE Mosque run by the Sunni community of Tehran, not a SINGLE place where Sunnis can give Adhan etc. these are just plain PRIVATE flats/houses turned into prayer places and as you can see, the Rafidite regime can’t even stand them, so from time to time (especially on ‘Eid prayers where those places raise attention of interested Shias) they simple raid and shut down those places for unknown periods of times. But afterall their fair is understandable bearing in mind that the Rafidite Shi’ite clergy have ruined their credibility and face among the Shia population of Iran, at their very own hands:

not to forget the raising number of the Ahl Al-Sunnah inside Iran:

Now you know why the Iranian Rafidi gov. is scared as hell, at one hand they have to oppress Sunni Iranians as much as possible on the other hand if they do it too openly and too frequently, more and more Muslims will despise the heretics of Qom, and as a Iranian Sunni scholar once said: These “Ayatollah’s” are even scared to let us (Sunnis) run a Supermarket in Tehran, let alone a Mosque. Do you know why? Simple because half of the population of Tehran would simply revert to Islam/Sunnah just due to the grudge and hatred they hold for the Shia clergy and the other half would revert after we do Da’wah, Insha’Allah.