Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish

almajoosHIGHThe 9th of Rabi’ Al-Awwal is another day and ‘Id the Rafidha Majoosian Shias have added to the Deen of Allah. Here several made up names for this made up ‘Id:

– “Farhat Al-Zahra'” (the joy of Fatimah Zahra’)

– “Youm Al-Ghadeer Al-Thani” (the second Ghadeer)

– “Omar Koshan” (the killing of Omar. The name that is mainly used in Iran).

On this day, they celebrate the day when the Chief of the Believers, Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, the breaker of the ribs of their oppressive King Yazgerd III was stabbed (while leading the Fajr prayer as the Imam, for  the Sahabah and Ahl Al-Bayt) by a Majoosi (Zoroastrian) called Abu Lu’lu’ah (Al-Majoosi, whom Shia – interestingly and desperately – try to potray as a hero and Muslim, we have debunked their claims here>>>).

Now there are two claims by some apolegetic Shias when it comes to the celebration of Omar’s (RA) death and the veneration of his pagan Majoosian murderer (who eventually committed suicide!).

1. Shias: Abo Lu’lu’ah’s shrine has been bulldozed, the Iranian regime promised it in 2007, it has no significance for Shias inside Iran let alone to the Shia school of thought [Shirk].

2. Shias: Imam Khomeini [the perverted pagan arch-liar] and the Islamic Republic of Iran have prohibited such “festivals”, such festivals are against the Sunni-Shia unity and hence not anymore being practiced.

Both points are nothing but lies, mixed with deception to fool some gullible Sunnis, who have no clue about the “heritage” of Shiism and what is going on inside Iran, behind the empty slogans of “unity”.

As for point one:

This is a big lie, the Iranian regime has not bulldozed the shrine of their Zoroastrian hero, they merely closed it down (apparently for the public), after it has been opened and venerated for over four hundred years by the ‘Ayatollahs’ themselves! The so called shutting down was another political move to calm down the Sunni masses around the world. Religious Shias (who unlike Persian Sunnis) are known to hold extreme grudge against Arabs are ironically united with the pan-Iranist and fashist groups (who are racist too) who are all outraged due to a simple fake report the Iranian regime eventually never put into action anyway (i.e. the destroying of the fake shrine of a man who committed suicide in Arabia!):


As you can see, we are in the year 2013 and we challenge every Rafidhi to disprove the fact that the shrine has NOT BEEN demolished. Nobody can prove that, because the shrine is still there, just with some “make-up” to make it a bit less look like a Zoroastrian-hero-mausoleum of the Shia:

Abu Lu’lu’ah shrine before and after the so called “demolishing’ :


As you can see, they have demolished NOTHING, all they have done is to put some national flags (with the hideous sikh like emblem in the middle) and some banner on the top where it is written that this Zoroastrian-tomb is in fact the  “deparment of Culture & Islamic Guidance ( Ershad) of the city of Kashan”. Who are they going to fool? Anyways, you shall know soon enough why they will never even touch the mausoleum of their (un)holy and coward Zoroastrian (Majoosi) suicide. Abu Lu’lu’ah is still being venerated in private, by Shia clerics and the top Shia religious singers:

As for point two:

Since the Iranian Revolution the festival of “Omar Koshan” is not being practiced in public anymore, this is what many apologetic Shias like to point out, like as if a political step of an contemporary Shia government, changes the reality of their religion.. Indeed, the (mere) public prohibition of this festival was a clever political step by Khomeini and he would have been regarded as even more maniac as he already is, if he wouldn’t have done so, for how can a Shia government fool the Sunni masses and make them believe that Shiism does not propagate the belief of cursing and making Takfir on the Sahaba, while on other hand every year, millions of people could have witnessed how in Iran the Shias literally celebrate the death of a companion of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the death of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (Allah is well-pleased with him)?! A celebration that was started during the Safavid era (when Iran became majority Shia) up to the reign of the late Shia, a public celebration where – due to the advocation of the Shia scholars of Qom – the people used to dress in red, recite Anti-Omar poems, wrote curses on Omar on streets and walls, burned “Omar puppets”, wrote his name inside toilets and other paganm disgusting and shameful traditions that were always blessed by the “Ayatollahs”, the scholars of the  “logical school of thought, the school of the Ahl Al-Bayt”.

Streets in Iran: “Curses be upon Omar”!


This is not Christmas nor Halloween, this is “Omar Koshan/Farhat Al-Zahra'” in a typical Rafidhi house/temple”, the childish puppet on the left is supposed to be Omar and on the banner some poem is written about how the Shia (Majoos) rejoice on the death of Omar:







yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyShias along with their scholars celebrating Omar’s death at the shrine of the Zoroastrian Abu Lu’lu’ah by venerating this Kafir:










Khomeini and his fellow Shia clerics knew very well that after having gained power (remember here>>>)and being in the spotlight (especially in the Islamic world back then) and on top of it claiming the leadership of the Islamic Ummah (“Wilayah Al-Faqih” system, on which they base their Takfir on Shia and Sunni opponents!>>>), then there is no way they can survive or possibly claim being Islamic at all (in a Sunni ocean around them) while publically celebrating the Chief of the Believers Omar’s (may Allah be pleased with him) death. All Khomeini, some other Shia clerics and the Iranian regime did was to prohibit that hideous festival full of pre-Islamic Zoroastrian grudge, in public i.e. they never called it an innovation or in opposition to Shiism, how could they do so anyway when their own scholars and forefathers celebrated it for over 400 years and it has been recorded in their books and approved by their most essential scholars, much higher in rank Khomeini.

Hence, a mere public prohibition (due to Taqiyyah and deceiving the Sunni masses) will certainly not change the beliefs a religion or sect carries, in no academical debate one can argue with that. So all you need to see is that the celebration of Omar’s (and Aisha’s!) death is an essential part of Shiism for centuries now, and every political step of not undertaking it in public or other deceptive moves won’t change the evil reality of Shiism and their scholars who approved this festival in essence for hundreds of years (and hence it is still practiced in private, in some Hawzahs and houses). It being publically banned does not change the reality of Shiism and the beliefs in carries in terms of the so called “Omar Koshan (Omar killing festival!)”  and other disgusting and Takfiri beliefs such as the accusation by the biggest Shia scholars that the second Caliph Omar was an infidel and apostate and s son of a prostitute as are the rest of the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) according to the likes such as the palace scholar of the Safavids, the Neo-Zorastrian pagan Shia Mullah Baqir Al-Majlisi:

The Reviver of Zorastrian (Majoosi) elements under the cover of Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism) – Majlisi

The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death and the veneration his Zoroastrian murderer  have a long tradition in the Shia religion and among their major scholars (not as some assume just among some “extremists and ignorants” such as the vile Kafir London Based Rafidhi Majoosi Shia cleric Yasser Al-Habib who made public what has been practiced for hundreds of years by the Shia scholars i.e. the death of Omar, Aisha etc.!) who approved this ‘Id (!) for centuries now, therefore no mere political step of a Shia government will anymore fool the Muslims. Here are some clear-cut proofs that this pagan, childish and retarded festival has very deep roots in the Neo-Zoroastrian religion of Rafidhi Safavid Shiism. Be assured that after having read the following then you will blame no one else (as usual) as the “Ayatollahs”, for it is them who have advocated such hateful practices for ages now, not as some say “a minority of extremist, such as Yasser Al-Habib”:

1. Major Shia scholars throughout history have encouraged their followers to take the death anniversaries of Omar Al-Farooq (and other Sahaba and wives of the Prophet) as days of happy ‘Id!

Let’s start off with some opinions of the most major contemporary Shia clerics (“Maraji’/”Ayatollahs”), the living and rotten ones who all reside in Qom, under the shadow of Khamenei the ‘Wali Al-Faqih’, in the vatican of Rafidhism i.e. Qom:


a34“Allamah” Mullah Baqir Al-Majlisi (the Safavid palace scholar):


 ملا باقر مجلسي صفوي در این رابطه می فرمایند: و المشهور بین الشیعة فی الأمصار و الأقطار فی زماننا هذا هو أنه الیوم التاسع من ربیع الأول، و هو أحد الاعیاد. یعنی بین شیعیان در تمامی نقاط و نواحی در زمان ما مشهور است که به درک واصل شدن او در روز نهم ربیع الاول می باشد. و آن روز یکی از اعیاد است.

 در ادامه ایشان در رابطه با شبهه ای که توسط برخی گفته می شود که روز مرگ عمر 28 ذی الحجة بوده است میفرمایند: اعتبار تلك الروايات مع الشهرة بين أكثر الشيعة سلفا وخلفا لا يقصر عما ذكره المؤرخون من المخالفين، ويحتمل أن يكونوا غيروا هذا اليوم ليشتبه الامر على الشيعة فلا يتخذوه يوم عيد وسرور.

 یعنی اعتبار آن روایات (در اثبات مرگ عمر در روز نهم ربیع) بعلاوۀ شهرتی که بین اکثر شیعیان سلف و خلف دارند، کمتر از آنچه مورخین مخالف نقل کرده اند (که روز مرگ وی 28 ذی الحجة است) نیست. (به عبارت دیگر اعتبار روایت نهم ربیع با گفته های مخالفین رد نمی شود) و احتمال دارد که مخالفین این روز را تغییر داده اند تا امر برای شیعیان مشتبه شود، و آن روز را روز عید و سرور نگیرند. (2)

TRANSLATION (summary):

Al-Majlisi says that it (celebrating Omar’s death)  is a well known fact among the Shia throughout history. The ninth of the month of Rabi’ Al-Awwal is an ‘Id on which one of the enemies (Omar) had been destroyed. Al-Majlisi tries his utmost to disprove those who say that Omar (RA) actually died on the 28th of Dhu Al-Hijjah, he says that Sunnis have probably changed Omar’s death date to confuse the Shias so Shias stop celebrating Omar’s death (of course he provides no evidence whatsoever).


“Ayatollah” Vahid Khorasani:


‘ أنه يوجد عندنا أدلة محكمة ومتقنة تثبت أن السيرة المستمرة للسلف وقدماء الشيعة من قديم الأيام كانت على تعظيم واحترام هذه الشخصية العظيمة’


“We have strong and detailed evidence that the Shia predecessors (Salaf) and the classical scholars were upon the view of glorifying this great personality [Abu Lu’lu’ah].”


دیداری که تولیت آستان با حضرت آیه الله داشت ، معظم له ضمن تایید و تاکید در بزرگداشت و تکریم جایگاه آن بقعه و بارگاه و صاحب آن مرقد شریف ، بر این نکته اصرار ورزیدند که : دلایل محکم و متقنی در دست است که ثابت میکند سیره ی سلف و گذشتگان و شیاع بین متشرعه از قدیم الایام تا زمان متصل به ائمه معصومین در بزرگداشت و احترام از این شخصیت بزرگوار بخصوص دز بقعه و مدفن وی در کاشان بوده است. و نیز سوالی که از معظم له در خصوص جواز بکارگیری تعبیر ” حضـــرت ” در کنار اسم آن بزرگوار ” حضرت ابولولو ” داشته است ، وی فرموده اند : بعد از مقام حضرات ائمه معصومین چه کسانی شایسته تر از همچون او میباشند ؟.


[…] “We have strong and detailed evidence that the Shia predecessors (Salaf) and the classical scholars, from day dot, from the days of the Imams up to our days were all upon the view of glorifying this great personality [Abu Lu’lu’ah], especially in regards to the mausuleum of this great personality at Kashan. When being asked if it is allowed to add a ‘Hazrat’ (respected title, mainly used by non-Arabs for great personalities) to Abu Lu’lu’ah’s name, ‘Ayatollah’ Wahid Khorasani replied, that after the infallibles Imams, who is more worth being addressed with ‘Hazrat’ but him [Abu Lu’lu’ah]?!

“Ayatollah” Sadeq Rohani:




نظر مباركتان را راجع به جلسات عيدالزهرا (س) بيان فرمائيد و بگوييد آيا اين جلسات , جلسات لهو و لعب حساب مي شود يا نه ؟ و دست زدن در آن چطور است ؟

What is your respected view in regards to the “Id Al-Zahra’ (the ‘Eid of the rejoicing of Fatimah i.e. the death of her so called killer Omar)” gatherings. Are these gatherings classfied as games and idle talk, and what about clapping of hands on these occasions?

جواب: باسمه جلت اسمائه تشكيل جلسات عيدالزهراء (س) , در صورت خالي بودن از محرمات , از بهترين قربات است و اما دست زدن در صورتي كه توام با كارهاي خلاف شئون اسلامي و خلاف تقوي نباشد ؛ اشكال ندارد


In His blessed names,

Organising the ‘Id Al-Zahra’ (AS)  events – if being free of any muharramat (prohibited activities) – is considered amongst the best means to seek closeness to Allah, as for clapping, as long as it is according to Islamic morals and does not contradict piety then it’s absolutely fine.

Here an even more extreme Fatwa by the same maniac and one of the highest authorities of Shiism, who lives under the shade of the “Wali Al-Faqih” (Khamenei) in Qom/Iran:




It has been mentioned in the book of *“Mafatih Al-Jinan” by Shaykh Abbas Al-Qommi that there are certain desirable deeds that should be done on the ninth of Rabi’ Al-Awwal. It has been said (by the Shia Shaykh Abbas Al-Qummi) that this day is a great ‘Id, it is the ‘Id of ‘Al-Baqr’. He (Al-Qummi) had explained it in detail and mentioned that whoever gives charity on that day will be forgiven of all of his sins. It is also been said that feeding your believing brothers and making them happy is very desirable deed on that day and to increase spending on the children. Also to put on nice and new garments and to thank Allah and his servants, for this is the day of removing all sorts of sorrow and grief, this is a very noble day, so what is this ‘Id of “Baqr (cutting/slashing)’? And why is only this ‘Id being named like that?

Note: Baqr / البَفْر means to cut/slash, it has nothing to do with "Al-Baqarah" i.e. the cow. Imam Al-Baqir, the great Imam of the Salaf who has filled the books of the Ahl Al-Sunnah with narrations (see here>>>), whom the Rafidha falsely ascribe to themselves as their fifth "Infallible" Imam (just as the Christians falsely ascribe Jesus to themselves) was called Al-Baqir, because he literally cut falshood from truth with his knowledge.

*Shia Rafidhi equivalent to ‘Hisn Al-Muslim’, with the difference that Hisn Al-Muslim starts and ends with Tawhid, and ‘Mafatih Al-Jinan’ (“the keys to paradise”, rather the keys to the pits of hellfire/Jaheem) is filled with Shirk (like the prayer to Fatimah in Sujood, whilst in prayer!) and even Tahrif of Qur’an (Abbas Al-Qummi is the KHATIM Al-Muhadditheen of this lost sect of Shirk and he openly believed in Tahreef of the Qur’an and explained how to recite a different Ayat Al-Kursi (on Fridays) version, different to all Qira’ats in his Mafatih!) The Zandaqah/heresy of these Kuffar has no limits, absolutely no limits, see here>>>).


In His blessed names [another of their wretched innovations, this formula has never ever been used by the Prophet, sounds more Christian than anything else]:

(Al-Baqr) means to cut/slash and what is meant with that is the day when the belly of one of the enemies of [Fatimah] Al-Zahra (AS) was slashed open. He [Omar Ibn Al-Khattab] is the one who oppressed her, assaulted her, crushed her and caused her miscarriage which resulted in her martyrdom, as it has been stated cleary in the books of the Shia and Sunnis*. His belly was cut open/slashed open at the hands of the noble Tabi’i Abu Lu’lu’ah Al-Nahawani Al-Madani. On this day the Shia rejoice and declare it the ‘Id Al-Baqir (the ‘Id of cutting/slashing), this is because the Shia believe that God had taken revenge from  the one who oppressed and violated the sanctity of Al-Zahra’ (AS) by cutting him open and ripping him apart. This (day) is in addition to the first official day of the leadership/divine appointment of our ‘Imam Al-Zaman’, the awaited Mahdi”.

*An old repeated lie, that has been debunked in the most detailed form possible in the English language, refer to the following article here>>>

“Ayatollah” Mirza Javad Tabrizi:


  کلام مرجع شيعي میرزا جواد تبریزی

ونیز در توفیقی که در دیدار با ایشان داشتیم ، معظم له ضمن ابراز خرسندی از اهتمام به بزرگداشت و تکریم آن بقعه و بارگاه جمله ای فرمودند : خطاب به من ( نویسنده کتاب ) فرمودند : در اولین نوبت زیارتی که مشرف میشوید و نگاهتان به قبر حضرت ابولولو افتاد ، از جانب بنده سلام بده و اینگونه بگو : سلامی از عبدناقابل خدا به عبدصالح خدا شایان ذکر است که ساخت ضریح مطهر که نصب بود از اهتمامات آن مرجع تقلید عالیقدر بود که ثلث وجه آن توسط معظم له پرداخت گردید و در زمان حیاتشان این موضوع فاش نگردید.


“Send my peace on his holiness Abu Lu’lu’ah when you are being honoured with the visitation of his grave. Say the following on my behalf: Peace be upon the righteous slave of God (Abu Lu’lu’ah) from the unworthy slave of God (‘Ayatollah’ Tabrizi)”.

Note: ‘Ayatollah’ Tabrizi has spent 1/3 of the expenses for the shrine of Abu Lu’lu’ah (in Kashan, close to Qom).

“Ayatollah” Najafi Mar’ashi:


      کلام مرجع شيعي نجفی مرعشی :

درماه صفر سال ۱۳۸۱ ه.قمری ، حضرت آیه الله العظمی سید شهاب الدین نجفی مرعشی ، به اتفاق جمعی از فضلا و مدرسین حوزه علمیه قم به شهر کاشان تشریف فرما شده تا از قبور امام زادگانی که در این شهر و حومه آن مدفون هستند زیارت نمایند که از جمله برنامه ایشان ، زیارت بقعه بابا شجاع الدین ابولولو بود که در زمان خود مورد توجه عام و خاص گردید . و طبق نقل برخی از مومنین و همراهان وی در سفرهای زیارتی ، ایشان چندین بار جهت زیارت بقعه ابولولو اقدام نمودند. و زیارتنامه ای هم که اکنون در آن بقعه نصب میباشد ، به انشاء حضرت آیه الله العظمی نجفی مرعشی می باشد. که بعد ها به تایی مرحوم حضرت آیه الله العظمی میرزا جواد تبریزی نیز رسید. همراهان مرحوم آیه الله نجفی مرعشی نقل میکنند که ایشان در زیارت از بقعه ابولولو میفرمودند : هرکس ابولولو را در کاشان زیارت کند ، ثواب زیارت جده ام حضرت زهرا در مدینه را به او اعطا میکنند


“‘Ayatollah’ Mar’ashi vistited the city of Kashan, with a number of Shia scholars and teachers of the Hawzah in Qom. He visited a number of ‘Imamzadehs’ (shrines of the descendants of the Imams, over 5000 of such shrines are all over Iran …), and he also planned to visit the  ‘Baba Shuja’ Al-Deen (The Bold and Brave Saint of the Deen) Abu Lu’lu’ah who was an attraction to the common believers and the scholars. According to the accounts of the believers, he (‘Ayatollah’ Mar’ashi) visited Abu Lu’lu’ah several times. The ‘Ziyaratnameh’ [innovated invocation Shias read when entering the shrines of their various saints, just like Catholics do] that is currently inside the mausoleum […] ‘Ayatollah’ Mar’ashi also said in regards to the ‘Ziyarah’ of the shrine of Abu Lu’lu’ah:

“Whoever visits Abu Lu’lu’ah in Kashan will gain the same reward of having visited my grandmother Fatimah in Madinah”.

^Note: These ridicolous, man-made and obviously fabricated promises 
are the passion of their devilish 'Ayatollahs'. They invent the most
 stupid rewards for obvious fabricated deeds (that none of the Ahl
 Al-Bayt ever did), yet still many Shias believe that these 
charlatans are somehow "scholars" of Islam!

2. More evidence from classical and other important Shia literature proving that the celebration of the death of Omar Al-Farooq is an essential part of traditional Shiism

The grand Shia scholar “Abdul-Hussein Al-Nayshabouri” in his book “Taqweem Al-Shia” discussed and mentioned the day when Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA) was stabbed during the morning prayer by the coward suicideAbu Lu’lu’ah Al-Majoosi, the Persian fireworshipping hero of the Persian sect of Rafidhism:



Under the heading of “the Death of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab”, he said:

“This day (the ninth of Rabi’ Al-Awwal) is the day of happiness of the Ahl Al-Bayt (AS), in fact it is the day of happiness of all the Prophets, Angels, inhabitens of the Paradise and the lovers of the Chief of the Believers (Ali) and his pure sons (Imams). This is because on that day, the call (prayer) of the oppressed mistress Fatimah Al-Zahra’ (AS) has been answered. This is a great day and a great ‘Id (festival/holiday. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) himself made it a day of ‘Id and ordered the people to take it as an ‘Id. I have mentioned some desirable deeds on this day, like whoever gives charity on that day will be forgiven by Allah, and it is desirable to feed your brethren and parfume your new clothes, and to increase the spending on the children and to thank Allah and his slaves, and it is also recommended to take a Ghusl on that day.”

احتفال الرافضة باليوم الذي قتل فيه الخليفة عمر بن الخطاب رضي الله عنه أبوعلي الأصفهاني الرافضي

Next source: “Farhat Al-Zahra’ (the rejoice of Fatimah Al-Zahra’) by Abu Ali Al-Isfahani Al-Rafidhi



CHAPTER: THE VIRTUES OF THE ninth of (the month) of Rabi’ Al-Awwal (death of Omar)

“The ninth of the month of Rabi Al Awwal is a great day according to the infallible and pure Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them), for they considered this day a GREAT ‘ID, rather it is from the greatest and MOST IMPORTANT OFALL ‘IDS according to them. It is reported that the Imams (peace be upon them), themselves CELEBRATED on this day, not just themselves, rather they ordered their Shias and followers to consider this day an ‘IID  and to celebrate and to rejoice on that day. The status and importance of this day is known by what the Imams (peace be upon them) called it, namely, THE SECOND” GHADIR (‘IID)”, taking into consideration that the narrations states that ‘IID AL-GHADIR is “THE GREATEST ‘IID OF ALLAH” (i.e. Eid Al-Zahra is the SECOND BIGGEST ‘IID, before Al-Fitr and Al-Adha).”


[…] Imam Al-Baqir was busy CELEBRATING ‘ID  […] so we said: SUBHANALLAH! The ‘Iid’s (holidays) of the Shia are four: Al A’ha, Al-Fitr, Al-Ghadir and the day of Jumu’ah […] but it is reported that that day (‘IID AL ZAHRA/OMAR’S DEATH) is considered the GREATEST ‘ID in the sight of the Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them), and their followers.

[Then it goes on saying how Imam Al-Askari celebrated the NINTH OF RABI AL AWWAL and ordered his servants to celebrate and put on new cloth!]



(Imam Al-Askari) was asked: “May my father and mother be sacrificed for you, Oh son of the Messenger of Allah. Do you Ahl Al-Bayt enjoy and celebrate on this day?! He (Imam Al-Askari) said: “And which day is greater and more sacred to us Ahl Al-Bayt than this day?! My father (peace be upon him) narrated to me: “Hudhayfa Ibn Al-Yamaan entered on the same day – it was the NINTH OF THE MONTH OF RABI’ AL-AWWAL – upon my grandfather the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) at his house. Hudhayfa said: “I saw my master the Chief of the Believers (Ali) with his sons Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein (peace be upon them), they were eating with the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and he smiled at them and told them: “Eat! Congratulations on the blessings of this day, for verily it’s the day when Allah perishes His enemy and the enemy of your grandfather and on that day the Du’a of your mother will be answered. Eat! For it is the day where Allah accepts the deeds of your Shias and your lovers. Eat! For it is the day where the words of Allah become true:”

See, yonder are their dwellings empty and in ruins because they did wrong. Lo! herein is indeed a portent for a people who have knowledge.  (Qur’an 27:52)

Eat! For verily on that day the backbone of the hater of your grandfather will break. Eat! For verily on that day the Pharao, opressor and usurper of your right will loser …




(It basically states that Abu Bakr and Omar are in Jahannam – wa Al-‘Iyadhubillah! – and the people of Jahannam are being annoyed bytheir screams for their screams resemble the donkey’s scream.)

There are many other Shia scholars who venerated Abu Lu’lu’ah Al-Majoosi and took the death of Omar (RA) as a day of ‘Id, among them is the Shia scholar Ibn Tawoos Al-Hassani, 664 H, from the major scholars of Imamism, in his “Iqbaal Al-A’maal” (“the accepted deeds” a book explaining what to do to gain rewards in the religion of the Rafidha. He that the death of Omar was taken as an ‘Id particularly by the PERSIAN (non-Muslims Zoroastrians)! He says that it is an ‘ID/celebration where one should wear new clothes and be joyful for it is the day of the death of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

and finally:


the Alqatrah website of the Shia cleric Yasser Al-Habib (فضح الله سره) states that a number of major Shia scholars have been buried (on their wish) next to Abu Lu’lu’ah Al-Majoosi!


Abu Lu’lu’ah shrine has not been touched, nothing has been “demolished”, and the reason is quite obvious: The Zoroastrian suicide coward is a hero according to the neo-Zoroastrian religion of Shiism and its clerics. After having read all the Fatawa and excerpts from Shia books above, we doubt that any serious Muslim-Sunnah researcher or even Shia researcher (who was not aware of those disgusting practices that are still being advocated by the shia “Ayatollahs”) will repeat the apologetic exucse of how these practices are done by “extremists” only, so called “extremists” such as the London based Kuweiti Shia Majoosi priest whose only crime was to make public was done for ages in PUBLICS (!) inside Iran, and still in private inside Iran and in public other places (such as south Iraq):

The celebration of Omar Al-Farooq’s [RAA] death in London by the Zindeeq “Yasir Al Habib”

So it is absolutely irrelevant if some Rafidi laymen do not celebrate this satanic festival, for there are many, if not the majority of Catholics  who do not even practice the basics of their Deen, of course no academical person would argue that due to that those very basics are suddenly vanished and not part of the Catholic faith anymore. Same goes for Shiism. Some shocking elements might be unknown to most Muslims and even many Shias (who have some pieces of Iman and humanity left within themselves) who do not know the perverted reality of the Shirki Rafidhi Shia religion, but nevertheless they are parts of the Shia religion, backed by giant scholars of this sect throughout history, as we have proven.


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