Anti-Islamic and Anti-Arab sentiments on the pulpits of the Shia regime – A response to the “poets”

We decided (as Sunni Iranians of Arab, Persian, Kurdish etc. origin) to comment on two videos that have been widely circulated on the internet, it’s a while ago but we believe that the rebuttal by Iranian Sunnis to fashist Persian groups/personalities is not something common in the WWW. Actually it is really worth and interesting to see the similarities between Shia Sahaba hatred and Neo-Majoos/Sassanid hatred for the Sahaba/Arabs. The following two clips are yet another prime example of  the Anti-Islamic and racist nature of the so called “Islamic” (Safavid) Republic of Iran”. The following is a clip showing the famous mainstream Persian poet Badkoobei (Next Ferdowsi as his followers claim!) and another one by “Seyyed Mohammad Reza Aali Payam (aka Haloo), both insulting Arabs and deriding Islam, the Prophet’s companion and the Qur’an inside the “Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The first poet, Mostafa Badkoobei insulted Arabs and Islam in state-run institution. He recited a poem that derides Arabs (as a whole) and Islam, the video has been  The poem entitled “The God of Arabs” came in response to a statement made by a guest in a show on state TV that “Arabic is the language of heaven dwellers.”  (a statement that is not supported by authentic Islamic text anyway). Here the full clip:

And here some translated excerpts:

“Please God save my country from the Arab plight”.

“Take me to the depths of the underworld, you Arab god, provided that I don’t find ANY Arabs there.”

He added, to the applause of the audience, that he does not need the heaven promised to Arabs (he wants to be rather in hell then!) then addresses God and asks,

“Didn’t you yourself say that Arabs are the most hypocritical? Why then do the imbeciles praise Arabs?”

(a common MISTRANSLATION of the Qur’an, by Shia “scholars” and Persian fashists (both groups share Anti-Arab and Anti-Sahaba sentiments), for Allah said in the Qur’an:

الْأَعْرَابُ أَشَدُّ كُفْرًا وَنِفَاقًا

The dwellers of the desert are very hard in unbelief and hypocrisy, and more disposed not to know thelimits of what Allah has revealed to His Messenger; and Allah is Knowing, Wise [Qur’an at-Taubah 9:97 ]

You can check every single translation and you will find that Allah did not address the Arabs (العرب) but the DESERT DWELLING ARABS (الاعراب), there is a huge difference between the both and it is agreed that the Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) was NOT a desert dwelling Arab (he was MECCAN), he was a ‘city Arab’ (‘Arabi, like most Arabs today) so were the absolute majority of his companions (they were Medanise and Meccans). Yet we see Shias and Persian fashists due to their hatred and ignorance of basic Arab culture misusing these verses to declare a whole people as being hypocrites. The irony is that this poet claims to know Arabic.

Badkoobei went on to praise the glory of Iran before the advent of Islam and alleged that Persians converted to Islam by force. This is another Anti-Arab, Anti-Islamic statement by Persian nationalists, PURELY based on lies and many brave Persians themselves, among them Shias and, let alone Sunni Iranians (we will post the videos in future) have debunked these claims, we made a short post in regards to that, here>>>. The only things that was forced upon Persia was the Shia religion by the Safavids, something the Shia clergy and Iranian fashists don’t like to mention alot >>>.

But in a nutshell:

Firstly the Arabs (Ummavids and Abbasids) ruled Iran for less than 300 years (i.e. Persian Muslim Sunni dynasties ruled Iran up to the time ofthe Safavids). Secondly the first dynasty after Arab rule was ironically established by staunch Sunnis of pure Persian origin (the Samanids >>>) If Iranians were forced to become Muslims, than they had plenty of time during numerous PERSIAN dyansties (there were a number of Sunni and few Shia persian dynasties after the Samanids) to free themselves from the “shackles of Islam” as Persian nationalists say, yet we see the opposite, it was SUNNI PERSIA that brought up the biggest scholars (Islamic and other sciences >>>) of  the Islamic and Iranian history, you can’t find a single counterpart of Saadi Shirazi or Khawarizmi during the pre-Islamic Persian era nor during the Shia era (after the Safavids uptil now), thatalone debunks that common lie that Iranians were forced to become Muslims (or that they were Shia to beging with). Truth shouldn’t be mixed with falshood, hence no knowledgable Muslim (Persian, Arab, or whatever) will deny that some dynasties (some Ummavids) mistreated Persians, but then, some Ummavids and Abbasids also mistreated the progeny of the Messenger of Allah and slaughtered thousands of the Prophet’s companions and their students (like the trant Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi), now a just person won’t judge Islam by what some later rulers did, otherwise we can also claim that Islam is Anti-Arab since some Arab rulers (like Al-Hajjaj) were so ruthless, they literally slaughtered thousands of their own people. Islam teaches equality while the ignorants of the Arabs (the Abu Lahabs and Abu Jahals of today and the past) and the ignorants of the Persians (the Yazdgerds and the Persian hindu-like caste society of the past and today) call to racism and hatred, both are rejected by the teachings of Islam, the suprior culture, the culture of mankind. The stance of the Prophet (peace be upon him) towards the Persians and racism is quite clear >>>.

Note that he recieved continuous applause from the audience interrupting his poem. His excuse is that some idiot Iranian Shia Mullah said that God speaks in Arabic in heaven. He uses this as an excuse to insult all the Arabs including 5 million Arab Iranians who are his fellow citizens. Although he tries apologize in advance of the Iranian Arabs by stripping them off their Arab identity?!

Few more excerpts of the poem in English:

Oh God of Arabs, I am happy to go to the bottom of the hell … if there is no voice of any Arab there

Why would I need heaven because I am born with love… Let the heaven with virgins and maids be for the Arabs

( Oh God!) Much shame on you if you don’t understand but the rough and bumpy language of Arabs

The God of love who is in our hearts ( Persians hearts)… not the one who is stuck in the Alphabets of these Arabs

The most blasfemous and hypocrites , didn’t you say, are Arabs? .. so why these stupids praise the Arabs?

I lay my head on the heaven of Zarathustra… not that of the Arabs

My heaven is Ferdowsi’s strong poems… who does’t give a damn to the Arabs ( Ferdowsi is grand grand father of the Racist Persian poetry; lived between 940 to1020 CE)

God oh my beloved God please for love’s sake rid my country of the Arabs

So this blatant racists, who in order to not to provoke the five-million-strong Arab minority in Iran (Arab Ahwazis and many Hormozgani Arabs), Badkoobei said that even though they speak Arabic, they know that they are Iranians and not Arabs, a statement that was met by applause by the audience listening to the poem being recited. This of course is yet another lie and blatant insult and a  prime example of Persian chauvinism that aims to strip non-persian ethnic groups of Iran of their identity.  The plain reality of the Arab identity of Iran refutes common insult for the following reasons:

The Arabs of Iran (and Iraq) are not just Arabised people (like many Arabs in North Africa or the Levant), rather, and this is the irony, one of the most ancient and classical Arabic tribes can befound in south east and south of Iran, among them the following:

– Bani Ka’ab
– Bani Tameem
– Bani Torof
– Bani Assad
– Al-Dousari
– Bani Kinanah

Or to put it in the words of an Ahwazi human right activist:

Hamed al-Kinani, an expert on Iranian Affairs, said that anti-Arab sentiments have become part and parcel of Iran’s psyche since the establishment of the modern Iranian state.

“The word ‘Arab’ has become an antonym for ‘Persian’ or ‘Iranian’ and in the case of Ahwazis, they will not be accepted as Iranians unless they give up their Arab identity,” he said.

Kinani pointed out that Badkoobei referred to Ahwazis as Khuzis, which means residents of the pre-dominantly Arab province of Khuzestan, whose name was changed from Arabstan by the Shah as part of a nation-wide Persianization plan that aimed to erase Arab identity in Iran.

It is impossible, Kinani argues to strip Ahwazis of the their Arab identity since Arabs in Iran constitute the natural extension of Arab tribes in the Arabian Peninsula and southern Iraq like Bani Kaab, Bani Assad, Bani Tamim, Bani Khaled, and Al Khamis.

“How could he strip all those tribes of their Arab heritage?”

It is not surprising, Kanani argued, that Badkoobei expresses through his poem the general animosity towards Arabs in Iran since this has been the case since the time of the Shah. Yet, he added, what came as a shock was that fact that the poet mocked God and Islam in an institution affiliated to the Islamic republic.

“How could a country that claims it is the guardian of Islam and Muslims allow someone to insult Islam and God under their very nose?” 

Persian fashist groups try to dictate to ancient Arabs who lived in that part of Iran for over 2000 years who they are and who they are not, by saying that it is important to keep an Iranian identity ONLY, yet it most Persians who don’t even know who the father of their grandfather is while in Arab culture family trees are the most common things and most Arab tribes in Iran can trace their origins back to over thousand of years, this is a fact so how can a ethnic group (Persians) strip the Arabs inside their country of their identity while it is themselves who lack recorded family trees of who they are?

Like all ancient Arabs, the Arabs of Ahwaz/Arabestan (south Iran was called Arabestan for Hundres of years, by Iranian rulers themselves, until the chauvinist father of the late Shah replaced the name of the province and many Arab cities with Persian names, although the absolute majority of people there were and are Arabs bylanguage and culture. This racist policy  (similar to the former South African one) is called “Al-Tafrees” (persianisation) has been continued by a regime that calls itself “Islamic” namely the Shia Republic of Iran, and aims nothing but to strip the ancient Arabs of Iran of their identity (most of them see themselves as Iranians too, and part of the long history of Iran, yet they are always accused of being “separatists” whenever they ask for their rights, just like other minority groups are being silenced. This is similar to the Zionist criminals who defend all their crimes by accusing their critics of being “Anti-Semitic”). In fact the Persian fashist groups, based on their whims, sometime call the Arabs of Iran “foreigners” and sometimes as “Arab speaking Iranians”, based on their agenda. They call the Arabs of Arabestan “foreigners” by claiming that (particularly) the Arabs of south-east Iran have no rooted history in Iran and are recent immigrants from Iraq, according to all historians is nothing but nonsense, since the Arabs of Iraq AND the Arabestan (“Khuzestan”) area are residing in that area for over 2000 years now. Even Iranian historians themselves admit that Arabsalways inhabited that area and even during the Sassanid time there were thousand of Zorastrian (!) and Christian Arabs in the army of Kisra. But to make themselves less racist in public, the likes of these poets simply claim that the Arabs of Iran are actually not Arab (!), their grudge and racism has reached such a level that they can’t even stand the existence of a people. Saying that the Arabs of Iran are merely Arab speakers is like calling the Persians an Arab-Afghan-Mongol  cocktail who merely seak PERSIAN, they are not real PERSIANS, how would the Persians feel like?

As for those who have the audicity to defend these racists (by pointing out to poor excuses like how these poets declared that they are not racists (?!) and how they “only” slander Arabs outside of Iran:

Underestimating the level of dissatisfaction that has been built up in minorities, it’s mainly because of ignorance and looking down to other minorities by Persians. When you insult a race with such words you can’t exclude a part of that race. It’s like saying “Persian” but add: “I am not a racist, I mean Tajikestani Persians not Irani Persians”. Do you feel less insulted when somebody exclude you from a generalised term? If not then don’t expect an Arab or Turk in Iran to feel the same. History has taught us that all racist chauvinist ideologies deny their racism. Hitler never said he is a racist, nor did Ku Klux Klan founders. If the same thing would have been done by Arabs (against Persians) in any Arab country than Arabs before Persians should condemn the racists in their midst, but unfortunately it  is Iran that is  Iran is the one of the few places in the world that in 21st century racism is applaude not booed! No one says there are not Anti-Persian sentiments towards Persians by Arabs, but this is mainly due to religous reasons (especially due to the policies of the aggressive Safavid Shia regime of Iran), hence we see that most Arabs have utmost respect for Iranians who oppose racism and the fashist Shia Republic of Iran, in fact Sunni Iranians are treated as equal citizens in many Gulf countries (see the Emirates, where Bastaki Iranians have built their OWN areas and named them after Iranian towns!). Every free Iranian should expose to the world the ugly face of Persian racism, just as any Arab should expose the ugly face of Arab racism (the racism of the Ba’ath party etc.). The face that somehow managed to be kept hidden from the rest of the world mainly due to language barrier. People of the world should know what’s going on in Iran and how minorities are treated.  This Badkoobie guy has been called “The National Poet” for this poem. Isn’t that a shame? Iran is the one of the few places in the world that in 21st century racism is applaude not booed!

As to why this video proves the anti-Arab nature of the “Islamic Rep of Iran” , then it is important to note that both poets are part of a big cadre of contemporary poets that have adopted “protest” poetry (which includes vile attacks on all Arabs and Islam). This venue is a major poetry gathering in Tehran, the capital of the Shia Republic. the poets cloak their poems in the way not to give excuse to the regime to arest them, thus for years they went on insulting Arabs, the companions of the Prophets and sometimes even Islam in general, both of them were just recently arrested when they openly attacked the Iranian regime, not because they propagated racism and insulted the companions of the Prophet. Here some examples:

“Baadkubeie” mocked Islam itself. He praised Persian poets like Rumi, who he said was much more mature than “Arab tales,” an implicit reference to prophets’ stories of the Quran. He also added that he prefers Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and the words of Gandhi to the “Arab gardens,” a reference to heaven as portrayed in the Quran.

He insulted Arabs and Islam as a wgole, openly, on numerous “cultural” events, yet he was only arrested recently and this was not due to his vile hatred for Islam and Arabs, rather because he had become too critical towards the Mullah Shia regime.

Anf if any sane person still doubts in the fashism of these enemies of Islam, then check the following:

Needless to mention that the Arab Media (with viewers from Morocco to Iraq!) covered this news, a shame for every Iranian, be he Persian or Arab, racism needs to be condemned, by Persians and Arabs, for these racist are the ones who tarnish the image of their own people, no one else:

The second poet is Mohammad Reza Alipayam (aka Haloo) another vile racist and Islam hater (In other clips he accuses Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed, the companion of the Prophet – just as Shi’ism does – with the most hideous crimes, based on unauthentic history reports).

The following is a poem about the Persian Gulf which is called Arabian Gulf in Arabic countries in which he insults Arabs.
Script of the Poem (min: 00:00 – 01:04):

“You ( the Arab) who are looking with greed at the Persian Gulf, this mouthful is not compatible with your big stomache.
For in it’s clear and clean waters without any doubt, its fish not lizard you barefoot Arab”!
*Barefoot and Lizard eaters are too insulting words used by Persians to contempt the Arabs ( who are a large minority of Iranian citizens)*

he then goes on, claiming that the Arabs of Iran are actually no Arabs, just Arab speaking Iranians/Persians, like as if that (which is not true in the first place, as been proven) gives anyone the right to slander a whole people.

In end of the clip you can see Arab Iranian youth from the Arabestan (officially “Khuzestan” area), declaring that since ages they are proud Arabs by language and culture and Iranian. Also a short speech was added as a response, in both clips by an Iranian Arab activists (Yusuf Azizi Bani Torof a NON-SEPARATIST Arab Iranian who fights against racism, especially racism towards Arabs inside Iran and who was imprisoned in Iran foryears during the Shah and the Mullah Shia regime)  who with an appeal to common sense towards his Persian countrymen, ask them to not just reject Anti-Arabism (and other enmity towards non-Persians inside Iran) but literally to literally fight it by its roots, if they really fear for Iran’s future and unity as a country with different ethnic groups. He says that on one hand you just can’t  insult Arabs (five million stronghold in Iran) and describe them with the lowest and most vicious attributes and then claim that this is not actually an insult for it is YOU (the Persians) who decide who is who (“Arabs of Iran are just Arabic speakers”). comment:

It is quite obvious that ironically the biggest threat to the unity of Iran as a country are not the separatists groups (Arab, Balochi, Turkish etc.), rather the Persian chauvinist activists and the Iranian state themselves, who – by degrading and oppressing the non-Persian ethnic groups of Iran are the biggest cause for separatism inside Iran, so the Shia government and the Nationalists Iranians should think twice, if they really want to keep the current borders of Iran as they are.

Note: Yusuf Azizi Bani Torof speaks the truth in regards to the plight of the discrimination of the Arabs of Iran, he is a declared non-separatist, yet he is from the left wing, so as Muslims we disagree with him on alot of issues, yet as we said, he simply stating facts that every (non-racist) can clearly see. As for us Muslims, be it Persians, Arab or whatever, it has been again proven to us that:

ملة الكفر واحدة – The nation of heresy is ONE!

PS: Arabian poets of Ahwaz have of course responded to the vile slanders of those two fashist “poets”, a pleasure for everyone who understands Arabic:

This one is in response to “Mostafa Badkoobei” by the Poet Fadhel Al-Ahwazi:

and this one (also by Fadhel Al-Ahwazi) in response to “Aali Pour”:


Please also read the following to know more about the Anti-Islamic reality of Shi’ism and the Shia regime of Iran:


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