Merci, brother Morsi!

Mohammad Morsi, the new President of Egypt, we don’t know how he’ll do in the future, but we know one thing for sure, what he did in the capital of the Neo-Zoroastrian Rafidite Safavid state will cool the hearts of all the believers whenever they remember him. Basically Mohammad Morsi visited the Summit of the Non-Aligned Movements held in Tehran on Thursday. That means it was not an official visit to Iran (the Safavid regime desperately hopes for that, since they boldly claim that the Revolutions in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world were inspired by their khomeinian-Shi’ite revolution!) the summit just happned to be there and Mohammad Morsi left shortly without even meeting the Taghoot and Wali Al-Amr of the heretics, Ali Khamenei (whom many visited).  Addressing leaders and representatives of 120 countries, Morsi delivered several political messages. He began by sending peace and blessings on Prophet Mohammad, his family and his companions, and on  the Caliphs Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, something the Rafidite regime did not like too much.

Despite being in Iran, whose regime is the most prominent supporter of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Morsi went on attacking the Syrian regime by describing it as “a repressive regime that has lost its legitimacy,” and said that supporting the revolution of the Syrian people against the regime is “a moral obligation and political necessity.” The Syrian delegation walked out of the session, protesting the speech of Morsi, who was accused by Syrian officials of “inciting bloodshed in Syria” and “interfering in Syria’s internal affairs.”

This is how the “Ayadollas” looked when Morsi defended the people of Syria and send blessings of the companions of Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) a slap in their faces:

Not everyone in Iran would have noticed, as one Iranian state TV channel (and plenty of newspapers) mistranslated Mr Mursi’s words into Persian, giving the impression that president was actually speaking in support of the Syrian government, let alone that the translator ommitted the parts where Mursi also sent blessings on the companions of the Messenger of Allah whom the Rafidite Shi’ites hate.

Here some distortions made by the Iranian regime’s state TV/Newspapers etc:

– Iranian media removed the names of Abu Bakr, ‘Omar from the speech, and others removed all the names of the Rightly Guided Caliphs.

– They also included ‘Bahrain’ into the revolutions/Arab Spring mentioned by Morsi although he never spoke about Bahrain

– The translators also mistranslated his harsh stance against Syria and instead said: “There is a crisis in Syria and it’s upon all of us to support the Syrian government, and we must continue arbitration and prevent any foreign intervention.”

Others did not even translations that part which was the most important aspect of his speech.

Iran state media under fire over distortion of Mursi’s speech

We never heard of such distortion before, but then again, when distortion is part of their religion, there is little to be surprised about. Ironically many voices from the Shia and Pro-Iranian regime groups  inside and outside Iran went even so far to accuse Mohammad Morsi sectarianism, some said that he intentionally mentioned the four caliphs (all except one hated by Shias) to slap/enrage the Shia in their fortress. These people seem to have forgotten that the madman Ahmadinejad (even in Makkah!) never forgets to address his audience (Muslims or non-Muslim) with long prayers on their hidden twelth Imam. Whatever the haters will say, the noble people of Egypt embraced Morsi with utmost respect, hundreds of citizens received him at the Cairo airport, chanting slogans like, “Morsi said it strong … We are with the Syrian revolution,” and “Raise your head up high … you are Egyptian.”

As for the hope of the Iranian regime, it was to show the West the so called Islamic Republic had plenty of friends elsewhere, but Mohammad Mursi’s comments would certainly have upset the two faced hosts.

Needles to say that defending the noble people of Syria was soothing for the hearts of all believers, but him praising Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman in the only capital of the world (in a so called “Islamic State”!) that does not permit its Sunni citizens  (although they make up nearly a million) of having a SINGLE (SUNNI) Mosque run by themselves, they even prevent them from holding ‘Eid prayers, was certainly something that made all Iranians (even many Shias), especially the Sunnis cheer up. There is not a single Iranian Sunni forum, facebook pages or Iranian Sunni satellite channels (Wesal, Nour, Kalameh etc.) that missed to thank Morsi and repeat his speech (of course the UNCENSORED ONE, the one you will never see on Iranian state TV, and stooges of Iran like Press TV, just like they hide the lies of the arch pagan and liar Khomeini):

Kalameh TV (Persian Sunni sattelite channel)

And here a video showing the CENCORED speech by Iranian state TV compared to the actual speech of Morsi:

And in the words of Shaykh Dr Khaled Al-Muslih:

“Will history record that the first one to openly praise the rightly guided caliphs with their names in modern day Iran, and all the companions is the Egyptian president Mursi?”

The bolded was a very accurate way of chosing the words, for although Iran has become majority Shia since the criminal Safavids, yet it’s largest minority is still made up by Sunnis, in fact almost all the border areas of Iran are made up by Sunnis, among them Persians, Baloch, Kurds, Turks and all other ethnicities in Iran. The Shaykh correctly said “modern day” Iran for he knows very well that the true Islamic history (900 years compared to barely 500 years of Shi’ism!) of Persia was and will always be the history of Ahl Al-Sunnah, no one can change the records of history, no one can eradicate the names of those Persians who did one of the greatest services to Islam in ALL fields. So praising the Sahabah inside Iran seems to be alien from one side, but is actually the ancient Islamic history of Iran, in fact it is still done in Sunni areas, and Insha’Allah the day will come when the Rafidite polytheistic religion and its tyrant leaders and corrupt clergy (“Ayatollahs”) will fall, just like the tyrants of the Sassanids and their priest had fallen, and the day will come Insha’Allah when all  the cities of Persia, from Ray (old name for Tehran, a former Sunni-to-the-bone city, the city of Fakhr Al-Razi etc.) to Shiraz (THE fortress of Ahl Al-Sunnah before it turned Rafidi) will be known again as fortresses of  the Ahl Al-Sunnah, and then the real treasures of Persian contributions to the world can again be openly recited, without censorship, the treasures of the likes of Saa’di the Shirazi, the Muslim, the Sunni, the Omari, the  Bakri, the Othmani, the Alawi, the Monotheist, the Poet (whom ironically the Islamophobic Persian fashists and even the Rafidah Iranians ascribe to themselves!):

چه نعت پسندیده گویم تورا؟
علیک السلام ای نبی الوری

درود ملک بر روان تو باد
بر اصحاب و بر پیروان تو باد

نخستین ابوبکر پیر مرید
عمر، پنجه بر پیچ دیو مرید

خردمند عثمان شب زنده دار
چهارم علی، شاه دلدل سوار

ندانم کدامین سخن گویمت
که والاتری زانچه من گویمت


*** What  suitable description could I give of you ***

*** Peace be upon you, O Prophet of all  creations (Jinn and Ins) ***

*** May the salutations of the Angels be upon your soul, your companions and your followers ***

*** Abu Bakr, the committed Shaykh ***

*** Omar, the committed, the claw against every demon ***

*** Othman, the wise, the one who kept the night alive (i.e. praying Qiyam/Tahajjud)

*** Ali the forth, the prince who rejoices the hearts ***

{Saadi Shirazi}

(keep in mind that  poetic translation is one of the most difficult tasks for every translator. We would appreciate any suggestions for a more poetric translation since  the purpose of poetic translation is poetry and not the verbal definitions in dictionaries.)

and here a contemporary poem in Arabic by a Palestinian. The title is: ‘Morsi and the Land of Persia’

(it talks about how Morsi has slapped the Rafidah Shia clergy in their fortress by defending the oppressed (Syria) and sending blessings on the Messenger, his household and noble companions (especially Abu Bakr and Omar):

And finally we say like Morsi said: May Allah be well-pleased with Our Masters Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and Ali, and the Companions altogether, and the Tabi’een, and on those who follow in their footsteps until the Day of Judgement”

and for the haters:

translation: He told me: What Mursi accomplished in Iran are just words … So what’s making you happy?

So I said: And their (Rafidah Shias) insults and slanders of the Companions of the Messenger are just words … So what’s making you upset?

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