‘Ayatollah’: “Disobeying the Wali Faqih (Taghoot Khamenei) equals Shirk!


The religion of Shirk (polytheism) and Zandaqah (heresy) and its Priests (the ‘Ayatollahs’) are at it again. After having introduced the alien concept of ‘Wilayah/Imamah’ of their twelve ‘Infallibles’ to (their fake version) of Islam and accusing the Muslims Ummah of Kufr (disbelief), or to say the least of misguidance, for not believing in this fairy-tale (‘Imamah‘/divine leadership of twelve ‘infallibles’) that has not place in Islam whatsoever,  the Rafidhite Shiite clergy has gone now to another lever of heresy, this time they accuse every opposer of their innovated (even among Shia ‘Ayatollahs’ disputed!) ‘Wilayat Al-Faqih’ (Guardianship of the Juris i.e. ‘Ayatollah’) concept, of polytheism (Shirk). The audicaty of these heretics goes beyond borders, but it is (sadly) nothing new, as you can watch here:

As you have seen, the arch-Kafir Khomeini already preceded them in their heresies, but this does not stop them of repeating such things, for the save of saving the throne of the Mullah clergy, after all it was a long way for the Shia clergy to conspire their way to power, this needs to be insurance, by all means neccassary, even if it takes to accuse the opposers of their political concepts of polytheism!

We first wanted to translate this new shocker from the AlArabiya new website, but then we thought that the apologetic Shias, particularly Iranian Safavid regime worshippers will accuse us of having used ‘Zionist sources’ (this is what the Sabaite-Rafidhite regime and its stooges normally accuse their opponents of), and then – again to our astonishment – we found out that the lunatic and Zindiq (heretic) ‘Ayatollah’ has put this very news on his own website. Here a scan, and below some excerpts from his heretical speech:



Official website (safirevelayat.ir) of Ayatollah Abdul-Nabi Namazi, news released on 2012-12-29

Ayatollah Abdul-Nabi Namazi: “Disobeying the Wali Faqih (Supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei) is equal of committing Shirk (polytheism) with God”!

Ayatollah Abdul-Nabi Namazi, who is also the Supreme Leader’s (Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) representative in Kashan [a city close to Qom, where Abu Lo’lo’a Al-Majoosi’s shrine (!) is venerated] addressed University officials in a meeting and said:

“The leader of the Muslim community is not being selected by the people, this is because the Hakimiyyah (judgement/decree) is for God, his Messenger (S) and the pure Imams (S) only, and in the time of Ghaybah (occultation of the 12th Shia Imam) it is for the just Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurist i.e. ‘Ayatollah’) …”


Ayatollah Namazi said in response those who have difficulties in accepting the Wilayah Faqih/Guardianship of the Jurist: “According to the narration of Imam Sadiq (S), if anyone deliberately opposes the ruling of Wilayah Faqih, then this is equal of committing polytheism with God. This is because according to the narration the one who belittles the saying of the just Juris (‘Ayatollah’) has in fact rejected the ruling of the infallible Imam”.

He (‘Ayatollah’ Namazi) also did not regard the ruling of the Wali Faqih (‘Ayatollah’ Khamenei) just particularly for one country (Iran), rather he confirmed by saying: “The ruling of the Wali Faqih is binding upon all Muslims, in every corner of the world and he must be obeyed”.



Sonsofsunnah.com comment:

Absolutely hilarious! The Muslim Ummah and its scholars do not even regard Shiism as a valid form of Islam, many major scholars of Islam have regarded the heads (clergy) of Shiism as Kafir apostates (like in Khomeini’s case here) who are responsible for the misguidance of their followers. Now Khamenei (!), the Taghoot and enemy of Allah, the opium and pipe smoking devil …


… the ally of the butcher of the Syrian people …

Ali Khamenei Bashar Assad

… has  become an indicator not just for the correctness of the Iman (belief) of the Rafidhi Shia Ummah, but also of the Islamic Ummah. How delirious can these devils of Qom become (well, remember: “The Revolutions in the Arab world are inspired by Iran’s revolution”)? Their thrones are shaking, their allies’ thrones are shaking, yet they are more deluded than the Zionists, may Allah fight them all.

By the way: ‘Ayatollah’ Namazi is the same stooge of Khamenei who said the arrests of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s close associates were ordered directly by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Here the link and we say:

اللهم اشغل المشركين بالمشركين (O Allah, let the polytheists be busy with themselves i.e fight themselves).