Iran opens supply route for NATO – Breaking news


“Anti-american ,Anti-imperialist and Anti-Zionist” Safavid Republic of Iran has agreed to open the port of Chabahar to allow NATO supplies into war-torn afghanistan .
The port is being partly financed by india to maintain Iranian and Indian influence in afghanistan when the americans leave in 2014 .

The agreement was signed by Afghan minister of commerce – Anwar al-haq Ahady andIiranian ambassador to afghanistan – Abolfazi Zohrevand .

The signing of the agreement came as a relief to US/NATO forces since the closure of Nato supplies from pakistan last year , NATO has a trusted ally in Iran , despite the bluff and bluster we keep seeing and hearing on the news .

The last thing the Safavid Shia Mullahs want to see is Muslims ruling Afghanistan , that would be a disaster for them,  and they will do everything they can to prevent the return of Islamic government , even if it means they will be exposed in the process .