As-Salamu ‘Alayka, Ya Hugo Chavez (AJ)

64109_513636368679414_29849882_nVenereting a polytheist socialist and cursing the Sahaba – It’s a Shia (regime’s) world. The mad man Ahmadinejad is at it again, this time they literally venerated and idolised an open Kafir (in Tawheed/ monotheism), a socialist Kafir who (more than in one occasion) clearly stated that he is a polytheist Christ-(peace be upon him)-worshipping trinitarian (i.e. a Christian).

We as Muslims do not decide who goes to paradise or hell, this is a misconception by many so called modernist Muslims and non-Muslims (Kuffar) alike. The one who ultimately decides who goes to Heaven and Hell is ONLY God (Allah) himself, all we know is that Paradise is certainly  forbidden for a polytheist soul, of course this does not mean that the Ummah (nation) of Prophet Muhamamd (peace be upon him), who are the true remaining Monotheists on earth will enter the paradise only, rather all the nations before the final Messenger will  enter the paradise too IF they died upon Monotheism. This is why Islam teaches that the TRUE followers of Moses, Jesus etc. will all enter Jannah, this is because all Prophets were Muslims and hence all Prophets taught the same core belief which is Tawheed (Monotheism). As for the Christians of today, they are all trinitarians, except a very few who although don’t hold trinitarian (heretical) beliefs, yet they reject the belief in the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) which is kufr (disbelief) in itself. Anyways, the point is …

… that Hugo Chavez lived and DIED as an Catholic. Catholics are arch-polytheists, they are actually worse than protestants, the latter ‘only’ worship the Christ only whilst the former worship the Christ, his Mothers, Angels and and endless list of (many, many …)  ‘Saints’ (i.e. Priests aka Pedophile-swines etc.). We as Muslims are ordered to judge the people according to the outward reality, for we nor anyone else can see what is in the hearts, hence the Islamic ruling (which does not include conspiracy theories and other nonsense) is that Hugo Chavez died as a Christian-Catholic-Trinitarian about whom Allah says in the noble Qur’an:

“Surely, disbelievers are those who say, “Allah is the third of the three”  (trinity/worshipers of Christ) while there is no god but One God. If they do not desist from what they say, a painful punishment shall certainly befall such disbelievers.” (5:73)


Quran says: Whoever believes in pagan trinity is a pagan/disbeliever

Hugo Chavez says: Cancer Made Him ‘More Christian;’ Has Faith Christ Will Bring ‘Miracle’

Hugo Chavez also says:

Even if some might argue that he used to be Anti-Church, Anti-Missionary (note, both certainly doesn’t make one Anti-Christian), then there is ample evidence that Hugo Chavez in the last stage of his life made ‘repented’ and openly worshiped (!) Jesus the son of Mary (peace be upon them both):

Hugo Chavez: “Give me Your crown, Jesus,” the ailing autocrat proclaimed. “Give me Your cross, Your thorns so that I may bleed. But give me life, because I have more to do for this country and these people. Do not take me yet.”


So these rock solid evidence should be kept in mind when ones being confronted with silly conspiracy theories of Pro-IRI Shias who love to defend the despotic Iranian regime and all their heresies to death (lately they claimed Chavez was a secret Shia, merely because he once visited the Shrine of the 8th Shia Imam in Iran. Acc. to this logic this the late Pope John must have been a Muslim+Hafidh of the Qur’an since he visited several Mosques and kissed the noble Qur’an!).

Now let’s see what the officials and representatives of the only Shia lead state in the world have to say, the judgement is with the reader, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, to see how far the Iranian regime is away from authentic Islam, for the sake of their political interests (their allies …) they praise whomever they like to the extent of declaring trinitarian polytheists as Saints.

1. Iran declared a day of national mourning [as if there is not enough mourning going on] on Wednesday after the death of Chavez, who shared the Islamic Republic’s loathing for what they both called U.S. imperialism.

2. In a condolence letter posted on his personal website on Wednesday, Ahmadinejad said he was certain that Chavez “will return” along with Jesus Christ and Imam Mahdi (the Rafidhi Shia version i.e. the hidden and caved 12th savior)

Ahmadinejad embarressed his followers to such a degree that some resorted to denial, simply deny and accuse the ‘west’ like here on the infamous Shiachat


The embarrassing reality is the following though:



The above has been taken from Ahmadi’s offical website, we made the scan above, in case the Iranian authorities remove the link HERE.

Some kufri excerpts:

ترديد ندارم كه او بازخواهد گشت و به همراه همه صالحان و حضرت مسيح (ع) و تنها باقيمانده از نسل پاكان، انسان كامل، خواهد آمد و جامعه بشري را در استقرار صلح و عدالت كامل و مهرباني و كمال ياري خواهد كرد.

“I have no doubt that he (Chavez) will come back, along with the righteous and Hazrat Masih (AS), the heir to all pure offspring and perfect men (meaning Imam Mahdi), and will help bring peace, justice and perfection for all,”

او انساني عميقاً موحد و مؤمن و پايبند به ارزش هاي انساني و آسماني و باورمند به راه انبياء الهي و حاكميت جهاني عدالت و عشق به رهبري صالحان بود.

“He (Chavez) was a deeply monotheist and a believer and adhered to human and heavenly values and believed in the way of Prophets….”

In the closing of the letter he writes this:
دوست و برادر شما

محمود احمدي نژاد

رييس جمهوري اسلامي ايران


Your friend and Brother

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President of the Islamic republic of Iran comment: Masha’Allah, isn’t it? Chavez who shortly before his death invoked Jesus (worshiped Jesus) and proclaimed more than once that he is a Christian (including the belief of worshiping Jesus i.e. a trinitarian) is a brother, ally of Mahdi, deeply monotheist and a believer but guess what Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and the absolute majority of the Sahaba are to this Rafidhite president and the Shia …


As Muslims we are ordered to speak the truth and be just, hence we’d like to mention that some Shia clerics did spoke against Ahmadinejad’s remarks, but interestingly enough, most of those clerics are known to be from the conservative elements of the regime i.e. the pro-Khamenei camp. As it is well known, they have been some various clashes between Ahmadinejad’s camp and the hardliners (whom Ahmadinejad used to be part of in the past). As for major Shia scholars, like Ayatollah Ansari, they openly defend a polytheist like Hugo Chavez:


So in the end of the day, the president of the Shia state declared a trinitarian polytheist (who openly worshiped Jesus) a saint, their scholars say we can’t declare any disbeliever in Tawheed of Kufr as long as the disbeliever CLAIMS to be a Monotheist. We wonder if these heretics have ever read the Qur’an, the Qur’an that makes Takfeer of the Quraysh who CLAIMED to be not just monotheist, but on the path of Ibrahim. The Qur’an that makes Takfeer (declaring of disbelief) the trinitarian polytheist Christians who to this very day CLAIM to be ‘Monotheistic Trinitarians’! It is again the Qur’an against the Rafidhite Shiites. On top of all of that, after having heard so much defence and even praise for an open trinitarian socialist Kafir like Hugo Chavez, keep in mind that these Rawafidh Shiites are the same who will never look for excuses (let alone venerate …) the companions of the Final Messenger of God, the absolute majority of the Companions, especially the first Caliphs are disbelieving and impure thieves while a Socialist Kafir is a saint upon whose grave the Rafidhite president even bows down and kisses it.

Majlisi’s extreme hatred for the Sahaba >>>

Majlisi accuses the Mother of the Believer ‘Aaisha with all sorts of Kufr and slander >>>

According to al-Majlisi and al-Kulayni the sons of prostitutes have corrupted and changed the Quran >>>

(taken from the following article: The Reviver of Zorastrian (Majoosi) elements under the cover of Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism) – Majlisi )

Respecting the dead and their funeral is a human concept, the Final Messenger of Allah (peace be upon) him had been famously reported to have stood of for the funeral of a Jew, yet bowing down and kissing the coffin (even of a Muslim) is far away from the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah.



Hugo’s mother, Elena Frias and Ahmadi … 

This handout picture released by Venezue

As-Salamu ‘alayka ya Hugo Chavez (AJ) …

(Caricatures circulating the net, as we said the Iranian regime and its officials are a laughing stock, you can’t but mock them. Here you can see the new Saints of Shiism, Hajj Hugo Chavez (AJ) and Hajj Mesh Kim Jong il (Korea) … a disclaimer has been put that due to being new in the Saint-Business, no guarantee can be provided for healings/miracles in the case the new Shia saint Hajj Huga Chavez …)


As a side note, it is not the first time that the Iranian regime its clergy and its representatives proved that they are a laughing stock and the champions when it comes of innovating heresies:

Merci, brother Morsi!

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  1. Salam alaykum,

    I think it is more important for us to monitor the thoughts of Ayatullahs Subhani, Sa’anei, and the like, rather than Ahmadinejad, since at the end we have to fall back on the sayings of scholars in order to attack the Twelvers.

    To be frank, Ahmadinejad is a sort of latter-day Shari’ati, who will definitely use Shia imagery but who may actually exist well outside “Shia orthodoxy” on many crucial issues and who will carry his folksy “Sarah-Palinesque” populism over to his understanding of Shiaism. So unless some Ayatullah confirms what he says, he should be ignored.

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