It’s happy Nowrooz for the Crypto-Majoos

The Shia Rafidite sect (“twelver Imamism”) is indeed a Jewish (see here>>>) AND Zoroastrian cocktail (main flavours, the cocktail contains all sorts of heresy). As for the Zoroastrian part, then we have dealt with it here>>>. In this post there is a shocking addition (not been covered in any article), namely that according to the Rafidite religion, the PRE-ISLAMIC Zoroastrian ‘Eid of Nowrooz is an ESSENTIAL part of Rafidite Shi’ism! They have attributed narrations to the Household of the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم AND have Fiqhi rulings for that day (like taking Ghusl on that “holy” day!!!). In fact, one of their biggest scholars ever, Abbas Al-Qummi (the author of the book of paganism “Mafatih Al-Jinan”, in fact “JAHEEM”) compiled detailed instruction of what to do on that Zoroastrian holiday …


Nowruz is the Persian new year, and a zoroastrian holiday:

Now look at this page on this du’a website: (Shia website)

Heres a quote that will prove to you how Majoosi (Zoroastrian-Pre-Islamic) Rafidi Shi’ism really is. Since when did Islam and Ancient Persian religions intertwine? There’s also some outrageous claim on that webpage; e.g:

Nowrooz is the day when Allah, the High, took the promise from the souls of all human beings (before their creation) to His oneness, that they would not associate partners with Him and that they would accept and believe in His Prophets ”

As you can see, it is not just a “cultural festival” as some Shias try to explain. It is cultural among some (minority) Kurds, Afghans and Tajiks (all Sunnis), yet NONE of them ascribes it to the religion, let alone DIRECTLY to ALLAH and the Ahl Al-Bayt! As for Shi’ism, since it is a Jewish-Majoosi/Zoroastrian cocktail CLAIMING Islam, it has ascribed a PRE-ISLAMIC, purely Zoroastrian (or to say at least, a pre-Islamic) holiday to Allah and the Household of the Prophet i.e. they have giving it a religious stamp!

It gets even more Majoosic:

The first people to accept the A’maal or Fazail were the representatives of Hawzah Ilmiyyah Najaf Al-Ashraf, meaning personalities like Shaykh Tusi, then Seyed Ibnay Taus and Mohaqqiq Tusi, Syed Sharif, Allama Bahauddin Amili, Allama Faiz Kashani, and from Allama Majlisi to Shaykh Abbas Qummi (author of Mafatih Al-Jinan).

all agree on this day of celebration. Seyed Mohsin Al-Amin Amili in his Miftahal Jannat, Vol 3, pg 573, depicts a hadeths from Mo’ala Bin Khanees on the Fazael of Nowrooz, and has confirmed it with high authority.

Here some boldly fabricated narrations (as usual) attributed to the Ahl Al-Bayt/Household to the Prophet to give this Zoroastrian a Islamic flavour:

Shia book: “Du’a for Imam Al-Zaman [Mahdi]”

Chapter: The day of Nowrooz

Al-Mu’alla narrates from Imam Al-Sadiq  (as) : “Nowrooz is no other day but the one we [the Ahl Al-Bayt] are awaiting the reappearance [of Al-Mahdi], for it  is one of our days that was protected by the Persians and carelessly lost by you.”

Their “Mahdi” (in fact the Dajjaal) will emerge on the ZOROASTRIAN holiday of Nowrooz!

So the Sahaba, their students and their students (i.e. Salaf Al-Saleh) have missed to ‘protect’ the holy (!) day of Nowrooz, but the Persians managed to protect this so called holy day. Look at their audacity! How dare they ascribe a Zoroastrian holiday to Islam and the Ahl Al-Bayt! Not even the most wicked Islamic has ever dared to ascribe any pre-Islamic pagan Arabic holiday (there were some) to Islam!

This is how portray the Ahl Al-Bayt i.e. Imam Al-Sadiq in the Hadith above! He literally blames the Arabs for having forgotten the Majoosi holiday of Nowrooz! A holiday that was never sanctified in Islam!  Look how much Sassanian-Pre-Islamic-Persian customs have infiltrated Shiism, then they wonder why they are being called Majoos!



[Narration attributed to Imam Al-Sadiq who is free of Majoosite Rafidhism]: ‘The day of Nowrooz is the day when our Qa’im of Ahl Al-Bayt (Mahdi) and the commanders [of his army] will rise. On that day Allah will make the Dajjaal appear and he will be crucified on the church of Kufa (Iraq)’. (Bihar Al-Anwar by Mulla Baqir Al-Majlisi, vol. 52, p. 308)

Kufa? Crucifiction? NOWROOZ?! We all know that JESUS (peace be upon him) will kill the Dajjaal, not on the holy day of Shiism though, which is NOWROOZ!

All this Majoosiyyah (Zoroastrianism) is so deeply rooted in their sect that they even celebrate Nowrooz in the shrine (waste of gold and other wealth of gullible Shias) of Al-Hussein in Karbala!

In this video you can see Iranian pilgrims in Iraq (whichis basically occupied by Iran with the help of the Americans and Iraqi Shia puppets) celebrating NOWROOZ in next to the shrine of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali in Karbala’. That’s what these heretics call ‘the Islam of the Ahl Al-Bayt, the true followers of the Sunnah’!

They did not even spare the Prophet (صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم):

و قد روي عن النبي أنه قال ان لعلي سبعة عشر اسما فقال ابن عباس أخبرنا ما هي يا رسول الله فقال اسمه عند العرب علي و عند أمه حيدرة و في التوراة إليا و في الانجيل بريا و في الزبور قريا و عند الروم بظرسيا و عند الفرس نيروز و عند العجم شميا و عند الديلم فريقيا و عند الكرور شيعيا و عند الزنج حيم و عند الحبشة تبير و عند الترك حميرا و عند الأرمن كركر و عند المؤمنين السحاب و عند الكافرين الموت الأحمر و عند المسلمين وعد و عند المنافقين وعيد و عندي طاهر مطهر و هو جنب الله و نفس الله و يمين الله عز و جل قوله “و يحذركم الله نفسه” و قوله “بل يداه مبسوطتان ينفق كيف يشاء” .الفضائل لشاذان القمي ص 175

The Prophet said that Ali has seventeen names. Ibn Abbas said: Inform us about them, o Messenger of Allah. He (صل الله عليه و آله) said: Among the arab he is called Ali, his mother called him Haydarah, in the Torah he is called Ilya, in the Gospels Briya, in the Psalms Qriya, among the Romans Badhursia and among the Persians he is called Nowrooz […]

(Al-Fadha’il li-Shadhaan by Al-Qummi page 175).


The have put these alien narrations under chapters of virtues of Ali. Among Ali’s name is NOWROOZ they say! Now you might know why the Iranian states doesn’t give much for the ‘Eid of Islam which is ‘Eid Al-Fitr (TWO days off in Iran) and celebrates over TWO weeks Nowrooz and a WEEK ‘EID AL-GHADEER‘. The innovation of ‘Eid Al-Ghadeer is nothing but a mask to cover their grudge and hatred for Islam by mixing it with all sorts of pre-Islamic elements, hence they believe that the day of Ghadeer was actually ‘EID NOWROOZ!!!

“The Islamic Centre of England” (Shias) states on its website:

[…] in another words, they mixed their Iranian traditions with their Islamic belief. Islamic traditions associate Nowruz with the day when angel Gabriel appeared to Prophet Mohammad (S), the day of Ghadeer and the day of the re-emergence of The Lord of our Time, Imam Mahdi (aj). On the other hand, in Iranian ancient belief, Nowruz is the day when the Creator finished the creation of the world and is the day when Man was created. […]

[…]  The respect for Nowruz in Shi’i Islam, although not exclusive to Shia, is very noticeable. Nowruz has been highly regarded. Alameh Majlesi in Assamae va al Alam has narrated one of the sayings of Imam Sadiq (a) as follows: ` With the beginning of Farvardin, human was created, and this day is an auspicious day for praying to seek dreams, to visit the nobles, acquiring knowledge, marriage, travelling and good business. In this blessed day the sick will be cured, the babies are born hassle free and sustenance will increase.` Majlesi also talks about another narration from Imam Musa Kadhim (as) which says: `In Nowruz Allah made a covenant with His servants to worship Him and not to allow any partner for Him. To welcome, His messengers and obey their rulings. This day is the first day that the fertile wind blow and the flowers on the earth appeared. The archangel Gabriel (a) appeared to the Prophet, and it is the day that Abraham (as) broke the idols. The day Prophet Muhammad (S) held Ali (as) on his shoulders to destroy the Quraishies’ idols in the house of God, the Kaaba.`[…]

[…] Nowruz in the Safavids period adopted an Islamic pattern, so separating its ancient Iranian roots from its Islamic traditions would have been extremely difficult. Nowruz had certain grandeur in Abbasids and Safavids courts and Islam perfumed the great celebration of Nowruz with its Islamic traditions. […]

[…] But Alameh Majlesi in his book Zad al Maad mentions the existence of some reports in some less known sources. One of which is the following invocation that is highly recommended to be recited repeatedly. O Moulder of the hearts and vision, O Master of the night and day, O He who changes stratagem and status, Transform our situation to the best condition The above invocation at the time of Safavids was a regular prayer for the New Year. The fact that recitation of supplications or Qur’an and performing of prayer for the coming of a new year actually did happen, itself, is a sign of the Islamisation of this festivity. […]

[…]  Islamic rituals of Nowruz In Mafatih al Jinan, which in the past decades has been one of the greatest books for religious recommended acts of worship, we read that the Prayer of Nowruz is a prayer combined of recitation of Al -Fatiha, Al-Qadr, Al-Kaferoon, AlTawhid, Al-Falagh, Al-Nass and many other chapters of the Holy Qur’an. It is similar to a prayer which not only has the forms of Friday prayer but also the attributes of the prayers of Ghadeer Khum. Mafatih Al Jinan narrates from Imam Jafar Al Sadiq(as): `When Nowruz comes, make Ghosl (ceremonial wash) , put on your clean clothes, and fragrant yourself with best perfumes, so when you are free of all other prayers, perform a four- rakaat prayer, each rakaat one Salam and in the first rakaat after Sura Al- Fateha ten times Sura Al-Qadr, and in the second rakaat after Al-Fateha ten times Al-Kaferoon. In the thried rakaat after Al-Feteheh ten times Al-Nass and Al-Falaq. After prayer prostrate in gratification.`  […]

As you can see, the issue has nothing to do with “authentic or non-authentic” narrations (i.e. no excuses will work), their scholars have compiled PRAYER books with it, the one above AND the most famous one, “Mafatih Al-Jinan” by Abbas Al-Qummi that includes detailled instructions as what to do on NOWROOZ:

(all narrations attributed to Al-Baqir and Al-Sadiq)

1.  Try to keep a fast , have a bath , put on good clothes and use scent

2.   Afte zohr prayers, pray 4 rakaats, in units of two as follows:-

1st rakaat after Sura al Hamd, 10 times Sura al Qadr
2nd rakaat after Sura al Hamd, 10 times Sura al Kafiroon
1st rakaat after Sura al Hamd, 10 times Qul Huwwal Lah
2nd rakaat after Sura al Hamd, 10 times sura an Naas and 10 times Sura al Falaq
3.   Recite  “Ya zal jalali wal ikram” at least 365 times
4.  At the dawn of this day, recite  “Ya Wahab” – “Oh Bestower” 14 times and     “Ya Wadudu”-“Oh Governor” 22 times
5.  After this pray for the fullfilment of your desires.
They also attribute the following to Al-Sadiq:
1.  The sun attained its brightness
2.  The wind started to blow
3. The Ark of Prophet Nuh a.s. stopped near Mount Judi (near Najaf in Iraq) and saved from drowning
4.   Prophet Ibrahim a.s. broke the idols of his community
5.  Angel Jibrael brought the first revelation to our Holy Prophet s.a.w.w.
6.  The Holy Prophet s.a.w. lifted Imam Ali a.s. on his shoulders for removing the idols from the Kaa’ba
7.  The Holy Prophet s.a.w. announced Imam Ali a.s. as his successor at Ghadir – e – Khum
8.   Our 12th Imam will reappear and hang Dajjal in a place known as Kinasa in Kufa.

All of this can be found in one of the most important Shia Du’a books called “Mafatih Al-Jinan”, here a link from the HAWZAH of QOM>>>

they even give lectures about Nowrooz and Shi’ism:

And their biggest scholars of today give their blessings for this Zoroastrian holiday:

Ayatullat Sistani:

1757.* Fasting is Mustahab on every day of a year except those on which it is haraam or Makrooh to observe a fast. Some of them which have been strongly recommended, are mentioned here:

(i) The first and last Thursday of every month  […]. (ii) 13th, 14th and 15th day of every month. (iii) On all days of Rajab and Shaban […] (iv) The day of Eid Nawroz […]


Ayatullat Khomeini in his ‘Tahrir Al-Wasilah says under the chapter of mustahab (recommended) fastings:

12. The Nowruz.
13. The first and third of Muharram.
(Tahrir al –wasila Imam al_Khomeyni volume 1, p.276 (Arabic)

Here a Fatwa by more than every Rabbi looking Rabbi Ayatullat Sadiq Al-Shirazi (Qom) who says that Islam ORDERED the celebration of Nowrooz!!!

مكتب سماحة الســيد صادق الشــيرازيبسم الله الرحمن الرحيمالسلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاتهيقول البعض عن ( النيروز ) بأنه ( علماء الفرس أيالعلماء المسلمين المنتمين إلى القومية الفارسية أخذتهمالحمية في الدفاع عن تقاليد وطقوس قوميتهم وهي الفارسيهفمن جانبهم جيشت الهمم للبحث عن روايات أو أختلاق رواياتلمساندة الأحتفال بالعيد الفارسي لعبدة النار.وأنا أقول أن الأحتفال بعيد النيروز أو عيد الحب (فلنتاين دي) أو الكرسمس (يوم عيد مولد المسيح عيسى أبنمريم) عليه السلام لا يضر ولكن الذي يضر أن يستغفلالمسلمون بأن هناك أحاديث أو روايات تؤكد على هذهالأعياد)فما رأيكم في هذه المقولة ؟—————————–بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمالسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتهالجواب: كان للفرس عيدان عيد في أول الربيع اسمه النيروز وعيد في أول الخريف فأمر الإسلام الأول دون الثاني.وفقكم الله لكل خيرلجنة الإستفتاءفي مكتب آية الله العظمىالسيد صادق الشيرازي (دام ظله)الإثنين 24 / محرم الحرام / 1423هـ__________________يوم الاثنين في الاسبوع المقبل الموافق 21 – 3 – 2011 يكون بداية الربيع وهو يوم النيروز

NOTE: Some might argue that Nowrooz hasn’t got anything to do with Zoroastrianism. Fair enough, this is true with some Sunni Muslims like Afghans, Kurds etc. who celebrate Nowrooz as a national holiday, not as PART OF THEIR RELIGION. Shi’ism on the other hand has ascribed this holiday to Allah and the Household of the his Messenger. THIS is what we and every Muslim harshly disagree with. Also, generally speaking, opposing Persian paganism like Mithraism (the heresy that brought the trinity to Europe!) or other heresies has got nothing to do with “enmity to ones own culture”. Every Arab has enmity to the false ARAB Prophet Musaylamah and his heretical cult and every Pakistani/Indian has enmity towards the false ASIAN Prophet Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the “Ahmadi” (Qadiyani) cult, that makes them not enemies of their own culture nor does it make Iranian Muslims enemies of their culture by opposing paganism that emerged from their lands. Today’s Shi’ism i.e. especially after the Safavid era is nothing but a Zoroastrian/Majoosi offshot with the most anti-Islamic/Anti Arab (and even Anti-Kurd!) beliefs like:

– The belief in the Shia version of an Sadistic, Anti-Arab bigot, Zoroastrian king i.e. Rafidhi Mahdi (who is NOT the Muslim Mahdi, but more like a product of incest between Adolf Hitler and Arial Sharon, a mass murderer, a mental Dajjaal who will SLAUGHTER ALL Arabs and REVIVE the COMPANIONS of the Prophet like Abu Bakr and Omar in order to CRUCIFY and BURN them and in addition he will REVIVE the wive of the Prophet, the Mother of the Believers ‘Aaisha, just to whip her!).

– The belief and veneration in the Zoroastrian/Majoosi Abu Lo’Lo’a, the suicide who MURDERED Omar the Khalifah DURING the morning prayer .of the Muslims, then stepped himself to death like the coward he was. Omar Ibn Al-Khattab رضي الله عنه is a disbeliever according to the pagan Shia Rafidite cult, yet Abu Lo’Lo’a is a hero and Shia of Ali! NONE of the Shia sects had ever such beliefs, like the Zaydis in Yemen.

The hatred the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy has for the Arabs (and Kurds and Baloch who are virtually all Sunnis!). There is virtually not a single Arab Marja’ (over 99% of the Marja’s are Iranian, of course they i.e. the black tyrehead wearing ones – for their wordly profits – claim to be of the Prophet lineage) even the Grand Ayatollah of Iraq is Iranian (Sistani) and there are reports how zealous Shia Arab students were more than dissapointed after finding out how racist the Shia clergy are towards the Arabs. Hence, it is not shocking at all that Arab Ahwazis are the most mistreated (and most slandered) ethnic group inside Iran, although they are traditionally Shia! (This, thanks to the stupidity of the Shia Rafidah clergy and its regime has dramatically changed, for even official Iranian sources are reporting how MASS CONVERSATIONS from Rafidi Shi’ism to Islam/Sunni are the new phenomenon among the Ahwazi Arab people of south west Iran. SEE HERE>>>)

Besides that, Rafidhi Shi’ism has adopted many beliefs of the Zoroastrian Sassanids:

– the Sassanids claimed to be devine. Rafidism claims that the Imams were devine with “supernatural powers and universal knowledge”.

– The Sassanids (Majoos) were considered “holy” kings, chosen by God to rule the world. Rafidism believes that the Imams were chosen by God to lead the Islamic community (which is supposed to rule the world).

– The Sassanids were fierced enemies of the Caliphs. Especially Omar, who conquered them. Rafidi Shi’ism today continues this hatred towards the Caliphs, especially against Omar.

For more information read: The Role of Zoroastrianism in the Development of Shi’ism

Modern Shi’ism (especially after the Safavid era) is the “Sassanid version” of Islam … It is NOT Islam, just like the Arab religion of the false ARAB Prophet Musaylamah was not Islam. So the hell with Arab and Persian cults, dead and living ones.