A clear letter to the advisor [stooge] of president in Sunnis’ affairs

Molawi Eshaq Madani, advisor to the Iranian president inSunnis’ affairs, expressed his views over the circumstances of the Sunni community in Iran before a media delegation of Egypt. Teachers of Darululoom Zahedan [Iranian Sunni centre in south-east Iran] decried his statements refusing his claims strongly in a lucid letter.

The text of the letter is as following:

Excellency, Molawi Eshaq Madani;

Advisor to the president in affairs of Sunnis


In previous days, an Egyptian journal, “Al-Yawm As-Sabe’” published your words in meeting with an Egyptian media delegation in Tehran.

You have said: “There are Sunni representatives from predominantly Sunni cities…

in the era of Shah, last regime, the Sunni community did not have any representative in National Assembly; but today there are 20 Sunni representatives.”

Your statement was broadcasted by domestic news agencies like Fars News that followed by objection and complaint of some people. Your claim is not true; there were some Sunni representatives in the National Assembly (parliament). For example, Manuela Khan Rigi, Col. Khodadkhan Rigi, Bahman Khan Barakzai, Karimbakhsh Saeedi and Muhammad khan Mir-Lashari represented Baluchistan of Iran in the Assembly.

According to surveys, there is capacity of 50 representatives in the parliament from Sunni-majority regions of Iran; but unfortunately, the Guardian Council always disqualifies Sunni nominees to prevent them participating parliamentary election campaigns. Take the example of Zabol, Bandar-Abbas and Kermanshah cities where Sunnis populate at least 40% of the entire population. As Sunnis are very unanimous in those regions, they can easily have representatives in Majlis, parliament; but their nominees have been being disqualified by the concerned authorities.

In another part of your publishing views, you stated: “It is common that there is no any Sunni minister in the cabinet; ministers are being selected from ruling party and they are not member of the party. Sunnis are 10% of the Iran’s population.”

Respectable Mr. Madani!

Firstly, it is not necessary for getting position in cabinet to be part of ruling party; secondly, there are some Sunni citizens who have joined ruling parties, but they have never appointed any Sunni minister.

It is recommended for a country that has been chanting slogans in favor of “Islamic unification” over the world to implement her slogans first inside her own territory, and then it can show others her exemplary role. Regretfully, it has not happened yet. If you look at some non-Muslim states, you will see some Muslim ministers in their cabinets; some years ago, the racist and sinister Zionist regime, pioneer of racism around the world, appointed an Arab Muslim as a minister to get its interests and propagate it across the globe. After the recent presidential election in France, Prime Minister of France nominated three Muslims for the seat of ministry. Unfortunately, we Muslims do not think with open mind.

According to reliable censuses, Iran’s Sunnis are not 10% but at least they populate 20% of the whole population of Iran, and this is exactly the reality. As you know better, the authorities and power-holders of Iran have never assigned any Sunni citizens to the posts of ministry, vice-minister, vice-president, governor, ambassador and even consular. The armed bureaus have been cleared from Sunnis, while no one can claim that Sunni officers had showed dishonesty in their responsibilities. Keeping in mind that there was not any discrimination of sect and cast in distributing posts in armed services during the regime of Shah. As Sunnis succeeded to get high positions at that time.

Where have you seen such a discriminative comportment with Shiite minorities across the world? Despite these claims for unity and solidarity, the Sunni community can not have separate party! Even in metropolises like Tehran, Esfahan, Kerman, Yazd and etc Sunni Muslims cannot establish separate mosques, and they have been encountering many difficulties to offer Friday and Eid prayers.

Dear Molawi Madani!

Sunni brothers know well that you carry on the title of “advisor to the president in Sunnis’ affairs” only by name; neither they consult you nor they give any importance to your words; it has been experienced repeatedly.

The Sunni community of Iran suffers from lots of discriminations and unequally, and recently religious pressure has been intensified. Instead of issuing such baseless statements for foreign press, you should prefer silence. It is good to reiterate achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran, but saying false points cause the anger of Allah Almighty as well as people.

Sunni brothers and sisters realize the situation well and they do not expect us to defend their rights, but at least they can demand us to avoid baseless statements which discomfort them.


A group of Darululoom Zahedan’s teachers


Source: SunniOnline.us