In Iran non-Shias (Muslims/Sunnah) are publically being insulted as sons of Prostitutes

This is what you will find in the streets of the “Islamic Republic of Iran”, the Rafidhi Safavid state that is literally run by the “Ayatullahs” who as they claim have no issues with Sunnis, only with “Wahhabis” as they claim:

It is written: Those who doubt the Wilayah [divine leadership of Ali] of Ali are the sons of Zinah (fornications).

It is not new, these filth are available in their books so

they are just practicing Shiism. They have fabricated and attributed this narration to Muhammad al-Baqir [RH], who says :

“By Allah all people are sons of Zina/fornication except our Shiites”. [al-Kafi]



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