Iran’s own Rasulullah caricatures! Even Azhar had enough!

Scholars, Al-Azhar demand Iran refrain from screening film on beloved Prophet

Saturday 15 September 2012

With the announcement almost three years ago about the production of a film portraying the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Iranian director Majeed Majeedi sparked a controversy all over the Islamic world. Now, as the film is ready for viewing, the temperature is rising.

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What was hidden to many scholars around the world is being exposed day by day for the heresies of twelver Rafidism and the “Ayatollah” clergy are uncountable, one just needs them to openly declare their beliefs, that’s enough of a refutation, just like the following pictures

(by the Iranian state agency) showing how polytheist Shia clergy and blind following masses “protest” against Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) while at the same time  carrying gay-like images of the “Prophet”:

Did you know that the above gay-like image that is BEING PRODUCED in Qom is in fact the picture of an efamanite (Khaneeth) tunisian “man”? Who are worse enemies of Islam we ask, those who openly declare their disbelief in Islam and their enmity to Islam and Muslims or those who claim to be not just Muslims but rather the “followers of the household of the Prophet”? the Rafidi Shia polytheist clergy (“Ayatollah’s”) have taken heresy and disbelief to a new level:

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Here a clip by North-African (Algerian) Muslims exposing this Shi’ite heresy too:

and even Kuffar are quite amused to find out that the heretical Shia world proudly prints effeminate like “Messenger of Allah” pictures for centuries now, particularly in the Shia vatican of Shirk and superstition, Qom!

Here some quotes from a Kafir (>>>) website:

Controversy over the Mohammed cartoons and Draw Mohammed Day has given the impression that Islam is entirely against prohibiting the depiction of Prophet Mohammed. Unlike the Sunnis, the Shiites are accustomed to depictions of Mohammed and since the late 1980s, posters of young languid Mohammad with his shoulders bare in an effeminate pose were popular in Iran as a form of curiosity. On a casual walk in Paris, Pierre and Micheline Centlivres, two Swiss anthropologists fascinated by the Islamic art, noticed a poster which seemed to be the inspiration behind the Mohammed posters. (Before they thought it was inspired by a Caravaggio painting).

The original was taken in 1905/6 by two Orientalist photographers, Rudolf Franz Lehnert (1878-1948) and Ernst Landrock (1878-1966). First circulated as a postcard around 1920, this photo was simply named Mohammed after Lehnert’s Egyptian aide who posed in it. However, it is unclear how and when this image, made in Tunisia, arrived to Iran. Some Iranian posters came with a caption that this was a copy of a portrait done by one Bahîrâ, a Christian monk who met in Syria a young man who would later become the future Prophet of Islam. By crediting the image to a Christian and predating it to the time before Mohammed became the Prophet, the manufacturers of the image exonerate themselves from any wrongdoing.

However, it may be an ironic footnote to the story. With Europe yearning for the fantasies and seductions of the Orient, Lehnert and Landrock took many photos of prepubescent and pubescent boys and girls in various stages of being undressed. Suggestive nature of the above photo bags the question whether the postcards were distributed for homoerotic or at least for sensual purposes.

– see Etudes photographiques n°17, nov 2005 for the article for Pierre and Micheline Centlivres

The biggest hypocracy might be the recent stance of the Hizbullah(t), for the slave of the Mullah’s of Qom, Hassan Nasralla(h)t, who himself studied in Qom and who is very well aware of all these heresies popped out of his hole and gave a flaming speech of how all Muslims should be ready to sacrifice themselves for the honour of the Messenger of  Allah (peace be upon him), the same Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) his heretical Mullah lords of Qom have potrayed (and spread it to all Shia areas, even parts of Afghanistan!) as an effeminate-homosexual-transexual like freak, may the curse of Allah be upon the Shia clergy, the Ayadollars:

Well, this staunch follower of Khomeinism is afterall a blind follower of Khomeini and his regime, the same Khomeini who slandered Islam more than once (see here), including the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him):

The sign of Satan “Khomeini” exposed from his book “Kashaful Asrar”where he accused the Prophet of being a failure, someone who feared his companions etc.


“All prophets came for the purpose of laying down the foundation of justice in the world, but they failed to do so; even Prophet Muhammad, the last of the Prophets who came to reform mankind and to apply justice failed too. The person who will succeed in all this and in laying down the foundation of justice in the world at all levels, and redressing the wrong is the expected Mahdi….”

Back to the potraying of the Messenger of Allah and his Household in the religion of the Shia. Making business (Just like Catholics, Hindus and other pagans) in the name of the “Ahl Al-Bayt” by potraying them as some sort of transexuals is a huge business in Qom and other Shia Rafidah hubs, approved by the biggest Shia scholars of our times like such as Sistani. It is absolutely common in religious Shia traditions to potray the Messenger of Islam, the Prophets and his household:

Verily, the nation of kufr is one:

The most significant aspect might be the Persian flavour, it’s like they don’t even want to conceal that Shi’ism is some sort of Zoroastrian Islam:

As for what Islam says:

In closing, we wanted to publically say that we seek refuge with Allah from the Kufr (heresy) of the Rafidah Shia religion and the Rafidah Shia Safavid regime of Iran, Allah knows that the only reason we post these hideous images of the Shia demigods is only for the reason to expose their true nature, may Allah forgive us and may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon his noble Messenger, Muhammad Ibn Abdillah صل الله عليه و على آله و سلم .

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  1. This article speaks the truth. The Rafidi’s are not muslim. They are in reality traitors to Allah and His most noble Prophet.

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