Iran – The horn of Shiism (Kufr) – Iranian Sunni resistance group

DISCLAMER: does not support or fund any external bodies or entities, and is an organization with strictly intellectual intents and purposes. We also do not actively support any group be it inside or outside of Iran, be it Sunni or non-Sunni. Past remarks on our part (towards fighting Sunni organisations inside Iran) do not represent our views anymore, for we do not believe in any violance towards any civilians/innocents whatsoever, this of course, does not mean that we reject the right of Iranian groups (be it Sunni or non-Sunni) to defend their rights by a physical resistance against the Iranians dictatorship regime and it’s military forces (a right which is even giving to them and all nations by the U.N. itself, under certain circumstances). We also do not fear the Kuffar, let alone the Rafidha polytheists and whatever we stated here is based on our beliefs. As for the “Harakat Ansar Iran”, then we do not have sufficent informations regarding this Iranian Sunni resistance group, hence the following video should be taken as an informational, educational, study, and research source.