Iranian ‘Ayatollah’ declares Salafi Muslims as disbelievers and Zionists!

The Nifaq of the Rafidha clergy has no limits. Day and night you hear them wailing about how ‘Wahhabis/Takfiris/Extemist Sunnis” etc. declare the Shias as polytheist Kafirs, although the Shia believe in the testimony of Islam (the truth is they merely utter it, in action they nulify it with endless heresies). Well, what about the Salafis? If merely uttering the Shahada alone makes one a Muslims, then verily the Salafis must be Muslims too, according to the common (flawed) Shia (flawed) understanding of Tawheed. But this sect has its own agenda and changes its attitude based on her desires, yesterday they called the likes of Sufyan Al-Thawri, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Ahmad, Hassan Al-Basri etc. as ‘Nawasib enemies of Ahl Al-Bayt and impure Kuffar and today the new Boogeyman (honestly, Salafis give Rafidhis very hard times, acedemical wise and …)

of the Shia and suddenly the Salafis are Kafirs+Zionists although the Salafis according to every source be it Muslim or non-Muslims, made and make up a large number of the Islamic movements from Morocco till Indonesia, heck the Salafis (with many young charismatic leaders) are in the Egyptian parliament and many Salafi movements (not all) had a big part in supporting the revolutions against the tyrants who ruled over them, so in a nutshell, these very same Salafis are among the Muslims and the Revolutions that the Iranian regime shamelessly ascribes to itsef (as we reported here).

Here the Takfir of the wizard looking Ayadollar:


And we say:

Rawafidh (plural of Rafidhi) are neither Shiites (partisans) of Ali nor Sunnis (followers of the master of Ali, the Messenger of Allah), nor even Muslim, but Sabaite Zionists in every sense of the word.