Khomeini’s promises and the divorce rates of Iran – “Spiritual Greatness” at its best, one of the most conservative and closest news agencies of the Iranian regime can’t bust just reveal the fruits of thirty years of Shi’ite Rafidite reign and education by the clergy (“Ayatollah’s”):

  • زمان مخابره:
  • ۰ : ۵۴ — ۱۳۹۱/۵/۲۸
ایران رتبه چهارم «طلاق» را در جهان به خود اختصاص داد ؛

«بله‌»هایی که عرش خدا را می‌لرزانند!

گروه جامعه- محبوبه علی‌پور – طی روزهای اخیر رسانه‌ها به نقل از «معصومه آباد» دبیر کمیته سلامت شورای شهر تهران اعلام کردند که ایران رتبه چهارم طلاق در جهان را به خود اختصاص داده است.

Iran holds the fourth highest divorce ranking in the world! This has been confirmed by the official Assembly of the Health Committee of Tehran. Source>>>

Now let us quote what the tyrant of Tehran, the one-handed Ayadollar Khamenei has to say (taken from this Shia Rafidite website>>>):

The best description for what Imam Khomeini has done to the umma is what our grand leader of the Islamic Revolution today, Imam Khamenei, said after the departure of Imam Khomeini: we were sick and Imam came to cure us; we were brass and Imam came to turn us into gold; we were dead and Imam came to send us back to life; he is, indeed, Rohu Allah (Imam’s first name which means ‘the Soul of Allah’).

And here the words of Rohul-Shaytan himself, when he PUBLICALLY lied, this saying is recorded till Qiyamah Insha’allah. Another titbit you will never find on Iranian Mullah state TV, although it is PART of his famous speech at the beginning of the Revolution!):

“We want to make your material life comfortable but we will also make your spiritual life peaceful,” Khomeini said in one of his first speeches upon returning to Iran from exile in 1979.

“You need spirituality; they took away our [spiritual values]. Don’t only be content that we will build houses; we will provide water and electricity free of charge; we will make the use of public buses free of charge,” he said. “But don’t be content with that — we will give you moral and spiritual greatness.