Wave of arrests among Sunni Arabs of Iran before Eid Al-Fitr

This is getting very common, people are converting in MASSES to Islam (Sunnah) in the mainly Arab region of south Iran (Khuzestan/Arabestan). Ahwazis are traditionally Shias, but thanks to the oppression of the Rafidi Shia clergy, the Shia clergy and Shi’ism (here an example of the plain reality >>>) is like one of the most hated things among Arabs of Ahwaz, the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy basically shot in their own legs, and the mass conversions are no myths, it is sufficent that one of the two biggest enemies of Islam/Sunnis are confirming the changes in Ahwaz. One is the American based, Persian chauvinist and nationalist, Anti-Islam preacher “Bahram Moshiri” and “Ayatollah” Golpeygani who (acc. to Shia-News Iranian based website) is very worried about the spread of Sunnism among Arab Iranians. The Iranian regime and the Rafidi Shia clergy are boiling, hence it almost getting normal that they storm Sunni Mosques in Ahwaz which are filled with new reverts, here the latest news: Wave of arrests among Sunni Arabs before Eid al-Fitr >>>