The Shia capital: Yes, to Christmas, no to visible Sunnism

Except visible Sunnism!

In the capital of Iran, Tehran, Sikhs run an actual proper temple, Zorastrians have …

…fire temples and private schools. Jews literally own and run their private hospital (!) (besides their numerous owned Synagogues) and of course Christians own massive churches, visible ones, crosses and other symbols of polytheistism covering the skyline of the city.

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Iranian Sunni Imam: Still no Mosque for the Sunni community in Tehran!

One of the most influencial Sunni scholars of Iran (from Zahedan city), Shaikh Abdulhamid Ismail-Zehi reminded the Iranian regime of their (empty) rhetorics of “Shia-Sunni” unity and asks for the permission of building a real Mosque in Tehran for the Sunnis, where Sunnis can pray the five prayers seperately (not like Shias at three times a day, Tehran is the only capital in the Islam world where you can hear three Adhans a day only!), according to their rites, after all Christians and Jews (they even own a massive hospital!) call over 40 churches and synagoges their own in Tehran. There are Zoroastrian (Majoosi) temples (and even high schools), there is even a Sikh temple in Tehran, all visible, yet Sunni are squashed in their private rented rooms in some areas in Tehran (which the deceitful Shia press sells as “Sunni Mosques in Tehran”!)


Shaykh Abdul-Hamid Esmail-Zehi, after giving this speech had his passport confiscated by the authorities. They have done this numerous times. They have stopped him from travelling many times and confiscated his passport sometimes for months. Not to forget tens of major Sunnis figures who were before him were assassinated and killed simply because they would ask for rights of the Sunnis. So I agree with you that they haven’t ‘harmed’ him yet.

Sunni prayer room in the Tehran shut down

10845827_431565093663197_954797569262868356_oA few days ago we reported how the Iranian regime prevented the Sunnis of Tehran of holding their Friday prayers. The irony is that this occured during the “Sunni-Shia unity week” and “Islamic unity conference” in Tehran. Of course there is no Sunni Mosque in Tehran, despite Sunnis being the largest religious minority in and Tehran and all over Iran in general, but there are plenty of Churches, Synagogues and even Zoroastrian Firetemples. The ony thing as a Sunni you might find in Tehran are some prayer houses (called Namaz Khaneh in Farsi), these are basically simple flats or houses converted into praying facilities (of course they resemble anything but a Mosque, and even these places are not spared from the hated of the secterian Shia government), now what did the Iranian regime do to the a famous Namaz Khaneh of the Sunnis in central Tehran?!

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Behind the scenes of the ‘Islamic Unity conference’ (farce) of the Rafidi-Safavid regime

Imam Bukhari declared: “I don’t see any difference between praying Salah behind a Jahmi or a (Shia) Rafidhi and a Christian or a Jew. They (Jahmis/Rafidhis) are not to be greeted, nor are they to be visited, nor are they to be married, nor is their testimony to be accepted, nor are their sacrifices to be eaten.” (Khalq Af’aalul-’Ibaad, p.14)

Imam Bukhari (born almost a millennium before the ‘Wahhabi’ movement. So no ‘Takfirist-Wahhabist-Salafis’ etc., rather one of the highest authorities for all Sunnis, including contemporary Sunni scholars who out of fear or for wordly desires have sold their religion and opposed the likes of Imam Bukhari, declared:                                                                                   
“I don’t see any difference between praying Salah behind a Jahmi or a Rafidi (Shia) and a Christian or a Jew. They (Jahmis/Rafidhs) are not to be greeted, nor are they to be visited, nor are they to be married, nor is their testimony to be accepted, nor are their sacrifices to be eaten.”
(Khalq Af’aalul-’Ibaad, p.14)

The 28th Islamic Unity Conference was held in Iran’s Capital City of Tehran.  The so called Shia-Sunni ‘unity-week’ began this year on Monday 5 January. The audacity and hypocrisy the Iranian Zion-Safavid regime and the Rafidi clergy has reached new hights. Those familiar with the struggle of the Sunnis of Iran know some shocking facts about the ‘Islamic Republic’, including the following things that you will never find (or hear) in the capital of the ‘Islamic Republic’ that is (no jokes) as per constitution the property of ‘Imam Al-Zaman’ (Shia Mahdi):

– Five Adhans a day (Shia combine the 5 prayers, on a daily basis which can be argued as valid practiced under certain conditions, as Sunnis also combine prayers. However, the Sunnah of the Prophet that was followed by his family and companions always was that it is better to pray all prayers at five different times a day, yet in Tehran even the Mosques and religious people combine their prayers, hence it is the only ‘Muslim’ capital in the world where you will hear only three Adhans a day. Yet this regime and the Shia clergy claim to follow the “true” Sunnah!

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Eid 2014: Sunni Muslims prevented from holding Eid prayers in parts of Tehran, Iran

islahweb_6837_1345364273_0Sunni Muslims were barred from holding congregational Eid prayers in parts of Tehran yesterday, with security forces preventing them from entering buildings they had rented for prayer.

Security forces were deployed early in the morning around Sunni prayer sites in parts of Tehran on 5 October 2014, the day Iran celebrated Eid al-Adha, and prevented Sunni Muslims from entering prayer sites in the Sadeghiya district in northwest Tehran, and in Sa’adat Abad, north Tehran.

Despite Sunnis being the largest religious minority in the Shia majority Iran, with records indicating that there are more than a million Sunnis living in Tehran alone, the Iranian government has prevented a Sunni mosque from being built in Tehran.

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The Ahlus-Sunnah of Tehran and the on going oppression – raids on prayer houses

There are a few prayer houses (Namaz Khaneh, there is NOT a single visible Sunni Mosque) in Tehran (yet the devilish Iranian Shia media such as PRESS TV and other notorious liars claim there are Mosques for Sunnis in Tehran!) but even they are being raided and the Sunnis of Tehran (LARGEST religious minority of Tehran) are harrassed on a regular basis. There are over 40 (!) churches in Tehran, over twenty Synagoges, Zoroastrian (Majoos) temples (even Zoroastrian highschools!) and even a SIKH temple in Tehran. Jews have their OWN private hospitals, yet Sunnis are not allowed to own a SINGLE proper visible Sunni Mosque (the Shia authorities are scared to death of authentic Islam, they know it will attract the masses who – particularly in Shia cities – know nothing about Sunni Islam except what they are being told by the biased and secterian Shia clergy), Sunnis are not even allowed to own a bookshop, let alone a Mosque! Who is more oppressive? Washington, Moscow and Israel or the secterian Iranian Shia Republic of Iran? Keep in mind, no matter how unjust the former are, at least they allow their citizens to build Mosques (for Shias and Sunnis alike!), whereas Tehran is the ONLY major capital of the world where Sunnis can’t perform their religious rights behind one of their Imams i.e. they don’t own a SINGLE Mosque!
Source of the following article:

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Sunnis of Tehran haven been prevented (again) of holding their ‘Eid prayers!

islahweb_9926_1381918182(At least) yhree years in a row now, Sunnis of Tehran are prevented of holding major gatherings like ‘Eid prayers in their Namaz Khaneh (these are not Mosques, but rather private rented flats and houses). It is just about two months ago when we reported in detail about the latest intervention of the Iranian state that prevented the Sunni community of Tehran of holding their ‘Eid Al-Fitr prayer, a must read:

‘Eid Al-Fitr 2013 – Tehran’s Sunnis were banned again!

So just about two months later i.e. this ‘Eid Al-Adha (Qorban)  the Iranian regime AGAIN prevented the Sunnis of Tehran to pray according to their own beliefs and customs! A right that ‘Israel’, America and even communist states give to Sunnis (and Shias) around the world. imagine how hateful this regime is that it cannot even stand that Sunnis offer their prayers in buildings that from the outside do not even reflect a Mosque. This is how scared they are of orthodox Islam, they are scared that the Iranians, especially the youth get in contact with an Islam other than the wailing one, the heretical one, the Rafidi Safavid one.

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‘Eid Al-Fitr 2013 – Tehran’s Sunnis were banned again!

3It’s the fourth time in a row (before Sunni Iranians didn’t even possess any rented houses to pray their prayers!), the Iranian Shia regime did it again and prevented the Sunnis of Tehran from praying the ‘Eid Al-Fitr prayer (the prayer Muslims can pray in America, England, ‘Israel’, Europe etc.). The Sunni community ofTehran (larger than all the other minorities in Iran AND in the capital of Tehran such as Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians and Sikhs, yet ALL of those groups have massive Churches, temples, PRIVATE schools and even private hospitals, like in the case of the Jews) released an official statement on the website, the official online representation of the Sunni community of Tehran. underlined the fact that the Tehrani Sunnis even followed the announcement of the ‘Eid as per the regime’s official release (although most Sunni countries celebrated the ‘Eid on Thursday, the 8th of August 2013) i.e. on Friday, yet still they were prevented from holding the ‘Eid prayers in their own RENTED houses:

ممانعت از برگزاری نماز عید فطر اهل سنت صادقیه و چند مکان دیگر در تهران و حوم

This is what the Iranian regime has done THREE times in a row (before Sunni Iranians used to pray in the Saudi or Pakistani embassy, but they were prevented from that too!) i.e. in the last three years the Iranian regime literally stormed the RENTED-FLATS in which Sunni Iranians in Tehran perform their prayers on the beautiful occasion of ‘Eid.

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Same procedure as every year – The Sunnis of Tehran prevented from holding ‘Eid prayers

Same procedure as every year, the Safavid Rafidite state of heresy and oppression has again prevented the Sunni community of  the only major capital in the WORLD without a single Sunni Mosque!) from holding their ‘Eid Al-Fitr congregational prayer. Right, there is not a single Sunni Mosque in Tehran anyway, although the Sunnis in Tehran (Sunni Iranians from Hormozgan, Balochestan, Kordestan, Khorassan etc.)

The Iranian regime has again proven it’s TRUE Anti-Islamic nature and has exposed the truth behind their empty slogans of “Islamic Unity”. Keep in mind that the Sunni community of Tehran has been prevented of building a Masjid since the arrival of Khomeini the pagan, polytheist child molester and arch-liar, who at the beginning of the Revolution promised all sorts of freedom to everyone, like to one of the major Imams of the Sunnis of Iran in Zahedan, Molana Abdul-Aziz. He promised this influential man to let the Sunnis have a Mosque in Tehran, including all religious freedom, with the condition …

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Sunni Parliamentary Faction Objects to Ethnic and Religious Discrimination in Letter to Ayatollah Khamenei

SATURDAY, 28 JANUARY 2012 09:55

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – In a letter addressed to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Sunni members of the Iranian Parliament asked for an end to discrimination against Sunnis, an end to religious limitations for Sunnis, and permission to construct a mosque in Tehran. In this letter, a copy of which was made available to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, Sunni Members of the Parliament also ask Ayatollah Khamenei to review and “correct Article 115 of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution,” and to end the prohibition of Sunni candidates from participating in presidential elections.

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Over one million Iranian Sunnis in Tehran – Iranian officials say

Sunday, 27 November 2011 15:36

TEHRAN Recently launched official statistics by the Centre of Census in Iran purport that the population of Sunni citizens of the Iranian capital, Tehran, has crossed one million. The news has exasperated some officials. A Shiite website, Shia-online, reported the news quoting an “informed authority” at the state-run census centre that there are more than one million Sunnis living in Tehran. The authorities confessed for the first time that the Sunni citizens of Tehran populate more than one million persons.The country-wide statistics was carried out in the last month in Iran.The religious Shi’a website expressed its deep concerns over the news, as the operators of the Persian website posted the news with a critical heading: “One Million Sunnis Live in the Capital of Shi’a World (Tehran)”…

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Sunnis establish Eid prayers with fear under pressure

Thursday, 10 November 2011 14:03

TEHRAN- the Sunni worshippers held Eid prayers in

mega cities of Iran with fear and dread on Eid day,”SunniOnline” has learnt that despite the threats by the security authorities Sunni Muslims established Eid prayers in big cities, including Tehran.

The Iranian authorities took assumption from some Sunni imams at the night of Eid to not offer Eid prayers. Most of them had refused the illegal pressures. Some personnel took photos and videos of worshipers to abhor them.

Source: SunniOnline

Note: Although there are Mosques by Sunni communities all over the world, including Russia, USA and even Israel i.e. occupied Palestine (!), yet there is not a single Mosque in the capital of the so called ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’. Check the following >>> SOURCES <<<.

Sunni community of Tehran demands BASIC rights!

Monday, 24 October 2011 12:09
TEHRAN- A member of the Majlis, parliament of Iran, asked the Iranian officials to remove barriers of the Sunni community of Tehran regarding daily five-time prayers and other religious affairs.”SunniOnline” has reported that Muhammad Reza Sajjadian, representative of Khaaf and Rashtkhar cities in the parliament addressed the members and speaker on Wednesday, 19 October, 2011 in an observable meeting where he criticized the officials over illegal halt on Sunni citizens.Citing the 12th article of the constitution, he called on the government to remove obstacles from the way of Sunnis in offering daily prayers.Mr. Sajjadian pointed, ‘the government should stop interfering in religious matters of the Sunni community; appointing members for mosques’ Boards of Trustees by governments is contrary to the 12th article of Iranian constitution. Sunni schools and madaaris must remain independent as they have been saving their independence since beginning in the Islamic history.’

It must be noted that Sunnis of Tehran are not permitted to build separate mosques. Recently, the security authorities forbade them to offer prayers in congregation. Ahmad Shaheed, special reporter of the UN on human rights for Iran has mentioned the problem in his first report about human rights’ conditions in Iran.

Source: SunniOnline 

Related topics: ‘No Sunnah Mosques in Tehran!’

Today is Eid and humiliation of Iranian Sunni brothers at the hand of the Rafidi-Safawi state

We already wrote a lengthy article exposing the true un-Islamic, rather anti-Islamic nature of the Rafidi-Safawi regime of Iran, showing how Tehran – the only capital in the world – has no Sunni Mosque whatsover (even Washington D.C., i.e. the “great Satan” has plenty of Sunni Mosques!). It is astonishing how scared the Rafidi Regime is of a SINGLE Mosque for Sunni Iranians in Tehran (eventhough there are PLENTY of churches, Zorastrian Firetemples and even HIGHSCHOOLS and even SIKH Temples!), but on the other hand one must have some understanding for the Rafidi Mollahs for:

1. It is no secret that they are the most hated creatures inside Iran.

2. As a result, people leaving Shi’ism in masses and many become Muslims.

Taking all of that in consideration it is somehow understandable why the Rafidi-Safawi regime does anything to prevent a Muslim-Sunnah Mosque in Iran, for once the Iranians in the fortress of Shi’ism (Tehran) are at least allowed to have the opportunity to visit a Sunni Mosque nearby and check how normal Muslims behave (i.e. not hitting themselves like wild animals, cursing day and night, invoke endless of Imams), then the Regime will probably face more conversions than the Rafidi Priest (Daneshmand) in the clip above can even count and imagine).

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Sunni scholars released on bail in Tehran, Mashhad

TEHRAN- Mawlana Ubaidullah Mousazade along with some detained Sunni scholars of “Taibad” and “Mashhad” have been released on bail in Tehran and Mashhad lately.
According to a report of “SunniOnline”, imam of a famous and well-oriented Sunni worship place in Tehran, Shaikh Ubaidullah was arrested on Feb. 6, 2011 following the raid of the Iranian Intelligence authorities on the worship place where they sealed it.
He was released on Sunday, March 13 after being in prison for 35 days.
Meanwhile it has been confirmed that some detained Sunni scholars belonging to Khorasan province have been released on bail recently in Mashhad.
However, Shaikh Muhammad Fadheli seems to be still in prison but there is no any information about his detention place. He was disappeared following his dismissal from khateeb status of the Sunni-majority city Taibad in Khorasan Razawi province.


Iranian rulers violate Sunnis’ principles, Shaikh A.Hameed

ZAHEDAN- Shaikh Abdul Hameed, the great leader of Sunnis in Zahedan enlightened the differences between Sunnis and Shias regarding the Friday gathering for prayers, especially inside Iran.
Talking to thousands of worshipers in grand Makki mosque, Shaikh-ul-Islam Mawlana Abdul Hameed urged on saying that ‘We (Sunnis) gather on Fridays in grand mosques to worship Allah almighty not to launch political activities; conversely the Iran government appoints those Shiite khutaba (speakers) who create on behalf of government the political issues more than other religious purpose like worshiping almighty Allah, etc.’
Pointing towards the recent unrest incidents took place in “Taibad”, north east of Iran, Shaikh added more that there is no relationship between the Sunnis’ Friday gathering for Jum’ha prayer, even before 1979 Revolution in Iran for centuries the Sunni community have been offering Friday prayers with full zeal and zest, rather then Shiite gatherings for Friday prayer were free of zeal before the 1979 public revolution.
The eminent scholar made it clear that Sunnis’ Friday gatherings have been splendid, on Eid days no one remains at home; every Sunni goes to mosque for worshiping, supplicating to Allah and asking forgiveness, Sunni worshipers are not eager to listen political lectures and speeches, as khutaba also avoid from such talks, but when it looks necessary to clear any issue they speak out on such special occasions.
Indicating towards another difference, Mawlana Abdul Hameed further said that mostly Sunni khateeb or imam is himself the founder of that mosque; as Sunni Muslims first appoint an aalim then support him to establish any masjid, on the contrary Shiite Muslims first establish mosque or government establishes it then they appoint some body their imam. In the same way Sunnis select their imam and khateeb from their relatives or local people when they fined him well-known as well as legible to lead them prayers they make him their Imam. They respect their scholars and imams a lot. But Shiite imams come from different parts of the country as governments send them out; it is a common event for Shias not for Sunnis. So appointment and dismissal of imam and khateeb is a very sensitive issue for Sunni masses. The officials ignored this sensitivity in “Taibad” by dismissal of a person whom the people prefer him and appointment of a person who has only verification of the government not Sunni masses, those are the majority of the population in Taibad.
Khateeb of Sunnis said more, ‘If the Iranian officials observed these points, they would not face unrest incidents and public protest in Taibad.’
Emphasizing on considering the rights of Sunnis as citizens Shaikh Abdul Hameed urged for justice and equality that it is not suitable for a government which claims of being “public” and supported by people to bother people and make them fidgety. All the governments, Islamic or non Islamic, Shiite or Sunni regimes can not force worshipers to offer prayers behind a person whom people do not want. Governments do not have authority to interfere in religious matters of the masses.
‘Why you can not bear offering prayers with congregation of Sunnis inside their houses in Tehran and other major cities of Iran?’ Sunni leader asked the Iranian rulers and more added, ‘If any wing of the regime can not bear this lower freedom so that has no forbearance at all, we will not remain silent, and this discriminative act is unbearable for Sunni citizens of Iran.’
Delivering Jum’ah sermon, Shaikh Abdul Hameed pointed that is does not sound good for a regime claims and chants slogans for “unity among Muslim sects” to deprive the followers of the largest sect of Muslims in Iran, they have no right to establish a mosque in big cities, even offering prayers in congregation inside houses, they have been suffering from state discriminative policies and acts.
‘We hope the rulers to declare us not the‘second type of citizens’, Iran is our motherland, we are the owner of this country as Shias are, they rulers must change their discriminative stances and behaviors. People of Taibad should offer Friday prayers behind whom they want,’ he added.

Increasing pressure on the Sunnis in Iran

If we cast a glance to the events that happened during the last few weeks, we would come to know well that pressure on the Sunnis in Iran is increasing day by day and now it has gone up more than before. Everyone can realize clearly how some radical elements lurk as they left no stone unturned to impose their personal views on the Sunni community; which is totally at odds with the national interests and the given rights to the Sunni community in the Iranian Constitution.
This process of pressure started from the capital Tehran, the Sunnis are deprived of only one mosque for the worship of almighty Allah in the capital city which is their living place, and they were prevented to offer Eid prayers in homes and places allocated to them by the security authorities of the establishment.

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Iran banned Sunni’s Eid congregation in Tehran

TEHRAN: The Iranian authorities have banned the Sunni community of the capital, Tehran to offer Eid prayers inside houses.
According to trustworthy reports from the capital of the country the forces entered those houses where the Eid congregation held by the Sunni inhabitants on Fridays and Eids and they got control there, forced them to avoid from offering Eid prayers in congregation.
Rather the Iranian authorities suggested the Tehran’s Sunnis to offer this prayer behind the revolution leader Ayatollah Khamenehi if they want to perform it.
Before this Sunni community of Tehran was allowed to offer Eid prayers in congregation inside their homes but now some Shiite extremists are using their governing power as they banned on the Sunni inhabitants of Tehran to have Eid congregation, in addition to it there are some other cities where the Sunni community was also banned to have Eid congregation such as Esfahan, Kaashan, Qom, Kerman and Yazd.
It is also notable that Tehran is the only city all over the world where Sunni Muslims do not have a single Masjid.


Sunnis prevented to offer F.Prayers in Tehran province

Thursday, 21 October 2010 05:28

TEHRAN: The extremist groups and some authorities have curbed Sunnis in Tehran province to offer Friday prayers with congregation after forbidding them before to offer Eid prayers in the capital of Iran.
There is no specific place (Masjid) for Sunnis to offer Fridays & Eid prayers along with congregation, but Sunni Muslims were offering such prayers in some homes or public places inside the city and the outskirts of the capital Tehran.

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یک مسجد برای اهل سنت تهران

پيروان اهل سنت در ايام ماه رمضان در تهران مجبورند در سفارتخانه هاى خارجى و يا در پارك‌ها نماز بخوانند

دویچه وله: مولانا عبدالحمید،امام جمعه‌ی اهل‌ سنت زاهدان بار دیگراحداث یک مسجد برای پیروان اهل سنت در تهران را از دولت ایران درخواست کرد. رهبران دینی سنیان انتقاد می‌کنند، ۳۱ سال است مجوز ساخت مسجد برای سنیان در تهران صادر نمی‌شود

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دشمنی نظام خمینی با مسجد!

سه شنبه 5 اوريل 2011 – 16 فروردین 1390 – 02:04:19 به وقت تهران

د. محسن نیشاپوری

ویژۀ سنی نیوز: مسجد نمادی است ملموس از اسلام، و بقول مفکر فرانسوی مسلمان “روجیه گارودی”؛ مسجد آینه اسلام است!

مذهب شیعه صفویه همواره در تلاش بوده با تغییراتی هر چند جزئی رموز و نمادهای دین مبین اسلام را شکلی دیگر بدهد تا شخصیت دینی خود را از سایر مسلمانان بگونه‫ای جدا سازد. در نظام ولایت فقیه مسجد روز بروز کمرنگتر و در مقابل “حسینیه‫ها” و “مهدیه‫ها” پررنگتر می‫شوند!!.. چرا که مسجد نمادی است از توحید و یکتاپرستی؛ جایگاهی برای سر سجده گذاردن در مقابل پروردگار یکتا، مرکزی که وجود فیزیکی آن داد می‫زند کسی را جز خداوند نپرستید و از کسی جز پروردگار مدد و یاری مجوئید.

این پیام کاملا با روح تشیع صفوی که بر پایه خرافات و قبرپرستی بنا شده است در تضاد است. از اینرو این مذهب ساختگی بسوی “حسینیه‫” به جایی که در آن به سر و صورت خود می‫زنی و در غم حادثه کربلا شب و روز گریه‫ و زاری می‫کنی، و “مهدیه” مرکزی که شب و روز در آن خودت را با خیالات بیرون پریدن “مهدی” افسانه‫ای از سوراخی در سامراء یا قم مشغول می‫داری… دعوت می‫کند.

مسجد در اسلام ناب محمدی که بخاطر شناخته شدن از مکاتب و مذاهب ساختگی از آن به “اهل سنت” ـ پیروان راه و روش پیامبر اکرم (صلی الله علیه وسلم) ـ یاد می‫شوند، جایگاه و منزلتی کاملا متفاوت دارد.

نظام ولایت فقیه طی سه دهه گذشته با برنامه‫های گوناگونی با مساجد اهل سنت که مراکزی برای نشر توحید و یکتاپرستی‫اند در ستیز بوده است. از جمله روشهایی که این نظام در از بین بردن مساجد اهل سنت به اجرا درآورده است عبارتند از:
ویران کردن مساجد و از بین بردن آنها به بهانه‫های واهی!
اگر مسجدی از بخت قضا کنار مؤسسه، یا اداره‫ای حکومتی بوده، با گسترش فضای آن اداره مسجد را به اسارت دولت درآورده، به یک کانون نشر خرافات و بدعت در داخل آن مؤسسه تبدیل کرده، مردم را از ادای نماز در آن باز داشته‫اند.
دهها مسجد تاریخی اهل سنت که از میراث نیاکان این سرزمین و شاهدی گویا بر تاریخ ایمان در میهن عزیزمان است را به موزه و آثار باستانی تبدیل کرده، مردم را از نمازگذاردن در آن منع کرده‫اند!
در شهرهایی که همه مساجد ویران شد، و تنها یکی یا دو مسجد بیشتر نمانده خطیبانی شیعه در لباس تقیه یا افرادی اجیر را بر مسجد گماشته‫اند تا با حرکتهای غیر اخلاقی، وفحش و ناسزاگویی به مردم آنها را از مسجد برانند، و با فراری دادن مسلمانان از خانه خدا آنرا عملا به یک مرکز حکومتی خاموش تبدیل سازند!

پس از درک این سیاستهای ضد انسانی و توحید ستیزی نظام ولایت فقیه، براحتی می‫توانی هضم کنی چرا در تهران با وجود داشتن بزرگترین تجمع اهل سنت ( یک و نیم ملیون) حتی یک مسجد وجود ندارد؟! چرا در اصفهان شهر یار پیامبر اکرم ـ صلی الله علیه وسلم ـ؛ سلمان فارسی ـ رضی الله عنه ـ یک مسجد وجود ندارد؟! چرا در یزد، و کرمان و مشهد … مؤمنان اهل سنت از داشتن مساجد محرومند؟! چرا در شهرهایی چون شیراز و بیرجند با آمار بالای اهل سنت جز یک مسجد اسیر سیاستهای ضد قرآنی نظام بچشم نمی‫خورد!

اگر به نقش مسجد در اسلام و اهمیت آن برای مسلمانان موحد در شهرهای بزرگی که جمعیت آنها کم است توجه کنیم راز این دشمنی نظام ولایت فقیه با مساجد و مناره‫ها و منبرهای دعوت به توحید و قرآن شناسی را در خواهیم یافت.
در جامعه‫هایی که مسلمانان موحد در اقلیتند، مسجد در واقع شناسنامه آنهاست. در محیط مسجد با همدیگر آشنا می‫شوند، و از صحن آن روابط اجتماعی بین افراد محکمتر می‫شود، و این باعث می‫شود در جامعه بزرگ ذوب نگردند و بتوانند همدیگر را بشناسند و ایمان خود و نسلهای آینده را حفظ کنند.
از مسجد نسلهای آینده روح پدران و نیاکان خود را به ارث می‫گیرند و در زیر سقف آن با مبادی و پایه‫های نمادین دین خود آشنا می‫شوند، و با شخصیت دینی خود انس گرفته در برابر موجهای انحراف جامعه استقامت می‫کنند. و اینچنین است که درخت توحید همچنان ریشه در زمین دوانده ثابت قدم می‫ماند.
در محیط ایمانی مسجد؛ بزرگ و کوچک، زن و مرد، پند و موعظه و اندرزهای امام یا دعوتگران مؤمن را می‫شنوند، و قلبها برای محبت و دوستی با خدایشان به تپش می‫افتد، و گمراهان براه می‫آیند، خاملان تنبل در عبادت و پایبندی به دین کوشاتر می‫شوند. و همچنین مسجد برای مؤمنان پایبند چون کارخانه تولید برق است که هر گاه ایمانشان ضعیف شود آنها را شارج می‫کند…
مسجد شهرهای بزرگ اقشار و طوائف مختلف اهل سنت کشور را به همدیگر معرفی می‫کند. و یک مؤمن موحد وقتی درمی‫یابد چهار سوی میهن عزیزمان پر است از مؤمنان صادق و خداپرستانی که جز خدا کسی را نمی‫شناسند و از بدعتها و خرافات و قبرپرستیها بدورند، احساس غرور و عزت ایمانی بدو دست می‫دهد، و با همت و جوانمردی بیشتری چرخ زندگیش را بجلو می‫راند.
مسجد در شهرهای بزرگ می‫تواند مأوایی باشد برای شیعیانی که راه از چاه تشخیص می‫دهند، تا از فشارهای جامعه خرافاتی خود را در فضای ملکوتی توحید تسکین بخشند. فضایی که در آن الوهیت و خدایی از آن پروردگار یکتاست نه از آن آخوند و امام زاده!
مسجد در شهرهای بزرگ مناره‫ای است برای دعوت به توحید، و مرکزی که هر صاحب شبهه‫ای در آن جواب خود را از زبان قرآن می‫گیرد. یک مسجد موحد در تهران می‫تواند انقلاب ودگرگونی بی‫مانندی را در این شهر پر دود و آلوده به خرافات و دین ستیزی بر پا کند.

نظام پوچ و بی‫اساس ولایت فقیه با درک این واقعیتها در تلاش است هر طور شده نور خدا را خاموش کند؛

«يُرِيدُونَ لِيُطْفِئُوا نُورَ اللَّـهِ بِأَفْوَاهِهِمْ وَاللَّـهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ وَلَوْ كَرِهَ الْكَافِرُونَ» ﴿الصف/٨﴾

{می خواهند نور خدا را با دهان‫هایشان خاموش کنند در حالی که خدا کامل کننده نور خود است، گرچه کافران خوش نداشته باشند}

عجب ابلهند و نادان آخوندهایی که با عظمت و قدرت و شوکت و جبروت الهی دست و پنجه نرم می‫کنند، و خود را به هلاکت می‫اندازند!

نتیجه جنگ با مسجد:

از آنجا که ولایت فقیه با دید “حسینیه و مهدیه یا قبر و روضه” به مسجد در جامعه اهل سنت نگاه می‫کند گمان می‫برد می‫تواند با ویران و یا تعطیل کردن مسجد مردم را از خداوند و توحید دور سازد!

در نزد اهل سنت همه زمین خدا مسجد است. پیامبر اکرم (صلی الله علیه وسلم) می‫فرمایند: “جعلت لی الأرض مسجدا و طهورا” ـ همه زمین خدا برای من مسجد است و پاک ـ.

تنها اهمیت مسجد همان جانب نمادی آن را داراست که به برخی از آن اشاره رفت. ولی اگر اهریمن مسجد را به اسارت گرفت آیا موحدان خدایشان را گم خواهند کرد؟!

خداوند در نزد اهل سنت قبر فلان امام زاده نیست که در مسجد زندانی باشد!

موحدان خدا پرست چون از داشتن یک مرکز عبادی محروم شوند، همه خانه‫های خود را مسجد قرار می‫دهند. شاید برخی ندانند که تنها در رمضان گذاشته اهل سنت تهران بیش از 30 خانه را برای ادای نماز جماعت مرتب ساختند.

و حافظان قرآن کریم در نماز تراویح قرآن را ختم می‫کردند. و در بیشتر این خانه‫ها ـ به دلیل ازدحام مؤمنان ـ نماز تراویح دو شیفته برگذار می‫شد. برخی نماز می‫خواندند و برخی ساعتها در خیابانهای اطراف منتظر می‫ماندند تا جا برایشان خالی شود. و در برخی خانه‫ها بانوان مسلمان برنامه‫های عبادی ویژه‫ای از جمله قرآن خوانی، و درس تفسیر و ترجمه قرآن برگذار می‫کردند!…

آیا این آثاری از همان وعده الهی نیست « وَاللَّـهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ» { خدا کامل کننده نور خود است}

حرکت مسجد ستیزی ولایت فقیه نه تنها نتوانست ریشه توحید را از سرزمین ما برکند، بلکه باعث بیداری و آگاهی اهل سنت شد، و حرکت التزام و پایبندی به دین را سرعت بخشید. و وعده الهی « وَاللَّـهُ مُتِمُّ نُورِهِ» را آشکارا به نمایش گذاشت!..

یک مسجد برای اهل سنت تهران

مساجد مشهد از ظلم ولایت فقیه ناله مي كند؟

اهل سنت تهران از برگزاری نماز عید منع شدند