Khomeini the Heretic & Enemy of Islam

No doubt if there is one thing the Heretic Khomeini was succesful in, then it was his deluding “Shia-Sunni Unity” propaganda. He even deluded some preachers (like Ahmad Deedat), but actions speak louder than words and certainly the delusion of some preachers and organisations/movements  here and there will not change the fact that Khomeini was pagan, polytheist and enemy of Allah and the Deen of Islam.

The following religious verdicts (Fatwas) are from Islamic scholars who actually bothered to READ Khomeinis works and views, all those who seek the truth shall read (and even get the books of Khomeini themselves) the following verdicts on Khomeini based on his Kufr statements and his hatred for the Companions of the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him, his progeny, wives and companions).

Fataawaa of Muslim Scholars on Khomeini

This very same post will be updated from time to time – In sha’ Allah – with the heretical statements of Khomeini from his very own books and speeches (we put a banner of the Kafir Khomeini on the right sidebar)


Khomeini declares the wive of the Apostle of Allah of being more impure than a dog & pig!

Arabic original:

کتاب الطهارة – ج 3 – ص 457

وأما سائر الطوائف من النصاب بل الخوارج، فلا دليل على نجاستهم وإن كانوا أشد عذابا من الكفار، فلو خرج سلطان على أمير المؤمنين لا بعنوان التدين، بل للمعارضة في الملك، أو غرض أخر كعائشة والزبير وطلحة ومعاوية وأشباههم أو نصب احد عداوة له أو لأحد من الأئمة ع لا بعنوان التدين بل لعداوة قريش أو بني هاشم أو العرب أو لأجل كونه قاتل ولده أو أبيه أو غير ذلك لا يوجب – ظاهرا- شيء منها نجاسة ظاهرية وإن كانوا أخبث من الكلاب والخنازير…


و اما باقی گروه های ناصبی بلکه خوارج ، اگرچه عذابشان از کفار شدیدتر است ، اما دلیلی بر نجاست آنها نیست . بنابراین اگر سلطانی بر امیرالمومنین علیه السلام خروج کند ، نه به عنوان تدین بلکه به جهت مخالفت در ملک ، یا غرضی دیگر ، مانند عایشه و زبیر و طلحه و معاویه و مانند آنان ، یا شخصی با ایشان یا یکی از ائمه نه به عنوان تدین بلکه به جهت دشمنی قریش یا بنی هاشم یا عرب یا به دلیل اینکه ایشان قاتل فرزند یا پدرش است و…دشمنی داشته باشد ، ظاهرا هیچ یک از اینها موجب نجاست ظاهری نخواهد شد ، اگرچه اینها از سگ و خوک نیز خبیث تر هستند .

English translation:

Kitab Al Tahara of Ayatollah Khomeini – Vol. 3, page 457 

As for the other groups of the Nawasib, actually the Khawarij, even though they’ll get the more punished then the Kuffar, yet this is not proving them to be Najis (impure). Hence if a Sultan makes Khurooj (opposes/fights) Amir Al-Mu’minin – ‘alaihis-salam – not for religious reason, rather for worldly reason (seeking power) or other motives like Aaisha, Zubair, Talha, Mu’aawiya and their likes, or if someone holds Nasb/enmity towards him or one of the [twelve] Imams (ع), not due to religious reason rather because of his enmity towards the Quraish, or Bani Hashim or the Arabs or because [Ali] killed one of his children or his father etc. Apparently none of those are necessarily considered Najis (impure) from an apparent point of view, although in fact they are more impure than dogs and pigs.


Ayatush-Shaytan Khomeini: Seeking Aid From the Dead (And Stones and Mud) Is Not Shirk!

Seeking aid from the living or the dead in that in which they have no power or capability is a clear instance of shirk (polytheism, assocation of partners with Allaah in worship), the greatest of all sins. The books of the Shia are full of this and it resembles the way of the extreme Sufis. The Shia and Sufis have a historical connection with each other and grave worship entered the Sufis through the Shia.

Seeking Aid From the Dead and From Stones and Mud is Not Shirk

Al-Khomeini writes in Kashf al-Asrar, in response to the objection, “It can be said that Shirk is to request a need from the dead because there is not benefit or harm (that can arise) from a dead prophet or imaam, because they are but like inanimate (lifeless) things” the following:

“And the answer to this presumption: First: You did not explain to us the meaning of shirk and kufr such that we can consider everything we desire to be shirk according to your opinion. And after it has become clear that shirk is to seek something from someone besides Allaah upon the consideration that that (other person or thing) is a Lord (rabb). But whatever is besides that is not shirk. There is no difference in that between the living and the dead, until even if you seek need from a stone or mud (in the ground), it is not shirk, even though it is a vain and false action.”

This justification here is the very same as the one used by Sufis who claim that directing worship to others besides Allaah, from the loftiest and greatest of them, supplication (du’a) and seeking rescue (istighaathah) and the likes, is not shirk, until and unless the person believes in Ruboobiyyah for the one that he is invoking.

Scan of the Quote:

The Iranian people are better than the companions of the Messenger of God Mohammad peace be upon him. Says Khomeini, the pagan:


Page 27:

“Ayatullah” Khomeini says in his book:

I Claim with confidence that the Iranian people and this crowd of millions in this era are better than the people of Hijaz in the era of Prophet Mohammad PBUH, (and better than) the people of Kufah in Iraq during the days of Ameer Ali PBUH and Hussein bin Ali PBUH…
And the people of Iraq and Kufah have mistreated and wronged Ameer Ali PBUH and they have disobeyed him and he complained much from them as recorded in hadiths and history books, And the Muslims of Kufah and Iraq have done what they did to Imam Hussein PBUH the Master of martyrs, those who did not commit the crime of killing him either ran away from battle or watched until the crime was done. But we see today that the Iranian people …

Source: al Wasiyah al Ilahiyah al Siyasiyah, Imam Khomeini, Page 27.

– end –

basically he admitted that the Shiites of Hussein RAA were the ones who killed him… something many shiite laymen refuse to admit.


The pagan polytheist Khomeini says that all the atoms in the universe humble themselves before the twelve Imams and it is one of the essential beliefs of the Shī‘i school that no one can attain the spiritual status of the Imāms, not even the cherubim or the prophets.

Congratulations, this pagan’s Tawheed is as monotheistic as the Tawheed of the Hindus und Qurayshi Mushriks back then (i.e. Rafidi Shi’ism does not fulfil the Tawheed Uloohiyyah (Uluhiyyah – Oneness of Allah, that’s what all religions and cults lack, yet Rafidi Shi’ism even lack the Tawheed Rububiyyah i.e. LORDSHIP.)

Ayatul-Khomeini in “Al Hukuma al Islamiyah” – Manshourat al Maktabah al Islamiya al Kubrah – Page 52, He says:

“To prove that government and authority belong to the Imām (‘a) is not to imply that the Imām (‘a) has no spiritual status. The Imām (‘a) does indeed possess certain spiritual dimensions that are unconnected with their function as a ruler. The spiritual status of the Imām (‘a) is a universal divine viceregency that is sometimes mentioned by the Imāms (‘a). It is a viceregency pertaining to the whole of creation, by virtue of which all the atoms in the universe humble themselves before the holder of authority. It is one of the essential beliefs of our Shī‘i school that no one can attain the spiritual status of the Imāms, not even the cherubim or the prophets. In fact, according to the traditions that have been handed down to us, the Most Noble Messenger and the Imāms (‘a) existed before the creation of the world in the form of lights situated beneath the divine throne; they were superior to other men even in the sperm from which they grow and in their physical composition. Their exalted station is limited only by the divine will, as indicated by the saying of Jibrā’īl (‘a) recorded in the traditions on the mi‘rāj: “Were I to draw closer by as much as the breadth of a finger, surely I would burn.” The Prophet (s) himself said: “We have states with God that are beyond the reach of the cherubim and the prophets.”

^ Pure Zandaqah (heresy), but are his blind followers going to ponder over it?


Khomeini says that the Imaan of the Sunnis is invalid, because belief (Iman) which does not take place except for with the Wilayah/Imamat of Ali and his pure infallible successors.

Imam Roohullah Khomeini In his Book “Al Arba’oun Hadith’an” page 510-511:
عن الشيخ في أماليه بإسناده عن محمد بن مسلم الثقفي قال : «سألت أبا جعفر محمد بن علي

الاربعون حديثاً 511

عليهما السلام عن قول الله عز وجل : « فأولئك يُبدّل الله سيئاتهم حسنات وكان الله غفورا رحيما »، فقال عليه السلام : يُؤتى بالمؤمن المذنب يوم القيامة حتى يُقام بمَوقف الحساب ، فيكون الله تعالى هو الذي يتولّى حسابه لا يُطلع على حسابه أحد من الناس ، فيُعرّفه ذنوبه حتى إذا أقر بسيّئاته قال الله عز وجل للكَتَبَة : بدّلوها حسنات وأظهروها للناس ، فيقول الناس حينئذ : ما كان لهذا العبد سيّئة واحدة ! ثم يأمر الله به إلى الجنة ، فهذا تأويل الآية ، وهي في المُذنبين من شيعتنا خاصّة»
كتاب أمالي الشيخ الطوسي ، المجلد 1 ، ص 70 .
ومن المعلوم أن هذا الأمر يختص بشيعة أهل البيت ، ويحرم عنه الناس الآخرون . لأن الإيمان ولا يحصل إلا بواسطة ولاية علي وأوصيائه من المعصومين الطاهرين عليهم السلام ، بل لا يقبل الإيمان بالله ورسوله من دون الولاية ، كما نذكر ذلك في الفصل التالي .


Screen Shot:

Translation: from the Sheikh in his Amali with its Isnad from Muhammad bin Muslim al thaqafi he said: I Asked abu Ja’afar bin Ali PBUT about the saying of Allah ((for God will change the evil of such persons into good, and God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful,)) [Furqan: 70] So the Imam PBUH Said: The Sinful believer shall be brought to judgement on that Day, So Allah would be the one to judge him and none of the people shall witness his judgement, Then Allah informs him of his Sins and when he admits to his sins Allah would say to his writers: “Change them to Rewards(Hassanat) and Show them to the people” Then the people say : “Does this slave not have One Sin !?” Then Allah orders that he be taken to Jannah, So this is the Ta’aweel (meaning) of that verse and it is exclusive for our Shia.

The Imam Khomeini in is commentary on the hadith says: And it is well known that this matter is exclusive to the Shia of ahlulbayt and that it is forbidden for all those besides them. Because belief (Iman) which does not take place except for with the Wilayah/Imamat of Ali and his pure infallible successors PBUT, In Fact The Belief (Iman) in Allah and his messenger Is Not Accepted unless it is accompanied by the (belief in ) Wilayah, and we will mention this in the second Part.

– end –


Khomeini, the mushrik billah says that RABB/LORD (which ALWAYS stands for Allah/God in arabic) means IMAM!!!

Imam [of Kufr and Zandaqah/heresy] Khomeini and the explanation of the verse [13:2].

“… Allah had said : “He doth regulate all affairs, explaining the signs in detail, that ye may believe with certainty in the meeting with your Lord.” This means your Lord who is the IMAM so look at the wisdom and perfection of Allah’s words …”

Source: Misbah al hidayah Ila al khilafah wal Wilyah, Imam Khomeini, Sayyed Ahmad al fahri, Al Wafa’a beirut Lebanon, Page 145.



The Zindeeq (heretic) Khomeini accusing the Prophet (peace be upon him) of having had flaws in his Da’wah (preaching of Islam)!!!

Page 155:


Khomeini in His book “Kashf al Asrar” (commenting on the Qur’anic verse):

((This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion. But if any is forced by hunger, with no inclination to transgression, God is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful))

And it is clear that if the Prophet had delivered the message of Imamah (Imamite heretical belief in Shi’ism) as Allah ordered and if he had placed some effort in this matter, Many Battles and conflicts would not have taken place in the Islamic world, nor would we have many differences in The Usool and Furu’ of this religion.

Source: Kashf al Asrar, Rooh Allah al khomeini, Translated by Dr. muhammad albandari, third print 1988, Dar Ammar for publishing and distribution Amman.

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