Zoroastrianism – A misunderstood monotheistic religion?

November 6, 2011 § 6 Comments

By SonsOfSunnah

Al-Hamdulillah, there are not many people today who dare to to repeat clear-cut lies like: Muslims worship the Ka’ba! It couldn’t get more ridicolous by accusing the purest monotheists on earth i.e. the Muslims of polytheism. The ignoramus tried it with the ‘moon god theory‘ and worse than that was the ‘Muslims worship the Ka’ba theory’. As a matter of fact in Islam (unlike Rafidi Shi’ism, Christianity, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism) ALL forms of worship are directed to the CREATOR ALONE i.e. there is no such a thing as:

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Muslim contributions to the world – What Islam haters hate to know

October 1, 2011 Comments Off on Muslim contributions to the world – What Islam haters hate to know

IslamResponses channel is a superb channel answering the common lies and twistings of the enemies of monotheism (Islam) from among the Arab Atheists, Persian Majoos, Jews, Man-Worshipping crusaders and other disbelievers.

Obsession with women’s sexuality in Islam?

September 30, 2011 § 2 Comments

In Islam, both men and women are required to be respectable. It just so happens that women are the fairer sex and have more to cover up in order not to be enticing. That’s all. But both have to cover and both have to be respectable.

Your (non-Muslims) “political correctness” spider senses are probably tingling by now, but there’s no need to deny it. You personally differentiate between a topless man and a topless women, so why pretend? Men and women are different, and that doesn’t necessitate that one of the two be oppressed.

Non-Muslims can point fingers all they want and claim that Muslims are obsessed with sex, but the flat-out reality is that a person can take just one look at America or Western Europe to see an over-obsession with sexuality – especially, especially especially the female body.

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The definition of an “‘Ajami”.

September 25, 2011 Comments Off on The definition of an “‘Ajami”.

By Shaykh Mashhoor Hassan Aal Salmaan حفظه الله و رعاه


Persians forced into becoming Muslim?

April 12, 2011 § 32 Comments

There is no doubt that the Safavids forced Shi’ism upon most Iranian, what about the early Muslims who conquered Persia in during the Caliphate of ‘Omar Ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him)?

It is widely believed amongst Iranians (including religious Shi’ites) that Arabs somehow enforced Islam upon one of the strongest empires in that the world has ever seen. They seem to have forgotten that prior to the Islamic conquest of Persia, it was the Persian empire that conquered and occupied vast amount lands, including the lands of non-Iranian people, from Egypt right into the cradle of the Arabs, the Yemen. Arab land. As a matter of factthe Persian Sassanid Empire occupied the entire eastern lands of Arabia, parts of Hijaz, Oman and Yemen.

Conquering lands was the norm of the time back then, and in the case of the Muslims, the students, disciples (Sahabah) of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them), then there are various reports that caliph ‘Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) himself wasn’t keen on getting into any confrontation with the Sassanian empire. It was the Sassanian empire (like the Roman one) that couldn’t tolerate a united Arabia and started mobolising its armies in Iraq. The Muslims had no choice but to face an approaching enemy first, fearlessly:

Rabi’a ibn ‘Amir(radiyallahu ‘anhu) went to the leader of the Persians. The leader asked him, “Why are you coming to our lands? If you are coming for money then we will pay everyone of you a salary so leave us alone.” But Rabi’a said, “That is not why we are here. We are sent to free the creation from being slaves of one another to being slaves of Allah the Creator of the creation and from the oppression of religion to the justice of Islam and we want to deliver people from the narrowness of this world to the vastness of this world and the Afterlife.


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Videos & article series refuting the lies of the Anti-Islam nationalists

April 6, 2011 Comments Off on Videos & article series refuting the lies of the Anti-Islam nationalists

We’d like to present you a fabulous playlist with many beneficial videos, refuting the common lies of the enemies of Islam, particularly the lies and doubts that are usually being spread by the Iranian nationalists who blame day and night the religion of Islam and Arabs for their miserable lifes. There is a whole series by a scholar in Tehran named “Mostafa Tabatabai”, the son of Ayatollah Tabatabai, yet he left the Ghuluww (extremism) of the twelver Shi’ite cult and exposed many Khurafat (superstition) of the Shi’ite sect. Recently he has started to respond to the lies of a well known Islam hater (he got his own sattelite channel) named “Bahram Moshiri”. This Moshiri guy does not know any arabic, and depends on translated, unverified history books (like Tabari), yet this is of course enough to impress his viewers who have no clue about arabic let alone the difference between authentic reports in history/Hadith books and non-authentic ones (thus Moshiri and his like – just like the Shia clergy – quote whatever suits their agenda to bash Islam, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions.

Anyway, Mostafa Tabatabai (NOT A Shi’ite and NOT a Mollah) and other scholars are doing well exposing the lies of the likes of Moshiri with reason, logic, proofs and authentic history records.

Here is the VIDEO playlist

رد شبهات ملحدین (Persian articles refuting the doubts around Islam)

حضرت عمر رضی الله عنه با ایرانیان بی عدالتی کرده ؟  

پاسخ به دروغ سوزاندن کتابخانه های ايران و مصر توسط مجاهدين صحابه

خمینی قبل از انقلاب میگفت ما عدالت عمر را میخواهیم!

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Salman Al-Farsi (RA) invented Islam for the Prophet (SAWS)?!!

April 5, 2011 Comments Off on Salman Al-Farsi (RA) invented Islam for the Prophet (SAWS)?!!

Salman Al-Farsi converted to Islam in Medina after 13 years of  the revelation of the noble Quran (i.e. he did not even witness the first period in Makkah!), yet one can see many Iranian nationalists, and the major devils among them who spread a lie that even a donkey would refuse to accept, namely:”Salman Al-Farsi (RA) invented Islam for the Prophet (SAWS)!”

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