Verily, they ARE Majoos & enemies of Islam: Eid Ghadir, Nowrooz and Omar’s death, the Rafidhite holidays!

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[…] یوم غدیر خم افضل اعیاد امتی.

 امالی صدوق: 125، ح 8.

The day/’Eid of Ghadir is the MOST SUPERIOR of all Eids of the Ummah […]

(Amali Sadooq, Vol 8 , p)

2. عن الصادق علیه‌السلام قال: هو عید الله الاکبر،و ما بعث الله نبیا الا و تعید فی هذا الیوم و عرف حرمته و اسمه فی السماء یوم العهد المعهود و فی الارض یوم المیثاق الماخوذ و الجمع المشهود. وسائل الشیعه، 5: 224، ح

On the authority of Al-Sadiq  (peace be upon him) who said …

 [‘Eid Al-Ghadir] is the GREATEST ‘EID OF ALLAH (‘Eidallah  Al-Akbar!). Allah did not sent any of the Prophets except  that they CELEBRATED on that day and acknowledged the greatness of this day and the name of it has been mentioned in the heavens and earth.  (Wasa’el Al-Shi’a, Vol 1 p 224

more pagan narrations ATTRIBUTED to the Ahl Al-Bayt:

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (a) was asked if there was Eid for Muslims besides Friday, Adha and Fitr. Imam replied, “Yes, there is one more Eid which is most great in holiness (a’dhamuha hurmatan).” The person asked him which Eid that was. Imam said: “It is the day (i.e. Ghadir) when the Messenger of Allah declared the Chief of the Believers (Ali) his vicegerent, saying: “Of whosoever I am the Mawlaa, ‘Ali is also his Mawlaa. And it is the 18th of Dhil-hijjah.”

As for  one of the biggest Rafidite Shi’ite lies in history namely that the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him) declared Ali Ibn Abi Talib his vicegerency at Ghadir Khum on his return from his last pilgrimage, then this is nothing but a lie. NONE of the companions of the Messenger and even NON of the Bani Hashim understood Ghadir Khum as the declaration of Ali’s Khilafah, not even Ali himself who NEVER (not in a SINGLE  authentic narration) used to argue for the sake of his “divine Imamate” with Ghadir.  To understand the Rafidite deception and the SIMPLE TRUTH about Ghadir, read the following article >>>.

The Rafidite regime and the Rafidite religion prefers the day of Ghadir  over the greatest ‘Eid of the Muslims which is ‘Eid  Al-Fitr. Right, they  (as usual) have gone into extremes with Ali and his progeny and NOT with the Messenger (both is wrong, but their extremes are not even with the personality of the Prophet!) and thus the y regard the  (so called) day of the declaration of Ali’s Imamate SUPERIOR than ‘Eid Al-Fitr.

Here some news from one of the biggest Shia news websites on the net, namely (Iranian based). It reports how several grand “Ayatollahs” were enraged when they heard of the news that the Iranian gov. wants to extent the holiday of ‘Eid Al-Fitr (which is just 2 days off in the so called ‘Islamic Republic of Iran’). They demanded that Eid Al-Ghadir must be superior even when it comes to the celebration even when it come to the days off for the holidays.

Shia reports: “Ayatollah” Makaarem Shirazi on his TV show advised the gov. to reduce the days off in the country. He mentioned this after the Iranian gov. increased the days off for ‘Eid of Fitr from one to two days.


Before it was ONE day of in Iran only, yet NOWROOZ the ZOROASTRIAN ‘EID is worth TWO weeks off for the Rafidite regime. What about if Mr. Shirazi would have asked for  a reduction of all those days and weeks of for the death of countless Imams (including Khomeini!) or a reduction of TWO weeks (actually more it’s THIRTEEN days) of the Zoroastrian based holiday! Instead he goes and attacks the TWO days for ‘Eid Al-Fitr!

But it even gets worse, even the Zoroastrian ‘Eid  of Nowrooz has more significance to them than ‘Eid Al-Fitr, we have discussed it here >>>.

Certainly these pagans of Qom have changed the religion of Islam to some Sassanian Madhab of Yazgerd just like Ghulam Ahmad has changed HIS version of Islam to some Asian version. There is only one Islam, neither Arabic, Persian nor Asian it is the pure and orthodox Islam of the Ahl Al-Sunnah.

BTW: They have innovated so many ‘Eids to Islam, they even got the “SECOND ‘EID Al-GHADIR” which is the day the Zoroastrian Abu Lo’lo’a had killed the Caliph of the Muslims Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

They have even ascribed Nowrooz to the Mahdi!!!



‘Al-Mu’alla narrates from Imam Al-Sadiq  : Nowrooz is no other day but the one we [the Ahl Al-Bayt] are awaiting the reappearance [of Al-Mahdi], for it  is one of our days that was protected by the Persians and carelessly lost by you.” (‘Al-Du’a’ li Al-Imam Al-Zaman’, p. 94)

So the Sahaba, their students and their students (i.e. Salaf Al-Saleh) have missed to ‘protect’ the holy (!) day of Nowrooz, but the Persians managed to protect this so called holy day. Look at their audacity! How dare they ascribe a Zoroastrian holiday to Islam and the Ahl Al-Bayt! Not even the most wicked Islamic has ever dared to ascribe any pre-Islamic pagan Arabic holiday (there were some) to Islam!

This is how portray the Ahl Al-Bayt i.e. Imam Al-Sadiq in the Hadith above! He literally blames the Arabs for having forgotten the Majoosi holiday of Nowrooz! A holiday that was never sanctified in Islam!  Look how much Sassanian-Pre-Islamic-Persian customs have infiltrated Shiism, then they wonder why they are being called Majoos!



[Narration attributed to Imam Al-Sadiq who is free of Majoosite Rafidhism]: The day of Nowrooz is the day when our Qa’im of Ahl Al-Bayt (Mahdi) and the commanders [of his army] will rise. On that day Allah will make the Dajjaal appear and he will be crucified on the church of Kufa (Iraq)’. (Bihar Al-Anwar by Mulla Baqir Al-Majlisi, vol. 52, p. 308)

Kufa? Crucifiction? NOWROOZ?! We all know that JESUS (peace be upon him) will kill the Dajjaal, not on the holy day of Shiism though, which is NOWROOZ!

All this Majoosiyyah (Zoroastrianism) is so deeply rooted in their sect that they even celebrate Nowrooz in the shrine (waste of gold and other wealth of gullible Shias) of Al-Hussein in Karbala!

In this video you can see Iranian pilgrims in Iraq (whichis basically occupied by Iran with the help of the Americans and Iraqi Shia puppets) celebrating NOWROOZ in next to the shrine of Al-Hussein Ibn Ali in Karbala’. That’s what these heretics call ‘the Islam of the Ahl Al-Bayt, the true followers of the Sunnah’!

Now if you think that these are maybe some traditional Iranian Shiites who have mixed up their religion (to them Islam) with their cultural traditions the let us dissapoint you. Although it is true that many Arab Shias don’t celebrate Nowrooz, yet the reality of the Shia sect is that this Persian Majoosi holiday is a PRAISED and ESSENTIAL part of their religion, to such a degree that a number of Hadith in PRAISE of Nowrooz have been ascribed to the Ahl Al-Bayt and even preferred deeds that one should do on that day!


As for the death of the Chief of the Believers Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, then this to is an Eid according to Shiism!

Omar Koshan – The celebration of Omar’s (RA) death – A Shia Majoosi fetish


It’s happy Nowrooz for the Crypto-Majoos

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The Shia Rafidite sect (“twelver Imamism”) is indeed a Jewish (see here>>>) AND Zoroastrian cocktail (main flavours, the cocktail contains all sorts of heresy). As for the Zoroastrian part, then we have dealt with it here>>>. In this post there is a shocking addition (not been covered in any article), namely that according to the Rafidite religion, the PRE-ISLAMIC Zoroastrian ‘Eid of Nowrooz is an ESSENTIAL part of Rafidite Shi’ism! They have attributed narrations to the Household of the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم AND have Fiqhi rulings for that day (like taking Ghusl on that “holy” day!!!). In fact, one of their biggest scholars ever, Abbas Al-Qummi (the author of the book of paganism “Mafatih Al-Jinan”, in fact “JAHEEM”) compiled detailed instruction of what to do on that Zoroastrian holiday …

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Hatred of Arabs deeply rooted in Persians, says Iranian intellectual – Iranian secularists and religious Shia united in Sunni hatred

December 2, 2011 Comments Off on Hatred of Arabs deeply rooted in Persians, says Iranian intellectual – Iranian secularists and religious Shia united in Sunni hatred note: Everyone reading the article will discover that with Persians the author means NON-MUSLIM Persians and heretics like twelver Shi’ites (he does not even mention Sunni Iranians once!) who do not represent the Islamic history of Iran and Persians which was mostly (900 years!) Sunni and just recently (Iran is majority Shia for 400 years!) Shi’ite. Hence us, the Sunni Persians and other Iranian people (like Lurs, Bakhtiaris,
Baloch) are certainly not included for our religion which is Islam  – unlike Shi’ism – is not based on racism and hatred towards any race let alone the race of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him.

Here some quotes:

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The Role of Zoroastrianism in the Development of Shi’ism

September 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

As Iranian Sunnah we declare what every sincere Iranian researcher already knows, be he Muslim, non-Muslim, Sunnah or Shi’ite. Today’s Tashayyu’ (Shi’ism) is heavily influenced by the late Safavid reign and thus contains many pre-Islamic Persian elements. And there is nothing to be proud of  i.e. of  this sort of  historical and religious heritage and “achievement”, for heritage  is not good in and of itself, rather it must be upon the truth not based on nationlist fanatism, racism (arab hatred), the superiority of race and more important than that FABRICATION (i.e. Shi’ism i.e. superstition).

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“The great miracles of Allah or rather the laughing-stocks of Shaytan”?

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How can a sane man, let alone a Muslim, a Muwahhid take his deen from these Majoosi devils who can’t even pronunce the words of Allah?! Any kid who learned Tajweed for less than a month would laugh at these Shayateen who falsely ascribe themselves to Islam and the Ahl Al-Bayt. Don’t forget to send a salawoOoT.

The plain reality – why the Rafidah twelver Shias hate the Commander of the Faithful Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

May 23, 2011 Comments Off on The plain reality – why the Rafidah twelver Shias hate the Commander of the Faithful Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

The Magians (Majoos) in Iran – Dr Mollazadeh (Sh Abu Muntasir)

April 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

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