There will be no more Kisra – Tehran and Qom’s futile expansion plans

January 5, 2016 Comments Off on There will be no more Kisra – Tehran and Qom’s futile expansion plans


Our Prophet (peace be upon him) the Prophet of all Arabs and all Ajam (non-Arabs) promised us that Persia will be conquered *and* that that the arrogant Persian Zoroastrian empire will never rise again.

As Iranian Sunnis ourselves who studied Sunni sources in depth we can assure you that …

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Video translations of the epic “Minhaj Al-Sunnah” by Ibn Taymiyyah in Farsi!

July 27, 2015 Comments Off on Video translations of the epic “Minhaj Al-Sunnah” by Ibn Taymiyyah in Farsi!

16281145For some time now the well established Persian Sunni satellite channel ‘Kalame TV’ (run by ethnic Persian Sunnis of South Iran, of course from abroad Iran, Sunnis in Iran aren’t even allowed to run a radio station) has aired readings of the translation of the notorious ‘Minhaj Al-Sunnah’ book of Shaykh Al-Islam Abul-Abbas Ibn Taymiyyah. The book is a classic, originally a refutation against ‘Allamah’ Hilli the Rafidi of Iraq, who by Allah is as dumb as their modern Ayatullats when it comes to ‘refuting Sunnism’. The irony is that this book has been never translated into Persian except recently in this very century, roughly twenty years ago by an ex-Shia Ayatullah named Abul-Fadhl Al-Borqei from Qom/Iran who was an opponent of Khomeini and Shiism during the revolution (!), they tried to assassinate him many times, he even write a whole book I refutation of the pillars of Shiism such as grave worship, the belief of Wilayah and a whole book in refutation of Al-Kafi (he named that book ‘The idol breaker ie breaking Al-Kafi and Shiism). These are hidden (to most Shias and even Sunnis) gems and facts that due to the poor support of Sunni countries haven’t been exposed to he Muslim masses, however at least they are being aired 24/h on air and the Iranian regime has little to no chance to block satellite TV channels in our modern world so the axe that will break the Rafidi idol has entered the homes of Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan etc. wal-Hamdulillah.

‘Eid prayers in Sunni majority areas of Iran [pictures]

July 19, 2015 Comments Off on ‘Eid prayers in Sunni majority areas of Iran [pictures]


‘Eid Al-Fitr Khutba 1436/2015 in the city of Azashahr (Golestan province) in northern Khorassan part of Iran Northern and southern Khorassan province of Iran – despite the famous Imam Al-Ridha shrine in Mashad – have still a large Sunni minority. Even many towns outside Mashad are still majority Sunni. Khorassani Sunnis are of Baloch, Turkmen and even Persian (khorassani) descent. In fact Persian Khorassanis are amongst the few ethnic Persian Sunni minorities left in Iran (most Persian Sunnis were massacred by the Safavids) along with the southern Iranians (Larestanis/Khodmoonis) who are also of Persian descent (unlike Baloch and Turkmen. It is also noteworthy to mention that many of the greatest scholars of the Ahl Al-Sunnah emerged from the lands of Golestan (in particular Gorgij, hence many scholars carry the title Al-Gorgiji/Al-Jorjiji).

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The Perso-Arabic script – A beauty & honour for Persia

January 9, 2015 Comments Off on The Perso-Arabic script – A beauty & honour for Persia

599px-Khatt-e_NastaliqAfter Muslim conquest of Persia (currently known as Iran), Persians adopted Arabic alphabet for Farsi language by modifying it. They added 4 new letters to 28 letters in Arabic alphabet and thus, the new Persian alphabet -based on Arabic letters- was introduced as 32 letters. Arabic hence served the Persian since even before the arrival of Islam, the Persians used to write in script that also originated from a semite nation, namely the Arameans. The Middle Persian script developed from the Aramaic script and became the official script of the Sassanian empire (224-651 AD). It changed little during the time it was in use, but around the 5th century AD, it spawned a number of new scripts, including the Psalter and Avestan scripts. Essentially there is no “pure” Persian script, hence adopting Arabic (just like Aramaic script in the past) was not forced upon Persians nor did it strip them of their identity (as Anti-Islam bigot and Iranian chauvinists usually claim to tarnish the image of Islam).

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The Kurds are the nomads (bedouins) of Persia

January 7, 2015 Comments Off on The Kurds are the nomads (bedouins) of Persia

10896899_789237574447341_4540587461728335498_nThe great Kurds (sons of Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi Al-Kurdi) are the nomads (Badus/Bedouins) of Persia +++

Kurds (Shafi’is) make up the majority Sunni population of Iran (followed by Balochi Hanafis, Turkmen Hanafis and Persian Lari Shafi’is of southern Iran and Khorasani Persian Hanafis), there are over 10 million Kurds in Iran, the absolute majority are Sunnis (some are Shia, especially in Kermanshah and in Khorasan were some Kurds were deported by the Safavids and forced into Shiism)


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Historical ties between Persia and Somalia

January 3, 2015 Comments Off on Historical ties between Persia and Somalia

1390643_754975964540169_8951324218283069397_nمقديشو، الصومال
مقديشو أصلها «مقعد شاه» فقد كانت مقر الحاكم الفارسي في أوائل القرن السادس الهجري عندما حكم الفارسيون الصومال.

For obvious reasons( such as geographical ones) the close ties between Somalia and Yemen are a well covered historical fact. Adding to that that most Yemenis just like their Somali brothers on the horn belong to the same religion and even school of thought (Shafi’is) and sometimes even to the same tribes and clans, hence it is no wonder that the relationship between these two lands are not a secret to anyone who knows a bit about these two countries. However, next to the (mainly Yemeni) Arabs the Somalis encouratered another people, non-Arabs, the Persians. From the times of pre-Islamic Persia till pthe re-Safavid (Most Persians and other Iranian tribes were forced into Twelver Shi’ism by the Safavid dynasty in the 16th century AD) Sunni-Shafi’i one, Persians always had close ties to Somalia, they traded there, spread the religion there (Shafi’i school and sometimes even settled there (at the coastal cities).

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‘Id Mobarak

July 30, 2014 Comments Off on ‘Id Mobarak

Happy ‘Id and may Allah accept from us.


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