Sunni Regions of Iran In One Detailed Map

Here a very accurate map showing the Sunni areas in Iran.

What should be noted is that many Iranian Sunnis live in major Shia cities like Tehran, Isfahan Shiraz and even Mashad (that has a native Sunni minority of around 15%!). Also conversions from Shi’ism to Sunnism are very common among Ahwazi Arabs in the last few decades (a phenomenon even bitterly acknowledged by the Shia clergy and regime official more than once), so the Khuzestan province should be clustered with Sunnis, especially the western Arab part of it.

Sunni Growth In Iran | How many Sunnis live in Iran?

People inside Iran, especially in the last two decades have realised how much more religious and conservative Iranian Sunnis are compared to their Shi’ite countrymen.  This is based on numerous factors, one undoubtedly includes the  widespread distrust and often dislike of the Shia clergy by a large number of Iranian Shi’ites, a phenomenon that is pretty much non-existing amongst Iranian Sunnis. On top of that there is the high fertility rate amongst Iranian Sunni that has caused Shi’ite hardliners in Iran to express their worries about worrying decline of the Shi’ite population of Iran and the steadily growing Sunni population (where birth rates are often more than double and thrice compared to the Shia population). Some Shia clerics even have openly called for government intervention to reduce (!) the number of Iranian Sunni by means such as not giving them passports.

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The Iranian regime detained a number of Ex-Shias just before ‘Eid!

11742706_513540502132322_3454002048097778914_n… and the carevan of Ex-Shias in Iran is still moving, even if the polytheists detest it. We have already reported about a phenomenon quite unknown to the Muslim audience in the west, namely the rise of Sunnism amongst Arab Ahwazis (a traditionally Shia people) inside Iran and even many Persian Shias who converted to Sunnism.



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The Sunnis of Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas

Bandar_Abbas_government_logo.svgIn previous posts and articles we have shown that not all Sunni Iranians are of non-Persian (like Baloch, Kurdish etc.) ethnic backround. In fact vast landscapes of Iran are still inhabited by ethnic Persians, including unsuspected areas such as the outskirts of Mashad and and in general many towns in the Khorassan province of Iran (where Khorrassani Persian Sunnis represent a significant minority) and of course the southern provinces of Iran such as the Fars province (most towns south of Shiraz in the Fars province are majority Persian and Sunni) and the Bushehr (Abu Shahr) and Hormozgan province. The people in the southern part of the Fars province speak an ancient Persian dialect called Achomi.


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Two Sunni converts may face death penalty in Iran – The Neo-Safavid’s fear of mass-conversions to Sunnism!

execution1-620x264Two men from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority who were active in preaching Sunni beliefs after converting from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam have been charged with ‘causing corruption on earth’, a charge which carries a possible death penalty in Iran.

According to the indictment issued by the Public Prosecutor of Mahshahr city, 23-year old Hossein Saboori and 25-year old Sami Zebady Alboghobesh, have also been charged with ‘having contact with foreign [Sunni] political organisations’ and ‘having Salafi beliefs’.

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Ahwazi Sunni convert beaten & taken to unknown location by security forces, Iran

A Sunni convert from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority was beaten and taken to an unknown location by Iranian security forces after his arrest last week.

27-year old Amin Mogheinemi was beaten in front of his family by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence who raided his home in Malkiya Allyeh in Ahwaz on 23 October 2014, before being taken to an unknown location.

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Ex-Shia Ahwazi Sunni student who converted to Islam/Sunnah arrested

10639365_384198905066483_3529858265814395860_nA Sunni student from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority who was studying at the Sunni religious institute ‘Darul Uloom Zahedan (in the Sistan-Balochestan province of Iran) was arrested by security forces last week.

Saeed Zoheiri, who had converted from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam, was arrested by plain-clothed officers outside the religious institute in the city of Zahedan on 27 September 2014, before being forced into a waiting car and taken to an unknown location.

There is no news about his condition or whereabouts.

Saeed Zoheiri had traveled to the Sunni-majority city of Zahedan, along with his wife and son, in order to seek religious knowledge. He was in his eighth year of studies at the religious institute.

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Iran’s crackdown continues on Ex-Shias in Ahwaz

Iran’s crackdown on the Sunnis of Ahwaz continues as three Sunni preachers from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority were arrested on Sunday in Mahshahr city, Kuzestan province of Iran.

23-year old Hossein Saboori and his 21-year old brother Hassan Saboori were arrested and taken to an unknown location by security forces on Sunday 20 July 2014 in the town of Taleghani (Al-Kora) in Mahshahr city, Khuzestan.

Security forces then proceeded to raid the Saboori family home, causing ‘fear and panic’ to the women and children in the house.

Ahwazi human rights activist Karim Dahimi told the HRA News Agency, “[Hossein Saboori] was a Sunni preacher and he would collect the youth of the Al-Kora area [Taleghani] and teach them Arabic language and the Qur’an.”

The Saboori brothers were previously detained in May 2014 by the Ministry of Intelligence on charges of ‘spreading propaganda against the state’ in relation to their Sunni preaching activities.

Another Sunni preacher, 25-year old Sami Zebady Alboghobesh, was also arrested on Sunday in the market in Taleghani.

A Sunni religious activist, he had previously converted from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam, and actively participated in meetings held to teach the Arabic language.

The latest arrests comes just days after seven Sunni converts were arrested in Ahwaz city and taken to an unknown location after holding congregational Sunni Taraweeh prayers.

Although the majority of the population in Khuzestan is Shia, a large number have converted to Sunni Islam in recent years, causing alarm in the Shia-led Iranian government about the growth of Sunni Islam in the area.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Sunni converts arrested in the Khuzestan province. Earlier this year, four Sunni converts were sentenced to imprisonment and compulsory participation in Shia rituals by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court in Ahwaz, after being accused of “engaging in propaganda against the state’s official religion [Shi’ism].”

More Ex-Shias inside Iran and the Mullahs answer with torture!

The rise of Sunnism inside Iran (especially among Persians in major cities and Arab Ahwazis). Look how hysterical the Iranian Safavid regime reacts! Their days are counted, the whole Ummah is tired of the Shia clergy and Iran’s crimes. Although the majority of the population in Ahwaz is Shia, a large number have converted to Sunni Islam in recent years, causing alarm in the Shia-led Iranian government about the growth of Sunni Islam in the area and leading to the arrest of Sunni converts and activists.

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More conversions to Sunnism (in Ahwaz) – The impotent Ayatullats see their last chance by forcing people into Shia rituals!

Ahwaz333Article taken from We have only bolded and underlinded some parts in this post. Please note that this is not some isolated case. Conversion to Sunni Islam is increasingly common among Ahwazi Arabs and lately even among ethnic Persians from major citiies such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan etc. 

In this shocking court indictment you can read first-hand how the Iranian authorities attempt to criminalize Sunni religious activities such as holding Qur’an study meetings and performing congregational prayers.

Bizarrely, even celebrating Eid “at the same time that it was announced in Saudi Arabia” was mentioned by the court as ‘evidence’ that the defendants had engaged in “propaganda” against the state.

The court’s blatant discrimination against the defendants’ Sunni beliefs was further illustrated by its decision to sentence the men to obligatory participation in Shia religious rituals.

Also note the court’s use of phrases such as ‘Wahhabi’ and ‘Salafi’, terms that are commonly used in a derogatory manner by the Iranian authorities in reference to practicing Sunni Muslims.


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Ex-Shia phenomenon in Iran: Mass-conversion amongst Arab Ahwazis

2568alrasheadnet Conversion to Sunni Islam is increasingly common among Ahwazi Arabs who are disenchanted by a Shia theocratic regime that persecutes them (.  Just recently around twenty Arab Ahwazis betwen 20-30 years old have been arrested and their crime was their conversion from Shi’ism to Sunnism (orthodox Islam). Human rights activist pointed out that none of those arrested were involved in political activities (something the Iranian regime and her stooges always use to get rid of everyone they dislike).


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Ahmad Kasravi (Ex-Shia) – An unsheathed sword against pagan Rafidite Shi’ism & its clergy

Ahmad Kasravi (29 September 1890 – March 11, 1946), was an Iranian intellectual (Ancient Languages, history, Politics, religion, and Philosophy) and one of the few Iranian intellectuals who instead of having a biased and vitriolic stance towards Islam, actually came to the conclusion that Islam is a UNIVERSAL (for Arabs, Persians, Whites, Blacks etc.) religion, the only true monotheistic religion (yet, ironically Iranian nationalist Anti-Islamic Hate-Mongers quote him day and night to prove the falshood and superstitions of Shi’ism, yet they do not mention that this man basically converted to Islam and Sunnah, for the was a staunch defender of Islam, albeit being secular in his political thoughts). Yet, like every sane and educated man, and especially Iranian who knows Iranian Islamic  history (Buyids, Safavids etc.) – realised the corruption of the polytheist and pagan sect of twelver Shi’ism …

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