A Persian Sunni poem in response to the enemies of the two Shaykhs

Abū Ḥamīd bin Abū Bakr Ibrāhīm aka Attar Al-Nishaburi* (Nishabur lies in current day Iran, in the Khorasan province where ethnic Persian Khorassani Sunnis still represent a large minority, even in Mashad city) on one of the accusations of the Shia against the two noble Shaykhs (Abu Bakr and Omar):


در خلافت میل نیست ای بی‌خبر
میل کی آید ز بوبکر و عمر
میل اگر بودی در آن دو مقتدا
هر دو کردندی پسر را پیشوا

عطار نیشابوری


*** There was no desire for Caliphate, Oh you who is uninformed one! ***

*** How can Abubakr & Omar have such desire? ***

*** If there was desire by the two, they would have made their sons rulers (successors) ***

Al-Bukhari reported on the authority of Amr bin Maimun when Omar was stabbed to death: “The people realized that he would die… The people said (to ‘Omar), “O chief of the believers! [Shias claim that anybody besides Ali who uses this title for himself is a homosexual, yet the Muslims and students of the Prophet – including Ahl Al-Bayt- addressed Omar with Amir Al-Mu’min, because that’s what he was, even if the polytheists detest it …] Appoint a successor.” Omar said, “I do not find anyone more suitable for the job than the following persons or group whom Allah’s Apostle had been pleased with before he died.” Then ‘Omar mentioned ‘Ali [if Omar was a tyrant, then why did he include Ali in the Shura, and why did Ali participate in a so called accursed Shura?!], ‘Othman Al-Zubair, Talha, Sa’ad and ‘Abdur-Rahman (bin Auf) and said,”Abdullah bin ‘Omar [Omar’s son] will be a witness to you, but he will have NO share in the rule. [very strange tyrant and usurper. Shias claim Omar and his likes were chasing the Dunya, yet his first order after being stabbed is to remind everybody to NOT chose his son (or any of his children) as his successor. In all of Madinah you won’t find a single remains of his never existing palace, yet the Shia Ayatullats, the likes Khomeini and co. are literallycovered religious palaces, super domes and Mosques+golden-silver shrines).