The Shia capital: Yes, to Christmas, no to visible Sunnism

Except visible Sunnism!

In the capital of Iran, Tehran, Sikhs run an actual proper temple, Zorastrians have …

…fire temples and private schools. Jews literally own and run their private hospital (!) (besides their numerous owned Synagogues) and of course Christians own massive churches, visible ones, crosses and other symbols of polytheistism covering the skyline of the city.

As for Tehran’s Sunnis, then they are clearly the most hidden community of Tehran, merely being tolerated (at best), despite being the largest religious minority (according to regime accounts themselves) outnumbering all Sikhs, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians put together.

All the Sunnis own in Tehran are semi-official and privately run (often converted from actual houses!) ‘Prayer houses’ (Namaz Khaneh), NOT mosques (as the deceiving Iranian Shia propaganda machine spreads on the net)
This puts Iran in the same league as Islamophobic Athens, the capital city of Greece where although you will find dozens of HIDDEN underground mosques, yet just like the hypocritical hateful Neo-#Safavid authorities of Iran, Greek authorities (under the pressure of the orthodox clergy) too can tolerate everything except a Muslim-Sunni place of worship, this Anti-Sunni policy unites Athens and Tehran, except that the latter is worse in its hypocracy as it claims Islam and brotherhood between Sunnis and Shias.

Sunnis in Tehran are prohibited from building and running their own places of worship, only underground and hidden converted flats are tolerated (and even those are often raised, shit down and constantly face forms of harassment). An actual place of worship where Sunnis can worship according to their rites, including FIVE daily Adhans and prayers (and not three joined ones as Tehran is the only ‘Islamic’ capital in the world where you hear three Adhans a say only, same in Karbala, Najaf etc.), this can be done only hidden in prayer houses so that as few Shias as possible come in contact with Sunnis, yet massive Zoroastrian temples and churches don’t bother the regime (yes, Christian missionaries and other minorities are also discriminated to some degree, yet at least most of them can run actual places of worship and not garage like prayer rooms!), not even public Christmas celebrations in the heart of Shiite Tehran.