There will be no more Kisra – Tehran and Qom’s futile expansion plans


Our Prophet (peace be upon him) the Prophet of all Arabs and all Ajam (non-Arabs) promised us that Persia will be conquered *and* that that the arrogant Persian Zoroastrian empire will never rise again.

As Iranian Sunnis ourselves who studied Sunni sources in depth we can assure you that …

the following article is not Anti-Iranian (people). Far from it. Neither the Prophet (peace be upon him) nor his companions were Anti-Persian, how could they be Anti-Any race if Islam prohibits nationalism. As a matter of fact, the Prophet had more than one Persian companion and along with them *fought* the most noble (based on lineage) Arabs such as the evil uncle of the Prophet, Abu Lahab. This very Prophet (peace be upon him) had singled out the Persian lands (he did so with very few lands, such as Syria, Yemen etc.) and early (Sunni) Persian Muslims, testifying that they are a people of great merits (Imam Muslim, from Persia, Nishabur himself put an ENTIRE chapter in his Sahih titled “the VIRTUES of the PEOPLE of Persia”). And whoever visits our blog can check out for himself how many of the greatest Sunni scholars ever were of Persian backround and how many Arab scholars praised them with the best of praise. However, one group among the Persians was always known for their wretchness, evil and hatred for Islam. Every since the defeat of the Majoosi (Zoroastrian) Persians at Al-Qadisiyyah this group amongst the Persians tried its utmost to either destroy Islam completely or at least to corrupt it as much as they can (having their own Iranian Islam). Islam reached Persia in the early stages of Islam and over 900 years most Persias were staunch and proud Sunni Muslims, even today there is a large Sunni minority in Iran, but history recorded how the Safavids butchered or forced most Persian Sunnis to Shiism, ever since then (around 400 years ago) Iran is a majority Shia country.

So around 400 years ago, the minority of Zanadiqah (heretics) among the Persians who were nationalists and Zoroastrians (with the help of the Turkish but Persianised Safavid clan) for the first time of Persia’s Islamic history could get rid of most Sunnis of Iran and spread their polytheistic Twelver religion in almost every corner of Iran. Today these heretics rule under the dictatorship of Wilayat Al-Faqih, aiming high, dreaming of the revival of a Persian Majoosi empire (under the pretext of spreading the school of thought of the Prophet’s Household).

On the 3rd of January 2016 (just a few weeks after the farce that Iran annualy organises and calls “Sunni-Shia unity conference) , a day or so after the backwarded Basij under the eyes of the authorities burned down (!) the embassy of Saudi Arabia (after Saudi Arabia executed over 40 Sunni extremists and only three Shias, one of them the extremist Baqir Nimr Al-Nimr) Bahrain and Sudan have expelled all Iranian diplomates. The Mullahs in Iran (who are amongst the top when it comes to executions, including poets, political dissidents and hundreds of Sunnis) went all crazy and started threatening Saudi Arabia from their pulpits and military bases (Revolutionary Guards). A few years ago Iran plotted (based on Khomeini’s 50 years plan to export his revolution and to take over Arabia) and tried to create a WTF (Wilayat Al-Faqih) state with his stooges in Bahrain who caused nothing but havoc in the name of freedom. This dream of Iran was shattered, or lets say that the Mullahs ribs were broken this time.

Then their ribs were (or are still) broken in Yemen (Houthis) were Iran tried to install one of his puppets and proxy as the leader of Yemen, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi was about to become the Yemeni Nasrallat, but, well, it didn’t work out, ribs got broken ….

A few weeks ago the Mullahs other ribs were broken in Nigeria were a obedient stooge, Ex-Sufi, now Rafidi Shiite Mullah Zakzaky, was dragged from his stronghold like a dog, after his followers attacked the Nigerian army (and in any case, are openly armed and swear loyalty to foreign powers such as Iran in plenty of their videos, in a sovereign country and Sunni part of Nigeria!).

In Syria many ribs were broken, the liquidation of high ranking revolutionary cards, pardon guards has become a norm, although their new Imam Butin has come to their Madad (help). In Iraq there is some progress, however the loser of an Iraqi Shia army that ran away from a few ISIS fighters (back in Mosul) will be never forgotten and if it wasn’t for the US (who installed and supports the Iraqi Shia regime to this very day!) and Imam Barack Hussein Obama – who with his fellow Yanks bombs from above – then the likes of Abu Izrael and Qassem Sulaimani would have “achieved” nothing. What all of them forget is …


The SAME truthful Prophet who foretold us about the greatness of (Sunni Muslim) Persians, also foretold us about the destiny of the evil ones, the people of Kisra. He told us that they will never rise again. The neo-Zoroastrians of Tehran and Qom will never succeed. Their dreams and fantasies of a greater Persian empire (under the pretext of spreading the sect of the Prophet’s Household which is nothing but a deception to fool the Arab and non-Persian Shia masses) are literally destined to fail. More than once in the recent years high ranking Iranian authorities (including Shia religious politicians who sound like Persian chauvinists) proudly bragged about how Iran occupies major Arab capitals (such as Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad), etc. but there is one thing they always seem to forget about, in fact most humans who are blinded by power and arrogance forget about it; It’s history. To take lessons from history. For about 1400 years ago the students and companions (Sahaba) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) under the leadership of the prince of the believer ‘Omar Ibn al-Khattab (peace be upon him) destroyed the foundation of the last Sassanian Majoosi (Zoroastrian) empire, (a corrupted empire, lead by power hungry kings who occupied foreign lands, their last kings resembled the likes of Khamenei) at al-Qadisiyyah, at a time where nobody would have imagined it. Surely, history will repeat itself and our Prophet (peace be upon him) promised us that Persia will be conquered and that there will be NO Kisra (title of Persian kings) after Kisra:

“If Kisra (Khosrow) perishes, there will be no Kisra after him.”

(Bukhari and Muslim)

Kisra perished and, indeed, there was none after him, not even the Safavid or Pahlavi dynasty (who both claimed to represent the long history of ancient Persian kingship) were ever able to rule all Persian lands (like many parts of Khorassan which are Persian and Sunni but located in Afghanistan, Tajikistan etc.)

Kisra lost his entire control of parts of his dominion during the caliphate of Abu Bakr (RA), then most of his dominion during the caliphate of ‘Omar (RA), and then he lost everything during the caliphate of ‘Othmaan (RA). The heavens will not witness – after the Prophets – anyone like ‘Omar, whether in the strength of his reign or the fulfilment of justice. It was during his time that the conquest of Syria was completed; as was that of Egypt to its farthest reaches, as well as Persia. He destroyed Kisra (Chosroes) and humiliated him to the utmost, forcing him to retreat back to the furthest reaches of his kingdom. When the Prophet Mohammed (SAWS), sent a letter to Kisra, inviting him to Islam, he was the only king amongst all kings to be arrogant, he insulted the Prophet and tore his letter to pieces. The Prophet (SAWS) supplicated against him, invoking Allah, God Almighty (SWT) to completely tear apart his empire, and that is in fact what happened. There was no Kisra after Kisra, the alcoholic and homosexual Safavid Kings tried to become Kisras, and so does Khamenei and the current neo-Zoroastrian Rafidi state of Iran, but what they have not considered is: