The REAL sons (and daughters) of the Sunnis of Iran

Do you see these little innocent gorgeous children?


They are the TRUE Sons (and Daughters) of the Sunnis of Iran. They are Balochis, an ancient Iranic people, Sunnis to the bones, notorious all over Iran for their good character, bravery and religiosity. They are also from among – if not the most – deprived children and people of Iran, being guilty of two crimes, first benign Sunni and second being of non ethnic Persians ethnicity, but by Allah who raised the seven heavens, the rotten Rafidi Safavi clergy of Qom with their wasteful shrines and golden domes envy nothing more but these kids. These proud people who despite all the injustice that they’ve faced have never lost their faith and have never been broken by the authorities (despite decades of Shia missionary work in Irwnian Sunni areas) so much that Iranian Shias themselves admit that the average Iranian Sunni is a thousand time more religious and attached to Islam than the Iranian Shiites who despite all the efforts of the Safavi regime is known around the world as the most irreligious and often even straight apostate Islam