Their holiest places are accursed spots of polytheism, prostitution and Anti-Arab sentiments.

By Allah Imam Al-Ridha and the Ahl Al-Bayt in general are innocent of this Neo-Zoroastrian-Sassanian religion and their heretics of a clergy.



“We deserve all we get for letting those Arabs into our country,” Mehdi continues. “We have so little honour and pride left that even Arabs are showing up in this most holy city asking around for women. That bastard I just told you about? He actually knew some Farsi. So as soon as he asked about sighehs, I let loose every vile curse I ever heard, pulled over, grabbed him by his collar, and tossed him out of my cab. And as I drove off I yelled, ‘Eat shit!’ – just for good measure.”


Even in an objective piece in a western newspaper, they can’t help but mention how much Arab hatred is rooted in Shia culture even in one of the most religious Iranian Shiite city (with a always completely ignored native Persian Sunni population of 10-15%) where the 8th (Arab) descendant of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is buried.