‘Holy’ Brainwashing – How the Shia clergy exploits the tragedy of Karbala’

We highly recommend the following documentary, especially now since we are in the month of Muharram where Muslims worship Allah (God) alone and fast and Rafidah Shias wail (like Jews) and flagellate and harm themselves with all kind of tools. The documentary gives you – especially as non-Iranians – an unique insight into the pagan Shia Muharram/Ashura rituals that are literally staged by the Iranian regime and the so called ‘Ayatollahs’ who exploit the name of our master Al-Hussein Ibn Ali (ra) to poison their gullible masses (the opium carl marx and his likes percieved as religion) with hatred, grudge, superstition and all sorts of Anti-Islamic practices. These criminal Rafidis have literally revived all pagan practices that the Prophet (saws) came to exterminate, they have poisoned a whole people with the lie of ‘loving and following the Prophet’s progeny’ just as the Church did with Jesus (as) and their so called saints.