A Persian companion narrated the most authentic form of Takbirat!

The following is an Arabic fatwa by Shaikh Abdel-Aziz At-Tarifi (Saudi).


He mentions one of the Sunan (pl. of Sunnah) of ‘Eid, which is the takbirat. He says no authentic Sigha (form) has been directly transmitted from the Prophet (peace be upon him), rather from the Sahabah. The ONE Sahabi who narrates the most authentic narration (amongst all) is Salman the Persian (Al-Farsi), in the Musannaf of Abdel-Razzaq. A Persian narrated the most authentically known form of the takbirat which is recited from Morocco to Indonesia, by all Arabs and ‘Ajam (Non-‘Arabs) alike. This is Islam, no racism and no nationalism.