The Jam’e (large Mosque) of Bastak (Persian Sunni town)

The Jame’ of Bastak. Note the striking similarity to Gulf Mosques, opposed to the common Iranian Shia mosques that are mostly based on Safavid architecture. Here some pictures:



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Bastak is a majority Sunni town, inhabited by ethnic Persian Sunnis (also known as Achomis/Larestanis/Khodmonis, a very influencial minority in almost all Khalij countries, many politicans and even Sunni Shaykhs in the Khalij are of southern Persian origin). Ethnic Persians are a minority amongst Iranian Sunnis (most Iranian Sunnis are Kurds, Baloch and Turkmen), however contrary to the misconception that many hold about the Sunnis of Iran – i.e. that all Sunni Iranians are of non-Persian ethnicity (like Kurds and Baloch) and that virtually all ethnic Persians in Iran are Shiites – in fact many southern Persians (many who fled major Persian cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz after the onslaught of the Safavids) are Sunnis to this very day, in fact the Larestan province and the Hormozgan (that also has a Arab Sunni minority) province is a traditionally Sunni-Shafi’i stronghold and in Khorassan the Khorassanis are a notable minority too, most of them of Persian ethnic backround. More about ethnic Persian Sunnis: