Shia Ayatollah: Ali Khamenei (Wali Al-Faqih) has attained infallibility!

emamshahThe sad evolution of Shiism (Tashayyu’). It started off as a political movement and eventually turned into a whole seperate religion, envolving further and further into a heretical state of non-Islamic beliefs, heresies, superstitions (and even Zoroastrian elements) all attributed to the Household (Ahl Al-Bayt) of the Final Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)

The following video was shared on a Shia facebook group, translation is also from them. Be warned as a Muslim, the amount of lunacy and heresy has reached new heights (although we did ourselve translate and post some unbelievable stuff from the Mullahs in Iran in regards to their saint worship and exaggeration with the personality of Khamenei, here, here, here and here)

but then, what can you expect from a people who are so cockey as to take the mick of their own people and brainwashing them with the most retarded lies possible such as that the first words of Khamenei when he was born (no, nothing to do with Tawhid of course) were Ya Ali (invoking Ali). As for their latest drama, then check the following.

Video link:

‘Ayatollah’ Qaim Maqami claiming Ismah for Agha Khameini and his Government: He says the following;

“You should always remember a very important issue, if any kind of mistake takes place in the Islamic government, through whoever it is, be it those who are in charge or not, who are inferior to the supreme leader, who does never make mistake and err, this is our definition of Wilayah.

We say it explicitly and we are not ashamed of it, some might say we are claiming Ismah and so on. Yes, if the inferior to the 14 Infallibles (a.s) who has reached the level of absolute obedience, he can attain Ismah. We are never ashamed of saying this. This Ismah we call it Ismah Al-Dhilliyya in contrast to Ismah Al-Asliyya. for the 14 Infallibles (a.s) it is Asliyya and for the followers it is Dhilliyya, i.e. in the shadow of the original Ismah this Ismah emerges, why not?!

And about this issue we consider that person the Wali Al-Faqih who has reached the Ismah Al-Dhilliyya and we absolutely believe that the friends (Awliya) of the Infallibles (a.s), when they reach the position of Wilayat, they get Ismah Al-Dhilliyya and Ismah Al-Dhilliyya is that position that he does not make mistake and err. Look at the supreme leader, from the beginning up to now, judge fairly to Allah, where can you find that he has ever mistaken? He has never mistaken. This doesn’t mean that it (i.e. his actions) is not watched.

The Assembly of Experts watch it, the scholars watch and people all watch. That supervision is there, but in action we have never seen any mistake and there will be no mistake hereafter as well. However those who are inferior to this position, those who have not reached Wilayat, they make mistakes and when we make mistakes, we should be criticized and opposed and reform ourselves. if someone in charge makes a mistake, he shouldn’t insist in his mistake.”

Another Ayatollah, Ahmad Alam al Huda is a representative in the Iranian Assembly of experts. He also leads the Friday prayer in Mashhad Iran. In the following speech he said the following;

“You brothers and sisters from whosoever’s mouth you heard saying that the Rahbari (i.e. supreme leader Khameini) is not masoom, the consequence of this statement is opposing the Prophet (saw).”
May Allah (swt) save us from this disbelief.