Iranian Sunni Imam: Still no Mosque for the Sunni community in Tehran!

One of the most influencial Sunni scholars of Iran (from Zahedan city), Shaikh Abdulhamid Ismail-Zehi reminded the Iranian regime of their (empty) rhetorics of “Shia-Sunni” unity and asks for the permission of building a real Mosque in Tehran for the Sunnis, where Sunnis can pray the five prayers seperately (not like Shias at three times a day, Tehran is the only capital in the Islam world where you can hear three Adhans a day only!), according to their rites, after all Christians and Jews (they even own a massive hospital!) call over 40 churches and synagoges their own in Tehran. There are Zoroastrian (Majoosi) temples (and even high schools), there is even a Sikh temple in Tehran, all visible, yet Sunni are squashed in their private rented rooms in some areas in Tehran (which the deceitful Shia press sells as “Sunni Mosques in Tehran”!)


Shaykh Abdul-Hamid Esmail-Zehi, after giving this speech had his passport confiscated by the authorities. They have done this numerous times. They have stopped him from travelling many times and confiscated his passport sometimes for months. Not to forget tens of major Sunnis figures who were before him were assassinated and killed simply because they would ask for rights of the Sunnis. So I agree with you that they haven’t ‘harmed’ him yet.