Shia Rafidi Safavid missionaries in poverty-stricken Sunni areas of Iran

The following is is a very important video, shedding some light on the deceitful agenda of the Iranian regime and the Mullahs of Qom. The clip is over 7 min. long but here a rough summary:

– Ustadh Habibollah Sarbazi, a Balochi Iranian human rights activist (known as a host on Nour TV, the first Persian speaking Sunni satellite channel) called up a so called ‘spreading of the religion’ organisation based in Tehran. It’s basically a group of Rafidi (Shia) scholars who take advantage of the poverty in Sunni areas of Iran to spread Shiism. The Rafidi Mullah does not recognise Ustadh Sarbazi (who has a show on the first Persian Sunni sat. channel ever, ‘NOUR TV’, based in the Emirates since the oppressive Iranian regime doesn’t even allow Sunnis to own a newspaper, let alone a radio station or TV station), who very politely asks what the intentions of the Rafidi (Shia) group is. The Rafidi Mullah says that they basically try to spread Shiism in Sunni areas of Iran, they tried it in the Kurdistan areas of Iran (over 80% of Iranian Kurds are Sunni-Shafi’is), but gave it up since it is too dangerous [mashaallah at our Kurdish brothers], now they are trying it in Hormozgan (southern Iran where Persian and Arab Sunni-Shafi’is live), parts of the Kerman and especially the Balochestan province.

Ustadh Sarbazi asks the Mullah if they (at least) had any success in converting a number of Sunnis to Shiism in the aforementioned areas. The Mullah replied that they haven’t been successful, and hence mostly concentrate on strenghtening the believes of the Shias in those (majority) Sunni areas. The Rafidi Mullah literally said that it is very difficult to convert Iranian Sunnis and that they (although living in the poorest provinces of Iran) do not change their religion as easily (reminds one of the OPPOSITE of the Iranian Shias who are known in the west and inside Iran to change their religion quicker than one can bat and eyelid, for Christianity, Zoroastrianism etc.) as it was expected. He also says that the best they can do is to make the Sunnis of those areas ‘lovers of the Prophet’s household/Ahl al-Bayt. The ignorant Rafidi – although being a cleric – is as deluded as most Shias into believing that Sunnis have hatred for the Ahl al-Bayt or at least do not love them. He then admitted that the Shia caravans take Sunnis (the most illiterate ones from small towns to ‘holy Ziyarats’ i.e. shrine journeys, particularly to Mashad.

He also said that Sunni groups, particularly the Tablighi Jamaat are active in Balochestan and spreading ‘Wahhabi ideology and beliefs’. Now to a Rafidi every opposition to Shia (heresies) is deemed as ‘Wahhabism’, for among the ‘Wahhabi beliefs’ he mentioned is that the Sunni Da’wa groups (like the Tablighi’s) tell people not to visit shrines, ask the inhabitants of the shrines for help, not to wail and self-flagellate themselves. All these ‘beliefs’ are well established Sunni opinions, it’s not just ‘Wahhabis’ who reject these Shia beliefs and practices, but since Iran can’t openly fight, assassinate and oppress the Sunnis of Iran, it needs to first create a boogeyman and fight classical Sunni beliefs and positions under the pretext of opposing ‘Wahhabissm’.

In any case, look how humiliated these Rafidi heretics are, although the entire state is in the hand of the clergy, all the resources, TV, Radio, newspaper etc. yet they themselves have to admit that barely any Sunni converts to their wretched Imamite religion. But then, why would a sane Sunni Iranian leave the religion of monotheism (Tawhid) and Sunnah for the religion of polytheism (shirk) and superstition i.e. Twelver Shi’ism? As a matter of fact the Iranian regime has bigger problems than not being able to convert Sunnis, for according to their own officials Shias are leaving their religion in droves (many becoming Sunnis) and Sunnism is on the rise in Iran, here the evidences we have gathered:

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