A Pro-Persian (Sunni hadith) that is misused by the Rafidah Shia


A 50,000 Rial note from Iran. The neo-Safawis have shamelessly printed this PRO-PERSIAN SUNNI hadith on their bank notes.

A 50,000 Rial note from Iran. The neo-Safawis have shamelessly printed this PRO-PERSIAN SUNNI hadith on their bank notes. A Sunni Iranian has written on it challenging the Shias to provide this famous hadith AUTHENTICALLY from their own books.

Did you know that the Prophet praised VERY FEW lands and its people by specifically mentioning them? As we all know the Prophet (peace be upon him) prayed for Al-Shaam. He also praised Yemen and its wise people. He also praised some major Arab tribes (like the Bani Tamim who are over 90%Sunni to this day, and according to a Sahih Hadith they will be the MOST SEVERE against the Dajjal). What many don’t know though is that the Prophet mentioned another people, a non-Arab people specifically, with a heavy praise and prediction which turned out to be more than true. He (peace be upon him) who did not start an Arab religion (in fact at the beginning his biggest enemies of his call were the Arabs and he fought against many Arab superstitions) praised the Persians who became the guardians of the Deen of Muhammad for the VAST MAJORITY of Iran’s/Persia’s history (900 years of Iranian Islamic history is Sunni, whereas only for the last 500 years Iran is majority Shia, with a significant Sunni minority).

Abu Huraira reported: We were sitting in the company of Allaah’s Prophet (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) that Sura al-Jumu’a was revealed to him and when he recited (these words):” Others from amongst them who have not yet joined them,” a person amongst them (those who were sitting there) said: Allaah’s Messenger! But Allaah’s Prophet (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) made no reply, until he questioned him once, twice or thrice. And there was amongst us Salman the Persian. The Prophet of Allaah (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) placed his hand on Salman and then said: Even if faith were near the Pleiades, a man from amongst these would surely find it.

(Source:Sahih Muslim, CHAPTER: THE MERITS OF THE PEOPLE OF PERSIA. Note how Imam Muslim who himself was Arab Qurashi from the Persian town of Nishabour made a WHOLE CHAPTER for basically one Hadith in the praise of the Persians!)

In a scheme of Islamic history which is dominated by Arabo-centrism and in a contemporary world in which the association between Iran and Shi’ism is so central that one cannot think of one without the other, the praise of the Prophet of Islam for the Persians seems to be unbelievable, but it is a fact and in line with history (Persia produced the greatest Islamic scholars throughout history). Of course post-Safavid Rafidi Iran of today (along with its supporters and adherents) try to attribute this great narration in praise of Persia to themselves, in some cases even to their failed Revolution and the tyrannical madman and polytheist Khomeini. Needless to say that it is crazy to assume that the Hadith is talking about the last 500 years of Iranian Islamic history (i.e. since Iran is a majority Shia country). Iran was a Sunni stronghold for 900 years, interestingly the largest strongholds where cities such as Ray (today known as Tehran, many Razi’s were born there such as Abu Hatim, Abu Zur’ah, Fakhr Al-Deen etc.), Isfahan and Shiraz. The absolute majority of Grammarians of Persian origin were undoubtly Sunni (such as Sibaway). So it only makes sense to apply that Hadith on SUNNI Persia and not on post-Safavid Rafidi Persia that is mostly known for heresies and superstitions. But to put the final nail in the coffin let us remind you of two very important points which will teach every Shia a lesson to never ever apply this beautiful SUNNI narration on Shia Persia:

1. Ironically the hadith has been narrated by the companion Abu Hurayrah. A companion the Shias hate with passion (whole books have been written against him, Alhamdulillah there are refutations of major Shia books against Abu Hurayrah available in Arabic and Persian). They accuse him of being an Umayyad stooge and that the Umayyad’s hate nothing to do but to degrade the Household of the Prophet and the Persians. Seems Abu Hurayrah was not the best ‘stooge’ back then, since it is HIM who reported this great praise of the Prophet in regards to the Persians (Abu Hurayrah also narrated one of the most repeated and beloved Hadith by the Shias, where the Prophet called Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein the two masters of the youth in Paradise!).

2. If Shia say that well, it from the methods of debates to argue with the sources of the opponent (since it is Hujjah/a proof to him), then we say that indeed, this principle is true. However, in this case our opponent (the Shias) are not trying to prove something AGAINST us, since we the Ahl Al-Sunnah have proudly included this narration in our second most reliable Hadith collection (Sahih Muslim), we do believe in it and since it is in OUR books we obviously apply it on most of Persia’s history i.e. the Pre-Safavid Rafidi Shi’ite one.

3. The most important point, which is that this Hadith has not been authentically narrated in any Shia Hadith book! Right, Shias (particularly religious Iranian ones) are repeating a Hadith that does not prove anything according to their own religion since it has not been narrated in an authentic form (if at all) in their own books.


The Hadith has been narrated by a noble companion (Abu Hurayrah), it is in praise of the Persians, the hadith can only be found in Sunni books, with authentic chains, not in Shia books, very much like how Karbala was not preserved in authentic Shia hadiths. As a matter of fact, most of Persia’s Islamic history was Sunni, more importantly most of the great Persian scientists of all fields were Sunni, so there is no doubt that this Hadith speaks about Sunni Persia and not about Shia Persia. Ironically the Rafidi Shias love to quote this SUNNI Hadith about the merits of the people of Persia (they claim it refers to Imamite Shi’ites who appeared less than 500 years ago as a majority in Persia and have barely contributed to anything except Shirk and Kufr!) we CHALLENGE them to provide the SAHIH Hadith about the virtues of the Persians (narrated BY ABU HURAYRAH!) in their OWN books. Look how the neo-Safavid regime of Iran has shamelessly put this Hadith on their bank notes, a Sunni Hadith that is a proof for US (Ahl Al-Sunnah) and not for them!