‘Asaluyeh – A 100% Sunni-Shafi’i town in Iran

Arab Iranians (not Ahwazis) from the coastal region of Iran (Khaleej) in the town of ‘Asaluyeh (100% Arab Sunni-Shafi’i with a minority of Persian Sunni Shafi’is who mostly hail from the southern Persian provinces) in a Qur’an competition which is held in Arabic only (everything in those native Arab towns in south Iran looks like the rest of the Khaleej. People, cloth, accents etc.

مقتطفات من حفل ” الإنس مع القران ” الذي أقيم في مدينة عسلوه في الساحل الشرقي للخليج العربي برعاية فرقة الفردوس الإنشادية #عرب_الساحل