The Ahlus-Sunnah of Tehran and the on going oppression – raids on prayer houses

There are a few prayer houses (Namaz Khaneh, there is NOT a single visible Sunni Mosque) in Tehran (yet the devilish Iranian Shia media such as PRESS TV and other notorious liars claim there are Mosques for Sunnis in Tehran!) but even they are being raided and the Sunnis of Tehran (LARGEST religious minority of Tehran) are harrassed on a regular basis. There are over 40 (!) churches in Tehran, over twenty Synagoges, Zoroastrian (Majoos) temples (even Zoroastrian highschools!) and even a SIKH temple in Tehran. Jews have their OWN private hospitals, yet Sunnis are not allowed to own a SINGLE proper visible Sunni Mosque (the Shia authorities are scared to death of authentic Islam, they know it will attract the masses who – particularly in Shia cities – know nothing about Sunni Islam except what they are being told by the biased and secterian Shia clergy), Sunnis are not even allowed to own a bookshop, let alone a Mosque! Who is more oppressive? Washington, Moscow and Israel or the secterian Iranian Shia Republic of Iran? Keep in mind, no matter how unjust the former are, at least they allow their citizens to build Mosques (for Shias and Sunnis alike!), whereas Tehran is the ONLY major capital of the world where Sunnis can’t perform their religious rights behind one of their Imams i.e. they don’t own a SINGLE Mosque!
Source of the following article:

Iranian security forces raid Sunni homes for ‘holding congregational prayers’, Tehran.

The Iranian security forces conducted a series of raids in recent days on several Sunni homes in Tehran which had been used to hold congregational Sunni prayers.

Numerous Sunni homes across the city were raided within the last fortnight, with security forces preventing prayers from being held and warning worshipers that they would be arrested if they attempted to hold congregational prayers again.

Several Sunni homes in the west of Tehran and in Tehran Pars in the north east of the city were also targeted.

Despite Sunnis being the largest religious minority in the Shia majority Iran, with records indicating that there are more than a million Sunnis living in Tehran alone, the Iranian government has prevented a Sunni mosque from being built in Tehran.

According to the website of the British newspaper The Guardian; “There is currently no Sunni mosque in the capital, despite there being several churches and synagogues for much smaller Christian and Jewish populations.”

The Sunni citizens of Tehran are instead forced to use rented rooms and spaces as ‘namaz khaneh’ (prayer rooms) to hold obligatory Sunni congregational prayers, with restrictions forcing some to organize Sunni prayers in their own homes and private spaces.

The Sunni minority in Iran faces widespread discrimination and restrictions on their worship. Last month, a Sunni mosque in the town of Kani Kozaleh in Sandandaj was raided by the security forces whilst worshipers were performing Eid prayers. Security forces were also deployed in other parts of the city to prevent Sunni Muslims from holding Eid prayers in several Sunni mosques across Sanandaj.

In July this year, seven Sunni men from Iran’s Ahwazi Arab minority were arrested and taken to an unknown location after holding congregational Sunni Taraweeh prayers during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan in the north of Ahwaz city, Khuzestan province of Iran.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a statement last year urging Iran to lift restrictions on Sunni worship, after Iranian security forces prevented Sunni Muslims from holding prayers for Eid-al Adha in parts of Tehran in October 2013.

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