Everything about the secterian Shia Rafidi regime of Iran is hot air. They claim to support Palestine yet in reality they are actively fighting and killing Sunnis (not just the so called terrorists) of Syria (including Palestinians who were slaughtered by Hezbollat and Bashar gangs in refugee camps) and Iraq (all under the pretext of fighting ‘Takfirists’ yet both revolutions, in Iraq and Syria were started off by native Sunnis!). As for Iran’s strength, let us remind you with this funny but sad and true realty.



As you can see, Iran’s military power is basically a bunch of photo shopped, reverse engineered antiquated stuff, which the US and Israel gladly use to portray Iran as “regional power”! And the insecure illiterate Mullahs take pride in that characterization to further delude themselves. It’s really sad and tragic, but both sides need the show too justify their existence.