Qasim Sulayman’s empty threats and the illusion of Hamas and co.

By Allah, you will fight not a single nation as treacherous and hypocritical as the Rafidi nation. Hundreds of Palestinians have been slaughtered in this summer 2014, yet all Iran and Hezbollat is doing is what they are best at i.e. barking and shouting empty slogans. The slaughtering of Sunnis is no appropiate time to stop shouting slogans and actually show some actions?


Note: Over the course of the last 30+ years Iran burnt 3459 Israeli flags, shouted “death to Israel” 124500 times. If Israeli aggression continues they might double that number so be careful. In any case, don’t expect anything from the part of Satan except empty slogans and threats, no actions (except supporting Sunni butchering Bathists like Bashar!)