Another Ex-Shia has been arrested – Unstoppable Sunni awakening in Ahwaz/Iran

 More Sunni converts inside Iran (of course PRESS TV and other Iranian propaganda tools will never report such incidents, except by adding the Shia narrative of ‘Wahhabism’ to it). Rising number of Ahwazi Sunni converts arrested in Iran.

The Iranian security forces arrested yet another Ahwazi Sunni convert in the Khuzestan province on Thursday, with at least ten other Sunni converts arrested in the area within the last fortnight.

35-year old Saeed Haydari, who recently converted from Shi’ism to Sunni Islam, was arrested on 24 July 2014 at his home in the town of Taleghani (Al-Kora) in Mahshahr city, Khuzestan.

His arrest is believed to be directly related to his religious activities and his conversion to Sunni Islam.

The Shia Iranian government has been alarmed by the rise of Sunni Islam among the Ahwazi Arabs in the traditionally Shia-majority Khuzestan province.

At least ten Sunni converts have been arrested in the last fortnight alone, with three arrested after openly preaching Sunni beliefs and a further seven arrested after holding congregational Sunni Taraweeh prayers.

More than 6000 books mocking Sunni beliefs, apparently published on the behalf of the Iranian government, were also distributed in Ahwaz on Monday.

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