Ex-Shia phenomenon in Iran: Mass-conversion amongst Arab Ahwazis

2568alrasheadnet Conversion to Sunni Islam is increasingly common among Ahwazi Arabs who are disenchanted by a Shia theocratic regime that persecutes them (.  Just recently around twenty Arab Ahwazis betwen 20-30 years old have been arrested and their crime was their conversion from Shi’ism to Sunnism (orthodox Islam). Human rights activist pointed out that none of those arrested were involved in political activities (something the Iranian regime and her stooges always use to get rid of everyone they dislike).


The mass-conversions in Iran, particularly in Khuzestan (but also in many Persian areas) are a shock to the Shia clergy and Iranian regime. Imagine, this very regime with the wealth of the Iranian people managed to convert some villages as far as in Africa to Shi’ism, yet in their own stronghold, their own fortress, Shi’ism is crumbling! There are even complaints by a number of grand Ayatollats about the growth of the Sunni population in Iran in general (Sunnis in Iran are known to have more children than the average Shia family), Shi’ism is literally falling in apart, in the stronghold of the Shia and no doubt that the crimes and oppression of the Iranian regime and the Shia clergy play a big role in the downfall of Shi’ism in the eyes of the Iranian people. Who would have thought that eventually the Shia clergy and regime themselves would turn out to be the biggest threat and cause for the downfall of Shi’ism in the eyes of traditional Shia people (such as the Ahwazis). We have reported how Shia clerics (even Arab ones from Iraq) are greeted in Ahwaz:

Popularity of Rafidi Shia scholars inside Iran – Shi’ism rotting within its fortress

As for the struggle of the Arab Ahwazi people, then there conversion to Sunnism are so huge in number that their voices have reached the media more than once:

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8. Another Sunni convert is arrested in Ahwaz, southwestern Iran

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