‘Ayatollah’ says: Khamenei’s words = Words of God

84480fc9-511b-4d37-844c-401b8ec40dae_16x9_600x338Several Farsi news agencies reported (yet another) godless statement of the godless ‘Ayatollahs’. Entekhab.ir reports how one of the ‘Friday Imams’ of the Siahkal province (in Gilan, northern) in regards to the up coming ‘Eid Al-Adha (Qorban in Farsi) said (the Khutba is from the 11/10/2013):

خطیب جمعه سیاهکل افزود : مرحوم سید احمد خمینی گفته است که «اگر مقام معظم رهبری بفرمایند که سر بچه ات را ببر من این کار را انجام می دهم» و معنی این جمله این است که ایشان نماینده برحق امام زمان (عج) در زمان غیبت هستند و سخن ایشان سخن خداوند است.

شیدایی با تأکید بر این مطلب که حضرت آیت الله خامنه ای بزرگترین افتخار برای جهان اسلام و شیعه هستند اظهار داشت : علمای عربستان ، قطر ، الازهر از افرادی که در کودتای مصر حضور داشتند حمایت می کنند اما علمایی همچون امام خمینی (ره) ، امام خامنه ای (مدظله العالی) و سید حسن نصرالله همواره به دنبال حق هستند.


‘Ayatollah’ Sheidayi said during his Friday sermon: ‘The late Sayyed Ahmad Khomeini (‘Ayatollah’ Ruhollah Khomeini’s son) said: ‘I would cut off the head of my own child If the Supreme Leader (‘Ayatollah’ Khamenei) would order me to do so’. [‘Ayatollah’ Sheidayi commented on this and said]: ‘The meaning of this is that he [Khamenei] is the true vicegerent of ‘Imam Zaman’ during his occultation and his [Khamenei’s] words are the words of God‘.

He added that Khamenei is the biggest proud for the Islamic Ummah and the Shia and that Muslim scholars in Arabia and even Azhar betrayed the Egyptians whilst Khamenei and Nasralla(t) stood for the truth! Khamenei and Nasrallat stand for the truth, the two tyrants who chant empty slogans (‘death to America/Israel’) yet have killed so far (together with their Bathist-Alawite and Russian and Chinese Kafir allies) more Sunnis in Syria than every Zionist could have imagined.

As for their exaggeration with Khamenei and putting Khamenei’s orders next to the orders of the creator and claiming that the words of the filthy polytheist Rafidite Safavid Khamenei are the words of Allah, then well, what can you expect from these Mushriks (polytheists)?! It’s not the first time they have uttered blatant kufr and Shirk. In fact, we soon can put up a separate catogery just for the articles we have posted about the Kufr of the Shia with their ‘Ayatollahs’, particularly with the ‘supreme leader’:

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And the journey of the deviants continues …