Sunnis of Tehran haven been prevented (again) of holding their ‘Eid prayers!

islahweb_9926_1381918182(At least) yhree years in a row now, Sunnis of Tehran are prevented of holding major gatherings like ‘Eid prayers in their Namaz Khaneh (these are not Mosques, but rather private rented flats and houses). It is just about two months ago when we reported in detail about the latest intervention of the Iranian state that prevented the Sunni community of Tehran of holding their ‘Eid Al-Fitr prayer, a must read:

‘Eid Al-Fitr 2013 – Tehran’s Sunnis were banned again!

So just about two months later i.e. this ‘Eid Al-Adha (Qorban)  the Iranian regime AGAIN prevented the Sunnis of Tehran to pray according to their own beliefs and customs! A right that ‘Israel’, America and even communist states give to Sunnis (and Shias) around the world. imagine how hateful this regime is that it cannot even stand that Sunnis offer their prayers in buildings that from the outside do not even reflect a Mosque. This is how scared they are of orthodox Islam, they are scared that the Iranians, especially the youth get in contact with an Islam other than the wailing one, the heretical one, the Rafidi Safavid one.

Although reformist President Mohammad Khatami (2 August 1997 – 3 August 2005) promised during his election campaign to build a Sunni mosque in Tehran, none was built during his eight years in office. The president explained the situation by saying Supreme Leader (Taghoot) Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (the ally of the Mushrik Russian, China and the Alawite of Syria, the butcher of the Ahl Al-Sunnah) would not agree to the proposal.

These are all (uknown to most Muslims, especially those who have fallen for the Rafidi treachery of ‘unity’ and other bullocks) facts, and major Sunni figures (and even MP’s!) in Iran have repeatedly demanded their rights, basic rights (that Jews, Zoroastrian and even SIKHS enjoy in Tehran!) such as having a proper places of worship.

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So this is anything but propaganda by the ‘Zionists/Wahhabis’ or any other excuse the Rafidi regime and its adherents want to make you believe. Their enmity towards the Ahl Al-Sunnah is a plain reality, if they only were as sincere as the so callled ‘Wahhabis’ of Saudi Arabia who by far never treat Shias as bad as the Iranian regime treats Sunnis. The Saudis never ever claimed that Shiism is part of Islam in the first place, let alone calling to ‘unity’ with the Rafidi Shia. So if only Iran and the majority of the ‘Ayatollahs’ would just stop this old and expired game of ‘Sunni-Shia unity’ i.e. claiming ‘unity’ but preventing the Sunnis of their capital of basic rights. So the hypocrisy of this regime is to CLAIM Islam AND Sunni-Shia unity, and the whole purpose behind it is to fool the gullible ones amongst the Ummah who have no clue about Shiism and its treachery throughout history, let alone the reality of the Iranian regime that is only good at chanting slogans (against the west/America/Israel, but in ACTION their ‘death to America’ resulted into nothing but ‘death to Sunnis’, see how they are allied to the bathist, secularist Alawite Kafir Bashar, Russia and China in their Sunni killings i.e. suppression of the Syrian people and their revolution).

As for the latest case, then it is no one but the Iranian Sunni community of Tehran itself that reported that as usual they have been prevented of holding their ‘Eid prayers in their OWN rented flats. Islah.web (official online representation of the Sunni community of Tehran) reports that on  Wednesday the 16th of October Iranian security forces surrounded a house in Sadeghiyeh Square, Tehran, and barred Sunnis from entering. Quoted by The Sunni Human Rights Committee in Iran (SHRCI), Dr Jalal Jalalizadeh, an Iranian Sunni politician, described how police and security forces stood “outside the entrance and obstructed us from holding the Eid prayers.”. Islah.web reports tat raids took also place in the Saadat Abad district. With alot of pressure, the Sunni community of Tehran could finally (at least this time) hold their ‘Eid prayers in a few other small prayer houses in Tehran, but as you can see, the Iranian regime tries hard to suppress them as much as possible. Here some pictures showing the police next to the rented houses:



The Iranian security forces reportedly said that they ‘did not have the right’ to hold the prayers. Al-Hamdulillah the real face of the Iranian regime and their hatred for the Sunnis, even Iranian Sunnis is getting more and more publicity and more and more Muslims are aware of the true reality of the Iranian Shia state that fooled thousands if not millions with their empty slogans of ‘Sunni-Shia unity’. Even ‘The Guardian’ and other mainstream media are reporting more and more about the Sunnis of Iran. ‘The Guardian’ reported that Sunnis in Tehran were banned from holding Eid prayers to mark the end of Ramadan. Hundreds of security forces were deployed to block access to houses rented by Sunnis for prayers.

The restrictions on Sunnis in Tehran are part of a wider culture of discrimination by the Iranian regime against Sunnis and ethnic minorities in Iran. The publication of Sunni materials is restricted and Sunni beliefs are banned from being taught at public schools, even in Sunni-majority areas. Those who openly preach Sunni beliefs risk persecution and arrest. In 2011 the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) said “there were reports that 19 Sunni clerics had been arrested for spreading Sunni teachings in several parts of the country, including Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Baluchistan, West Azerbaijan, Ahvaz, Tavalesh, and Khorassan provinces. Their whereabouts are unknown.”

Numerous Sunni mosques in Iran have been shut down by the authorities. Earlier this month on October 4th, a mosque was closed down in the town of Alek, Kurdistan province of Iran. The Imam, Mamousta Abdul Ghaffar Mohammadi had been threatened by Iranian officials, and the congregation was prevented from entering the mosque.

Outspoken Sunnis face discrimination in Iran, particularly Sunnis from a Kurdish or Baloch background, who face a double burden of persecution due to being both religious and ethnic minorities. Numerous Sunni scholars and teachers have been imprisoned or executed for vague charges. In 2011, the USCIRF stated that “Sunni Muslim leaders regularly are intimidated and harassed by intelligence and security services and report widespread official discrimination.”

There are currently at least 30 Sunni political prisoners facing execution in Iran. The men were all active in propogating Sunni Islam within their communities, and it is alleged they were arrested due to their open criticism of the Iranian regime. The men were all tortured, with many forced to ‘confess’ to false charges. Two of the men have been missing since Sunday 29th September 2013 when they were removed from Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj and taken to an unknown location. Fears for their welfare are growing.

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