‘Eid Al-Adha prayer in Sunni areas of Iran

‘Eid Mubarak to all our readers. Yup, a bit late but at least we got you some nice pics from the ‘Eid Al-Adha prayers in Sunni areas of Iran. All we got so far are some pictures of north Iran (Golestan area, where a huge number of Sunnis live):




By the way, the Imam above is Shaikh Muhammad Hussein Gorgij, Sunni Khateeb of Azad-shahr. A VERY brave and out spoken Sunni Shaykh who was never scared to speak the truth. In his sermon he urged the Sunni community must be free to establish own Eid prayers anywhere in Iran.

Talking to Sunni worshippers in the northeastern city of Azad-shahr, Golestan province, on Friday Oct. 11, 2013, Muhammad Hussein Gorgij asked the pertinent Iranian authorities to let Sunni Muslims, local and migrant worshippers, to establish Eid prayers freely.

“It is the indisputable right of Sunni citizens to hold their own Eid prayers without any obstacles,” he underlined.

The prominent Sunni scholar further said Sunni worshippers do not carry any weapon in Eid prayer gathering that might be any security challenge for the country. Sunnis’ prayers would not destroy the country.

The eminent teacher of Tafseer pointed all Muslims, Shia and Sunni communities, establish their own Eid and Friday prayers freely in all countries, even in the Europe and U.S.A. Iran claims to be an ‘Islamic republic’; why Sunnis have been facing obstacles to offer prayers in congregations in some metropolises?

‘We the Sunni citizens of Iran call on the Police, the interior minister, provincial governors and commissioners to facilitate Sunnis’ gatherings for Eid prayers. We hope Sunnis will not meet the past problems in this regard,’ he concluded.

Source: Botshekan Web wire & SunniOnline.us










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  1. I as a true follower of Shi’a Islam condemn the system of Wilayat al-Faqih wholeheartedly. I support my Ahl al-Sunnah brothers in their quest for freedom, may Allah SWT help you! And may Allah SWT give Tawfeeq to the Iranian people and the Muslim world entirely!

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