Vilayat-e Faqih managed to illustrate Tawhid!


Today, a new joke has reached us from Shirkistan, from the Sabaite Rafidite Safavid Republic of Iran, by a living fossile (‘Ayatollah’) called ‘Ayatollah’ Emami Kashani (where Abu Lu’lu’a Al-Majoosi is buried), who is one of the Imams of the Tehran ‘Friday prayer’ event. Friday prayers in Iran (amongst the Rafidah) is nothing but joke itself.  What many, if most of the Ummah does not know is the shocking fact that there is only ONE Friday prayer (in a city of over 8 mio.!) in the whole of Tehran! Yes, you heard right, Tehran is not only the only capital in the Islamic world (heck, in the whole world, even Washington D.C. has Sunni Mosques) that doesn’t allow Sunnis to have a single proper Mosque (Majoos, Jews etc. all do have their places of worship though),

and it is not just the only ‘Islamic’ capital where you CAN’T hear three calls (Adhan) to the prayer a day (since Rafidah ALWAYS combine the five daily prayers, saying that it is allowed to do so. But even IF it was allowed, what about the better option, the true Sunnah of NOT combining?! How can the MOSQUES of a so called ‘Islamic state’ and its Mullahs who dwell be too busy to pray FIVE times a day ?!), but it is also the only ‘Islamic’ capital (in fact all Shia cities in Iran have only ONE Friday prayer) in the world  where there is only ONE Friday prayer (which is held at  Tehran’s Grand Mosque Temple, the Imam Khomeini Temple).

The whole lofty concept of the Friday prayer – which although does contain political and daily life issues, yet isn’t all about that – has been hijacked by the Rafidi regime for their weekley political propaganda (chanting empty slogans). The Rafidi Twelver Shia religion and most of their major Shia scholars throughout history do NOT believe in the obligation of the Friday prayer anyway (many Shia scholars deem it even impermissible as long as their hidden well-cave-cellar dwelling saviour (’12th Imam’) resides in occultation, this is why haven’t seen and won’t ever see the likes of Sistani in Iraq or any other major Shia Marja’ in Iran attending ABY Friday prayer!). The Rafidi regime only (mis)uses this sacred event to propagate their falsehood, hence you can hear them chanting ‘death to this and that’ (nothing but hot air) during their Khutbah (sermon), although it is from the basic etiquettes of the Friday Khutba that even replying to a salam is forbidden.

After the laughing stock and joke which they call ‘Friday prayer’, let us show you their latest joke (speech):


وی افزود: خوشبختانه در کشورمان ولایت فقیه داریم، در نقاط دیگر جهان، جهادشان باید تقویت شود ولی در کشور ما به لطف خدا از زمانی که امام خمینی(ره) این نهضت را پی‌ریزی کرد، ولایت فقیه توانست توحید را تبیین کند


The Friday prayer Imam of Tehran (‘Ayatollah’ Emami Kashani) referred to the situation of Iran and said:

‘Thankfully, in our country we have got the Vilayat-e Faqih  [rule of an ‘Ayatollah’ sytem]. Other countries have to reinforce their Jihad, but as for our country, with the grace of God and with the coming of Imam Khomeini who laid down the foundation of this awakening, Vilayat-e Faqih has managed to illustrate Tawhid (monotheism)’.

SOURCE: FARS NEWS (Iranian state news agency)

Here a screen shot of the relevant and hilarious parts:


COMMENT: No comment really. Good joke though, Rafidi Shi’ism and Tawhid it’s like saying, “the monotheistic Hindus”!

Interestingly the living fossile Kashani also ranted something about ‘the dangers of Salafism and Takfirism’, why Sunni scholars are silent about this danger and how blessed Iran is of having being ruled by ‘Vilayat-e Faqih and how Sunni countries should adapt Iran’s system! They fear of ‘Salafism/Wahhabism’ is a known phobia the Rafidah have, a slogan to oppose the Qur’an and the Sunnah and its people. They are so scared of the Islamic awakening all around the world (which they dare to ascribe to themselves), that the only thing left for them is to divide Sunnis and refer to those Sunnis who oppose Rafidi Shi’ism and the Safavid Iranian state as ‘Extremist Salafis’, although it is the average Sunni from Morocco to Indonesia and traditional Sunni institutions who are fed up with the Iranian Rafidi Safavid regime (especially since Iran and the Hezbollat have exposed themselves completely by siding with an Alawite, Bathist and secularist dictator like Bashar) and Majoosi (Zoroastrian) heresies in the name of the Ahl Al-Bait.

The ilustration of ‘Tawhid’ in the Rafidi state

Mobile shrines! According to the Rafidi motto: ‘If the cattle doesn’t come to the shrine (to seek help from other than Allah/God), throw money into it, rub themselves at it etc.), then the shrine will come to the cattle’


All for the sake of collecting the notes .. erm, pardon, ILLUSTRATING TAWHID!


They use the money for the poor, don’t worry, it’s just the illustration of Tawhid …


After all they are the humble signs/miracles of Allah (‘Ayatollahs’) …

542234_472048842851676_976690606_n - Copy… who will pray for the poor from their golden thrones …


… to make sure that the golden/silver shrines are filled with the hard earned money of the cattle who are blinded by Shirkiyat and Dhalaalaat

593084491 - Copy

Dhalaalaat (misguidance) who the Turbanised devils call ‘illustration of Tawhid’!





All for the sake of illustrating Tawhid …


mary1 (2)



As you can see, where ever you look, you’ll see the ‘illustration of Tawhid’ …



599879_432503116793764_1000296749_n (2)


The absolute ‘illustration of Tawhid’, the Mosque and well (!) of the 12th Imam in the desert of Jamakaran (Qom county)! This illustration of heresy was built based on a DREAM (!) of an (of course) ‘Ayatollah’ who claimed that Imam-E-Zaman (the hidden Rafidi saviour) himself told him to build the Mosque and well

jamkaran_masjed_mghLarge crowds of tens of thousands (Mushriks) gather at Jamkaran to pray and to drop a note to the Imam in a well at the site, asking for help with some problem, just as the Jews do in Jeruslam, just worse (you will know why they worse)


The etiquettes of writing letters to a so called infallible, super power possessing, All-Seeing and All-Hearing, the Universe controlling Imam …


The ‘holy well’, where the Sabaite Rafidah can write  letters and throw it into a well. Maybe soon they can Email the hidden saviours at


pure ‘illustration of Tawhid’, the ‘followers’ of the Prophet’s Household (Ahl Al-Bait) after all …




Jamkaran Mosque in the Outskirts of the City of Qom













What? You thought it’s for FREE to write a letter to an ‘hidden Imam’s’ well?! Well, not really, the cunning Shia clergy actually encourage their cattle (blind followers) to BUY customised letters …


‘Arizeh’ (Customised petition letter to the hidden Imam) for 250, 000 Iranian Riyal




This is quite similar to the cunning methods of the Catholic Mafia (Church) that in the Medieval period stongly pushed their theory of  indulgence. buy selling letters to their cattle who believed that by the prayer of a saint (written on letters) they can free themselves of sins and even the Hell-Fire …


Now here is why the Rafidi Shia ‘illustration of Tawhid’ (their dhalaalah/misguidance) is worse than the misguidance of the Jews, Zionist Jews, Neo-Con masons and other Polytheists such as the Buddhists etc.



Pope John Paul II at Wailing Wall











As you can see, the masonic Jewish practice of writing letters to a deity, which at least is GOD according to them and no one else and who by the definition of pure (Islamic) monotheism is:

  • Omnipresent (Allah’s knowledge – not essence as polytheist pantheists such as Jesus-Worshippers etc. claim) encompasses all things)
  • – Omniscience (Al-‘Aleem, The All Knowing)
  • – Omnipotent (The All Powerful)

… is no where polytheist nor as heretical as the Rafidah Shias innovation of writing letters to an ‘Imam’ (Shia saint) by throwing it into a well. Don’t get us wrong, both practices are to be condemned from an Islamic point of view. Moses is innocent of the Jews who innovated in his name and the Ahl Al-Bayt are innocent of the Rafidah who innovated even more in their names. Wailing itself (The Wailing Wall …) is strongly condemned in Islam (weeping for the dead is allowed, wailing was a practice of the WOMEN of the Jahiliyah, and the RAFIDAH today …), and interestingly the Jews and their spawn the Sabaite Twelver Rafidah are notoriously known for that …


… yet we are obliged by our belief, by our religion which is Islam to be just and fair, hence we’d like to emphasise that although the Jewish practice of wailing and writing letters to God and sticking it into a wall is a rejected matter according to Islam, yet it is by far better than writing letters to a so called hidden saviour whom the Rafidah have given all sorts of godly attributes.


Jews have more Tawhid than the Rafidah who have ‘illustrated Tawhid’ with ‘Vilayat-e Faqih …


We hope you enjoyed having taken a glimpse into the world of Twelver Rafidi Shi’ism, and how the ‘Ayatollahs’ of Iran and their Safavid state have ‘illustrated Tawhid’

As for ‘Takfiris’ then this the biggest audactiy of the Rafidi clergy and it should boil the blood of every Muslim, for it is actually the Rafidi sect that is founded on the belief of Takfir, a more extreme Takfir then the Islamic Ummah has ever witnessed. They are worse in Takfir than the ancient (most extreme) Khawarij who despite their extremism and Takfir never went so far of accusing the the heads of the Muhajirin and Ansar amongst the Sahaba of Kufr and Nifaq, whereas the Rafidah Shia and their scholars (a bunch of laughing stocks who can’t even utter a single Arabic sentence correctly, let alone recite the Qur’an correctly) have filled books declaring that

The absolute majority of the Prophet’s companions were apostate and sons of prostitutes who changed the Qur’an

Majlisi (the Safavid palace scholar) says : ‘Those Sahaba who followed Abu Bakr (ra) are worse than Kuffar’

All Sahaba (companions) are apostate infidels, except (less than) an handful

All Sahaba are infidels except very few

As a matter of fact, in Rafidi Safavid governed Iran it is the Sunni belief (not the Jews, Christians, Buddhists or Zoroastrians) and the Sunnis who – due to ancient Shia beliefs – who are being insulted and attacked and not just the ‘Wahhabis’

As you can see, there is just too much evidence and proof out there (so no Taqiyyah will help them), so won’t bombard you with these well-known facts, we’d rather like to remind you about our articles where we have proven that the essence of Rafidism i.e. Kufr, Ghuluww, Khurafat, Takfri and Batiniyyah (Heresies, exaggeration, superstitions, accusing others of disbelief and Freemasonry and its likes) is always running in the blood of the Rafidi Shia clergy and the cattle who follow them, and thus this is how Vilayat-e Faqih has managed to  illustrate Tawhid (monotheism):

Khamenei’s Police Chief Commander: ‘Not following Wilayat Al-Faqih is like adopting Salafism and makes ones blood persmissible to be shed

Iranian ‘Ayatollah’ declares Salafi Muslims as disbelievers and Zionists!

Ayatollah’: “Disobeying the Wali Faqih (Taghoot Khamenei) equals Shirk!

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