Passports of Iranian students of the Madinah University have been confiscated

IranPassportTwo Iranian students of the renowned Sunni university of Madinah in Saudi Arabia have been harrassed and their passports being confiscated by the Iranian regime. Both students are ethnic Persians from Shiraz and Lamerd (Shiraz has a Sunni minority and Lamerd is in south Far/Larestan, a Sunni stronghold of ethnic Persians). They came back to Iran to enjoy the summer break not expecting to be deprived of continuing their studies. It is worthy to mention that the confiscation of passports of Iranian Sunni studies (doesn’t matter where they studied, be it Syria, the Emirates or Saudi) became very frequent during the Ahmadjinejad reign and as it seems this policy is being continued in the current Mullah regime of Rohani.