Late Qadhi Abdullah Mollazadeh

3The eminent Islamic scholar, late Qadhi Abdullah Mollazadeh was born in Heet village of Sarbaz in Baluchistan, Iran. His father, Haji Muhammad, and mother, Bibi Hazari, belonged to religious and obliged families. Late Qadhi Abdullah’s father passed away on the way of Hajj (Pilgrim) in Africa before arriving to Jeddah. Abdullah was a child on that time; he felt the soreness of orphans.

The mother of Qadhi Abdullah got married to “Nadhar-Muhammad”, one of the village’s elders. He lost his young brother as well; the family, mother, a brother and a sister, remained under sponsorship of Mr. Nadhar-Muhammad.

Late Qadhi Abdullah’s mother and step-father did their best upbringing him in a good way as he was an orphan. He became very good at reading the Noble Qur’an in his early age. Shaikh Abdullah used to help his family in the agricultural works. When the family of Shaikh saw his zeal and zest for Islamic education, they sent him to “Parud” village in the vicinity of Heat. Shaikh studied at “Mullah Abdol-Malek” in his school in evenings. In Mornings, he was taking part in domestic works of his family.

Qadhi Abdullah learnt recitation of the Qur’an along with basic Islamic principles and etiquettes. He used to go on feet in the hot and cold weather. As a result, he got lots of necessary subjects.

His trips for education:

The most reputable seminary of Baluchistan of Iran was Parud’s religious school. But it was only for basic education. On the other hand, Abdullah was facing many obstacles in continuing his journey of knowledge; particularly his family was in dire need of his assistance to afford the expenses of home. His mother was not ready to send her beloved son to any far area for education. But Qadhi Abdullah succeeded to overcome all the hindrances and go ahead.

He decided to reach Karachi, which was a city under the rule of British colonists, to get further Islamic education. He endured lots of difficulties while traveling to Karachi.

Shaikh Abdullah joined the famous seminary of that era, Madhar-ul-Uloom Khadda, where he studied for five years. He got ingenuity in many subjects and purified his self over there. Shaikh Abdullah made a trip to “Pir Jhanda” in Sindh province for higher education. He succeeded to get specialization in important books such as Hadith, Hadith narrators and graduate from the same seminary.

Returning home:

After gaining lots of experiences and knowledge, Shaikh Abdullah returned homeland to share his knowledge guiding people towards the right path. When people heard about him, they reached his village from different parts of Baluchistan to meet this great and pious scholar. He was a subtle scholar in many topics.

Traveling to some areas of Baluchistan:

The reformative activities of late Qadhi Abdullah were not restricted to any particular part of Baluchistan; he used to travel to different areas to be aware of people’s religious circumstances. He was struggling to make them free of superstitions and the innovations.

Jihad against the erroneous “Dhikri” group:

The main motive of the fight was blasphemous offense of Dhikris upon a mosque in Kishkur, as they caused mayhem for Muadhin of the mosque as well. It made Shaikh Abdullah angry; when the leader of the aberrant group heard about the fume of Qadhi, he decided to run away to Pakistan along with his followers.

They were staying near Jakigur when late Qadhi Abdullah besieged them; many Muslim fighters were accompanying him from Rask and Sarbaz. In Rabi-ul-Awwal 1355 (June 1936), the leader of the amiss group and seven of his followers were killed, many others were wounded. The rest of them fled to the southern areas of Pakistani Baluchistan. One of Muslims was martyred in the conflict and one other got injured.

Children & wives:

Late Qadhi Abdullah got marriage four times in his entire blessed life. He had 7 sons and 5 daughters. Late Mawlana Abdol-Aziz Mollazadeh, the founder of Darululoom Zahedan, was his senior son. Famous Baloch scholar late Abdol-Majeed Mollazadeh was his son from “Dor Bibi”, his cousin. The mother of Shaikh Abdol-Aziz and Mullah Sayyid Muhammad was “Bibi Gol”. Qadhi Abdullah had a daughter from his third wife; while his sons, Dr. Abdor-Rahim Mollazadeh, Shaikh Abdol-Hakeem, Abdol-Haq and Haji Abdor-Rahman, were born by his fourth wife “Bibi Moradkhatoun”.

Moral features:

Worshiping a lot

Late Qadhi Abdullah was worshiping his God all the time so much. The sign of prostration was obvious on his forehead. Humbleness, calmness and prorogation were parts of his prayers. Remembering Allah, offering prayers and reciting the noble Qur’an were inseparable routines of his life.

Love of the beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

He used to study the life and biography of the last messenger of Allah very much. It increased his love for Holy prophet as he was mentioning it in his lessons and sermons a lot. Gholam Muhammad Mullazahi, one of the Baluchistan’s poets, says: “Sometime late Qadhi Abdullah was ordering me to read poetry praising holy prophet (PBUH); he was impressed as his tears used to fall.”

Ardor for reading books

Shaikh Abdullah was studying Islamic and academic books with full zeal and enthusiasm. He believed that scholars should be aware of the current circumstances of their time; thus he used to study all the time. This motive forced him to carry lots of books while returning home after graduation.

Braveness and generosity

We can rarely see these two vital features in one person; the Almighty Allah bestowed both of the features to late Qadhi Abdullah. He became famous when he carried out a campaign against Dhikris and resisted the anti-Islam stances of Reza Khan, the father of ex-king of Iran. He was delivering the right clearly without any fear from opponents.

His demise:

Late Qadhi Abdullah passed away in 12th Safar 1379 Hijri (1959 Aug 17) after a long journey of preaching people and struggling on the straight path of Allah.

May Allah place his soul in the paradise and have mercy on him.