The true face of Safavid backed, Rafidite-Revolt in Bahrain

The situation in Bahrain where protestors started to demand their rights under the cover of “Silmiyyah” (peaceful protests) is escalating day by day. There is loads of propaganda material on the web showing how the Shi’ite masses (mostly stooges of the Iranian system, i.e. staunch followers of Khamenei) call for “peaceful” demands and even shout “Sunni-Shia unity” slogans.

The media, even the arabic media like Aljazeera, took side with the Wilayah Al-Faqih and Khomeini followers in Bahrain and presents them always as victims. The truth is so much the opposite that one wants to either cry or laugh. Let us provide with some sources the Rafidite propagandists like “Press TV” (Khomeini TV), Aljazeerah and the west will never show you:

Quick translation: Shias in Bahrain constitute (since decades) one of the HIGHEST political positions in the country. Among them is:

The Housing miniser: Shi’ite

The health minister: Shi’ite

Minister for Employment : Shi’ite

President of the parliament: Shi’ite

and as for “Silmiyyah” (Arabic for peaceful), here some glimpses of the peace full Rafidite protests:

Come one! Hundreds of Rafidite Shi’ite, armed with Molotow-Cocktails aiming them at police forces while invoking their demigod Ali Ibn Abi Talib (of course not Allah), that’s absolutely peaceful. And the Syrian people wanting to crush a tyrant who with his clan rules for half a century now, e butcher whose soldiers kill, rape and force the Sunni Syrians to worship Ali is terrorism. This, of course according to Rafidite Safavid logic.

Despite the savage nature of the Rawafid and stooges of the tyrant of Iran, this is the response of the Bahraini Police:

In addition Bahrain (compared to its size) has more Husseiniyyah’s (Shia temples, where they gather to beat themselves like animals) than any country on planet earth. There are more Husseiniyyah’s than Mosques in Bahrain, and the Bahraini Gov. was well aware that the vast majority of those place of paganism (Shirk) and prostitution (Mot’ah/Sigheh) were illegally built, yet the Gov. permitted kept quite. Thus the demands of the Bahraini Shias look quite ridiculous if one would compare them to Iranian Sunnis who can dream of being the mayor in their own town and city, let alone being the PRESIDENT of the PARLIAMENT. One must deal with every human being with justice, and IF the demands of the Iranian backed Shi’ites in Bahrain were like those in other arabic countries than one had to give them their right, yet it was the King of Bahrain who at the very beginning offered the protestors loads of changes and agreed to many of their former demands, yet, obviously the Khomaniac demonstrators wanted more than that, and shouted at the very beginning: “Al Sha’b yureed Isqaat Al-Nidhaam” (the people want the fall of the gov.). How on earth is this “peaceful”? Of course the real agenda was to throw over the Bahraini Gov. and replace it with the (failed) “Wilayah Al-Faqih” system in Iran. One just has to look at the demonstrators to realize that most of them look more “pro-Khomeini Iran” than a Basiji could ever look like (most of the Protestors carry Khamenei, Khomeini, Ahmadinejad posters etc.). Also the Shia scholars (like Ayatollah Al-Modaressi in Iraq who sparks more chaos on his warm chair) took a part in encouraging their blind-followers with hatred, for it were the Shia scholars who put the secterian issue in the conflict, by slogans like:”This is a fight between Husseinis and Yazeedis”. However Allah is the best of planners and the the Rafidite-Safavid Iranian regime backed Fitnah will once again prove the treachery of the Iranian regime.

As for rare information with regards to the crimes of the Safavid-Iranian regime stooges in Bahrain, then take your time and watch how a Bahraini exposes the hipocricy of the so called “silmiyyah” demonstrators and their cheerleaders.

Look at the hipocricy of Hassan “Nasrallah”, the Safavid stooge:

The answer to the Safavid backed stooges:

One thought on “The true face of Safavid backed, Rafidite-Revolt in Bahrain

  1. rafadites dont only come in the shiaa or sunni societies. At some time or the other every one of us may have unknowingly carried out an act(either in our personal or public lives) that was contrary to the teachings of our prophet(saws). The videos here only serve to bunch a group of people as evil. The author expects us to just believe every impression he/she gets as fact. Let the leaders of each party of people discuss the real issues and let us, as brothers/sister’s in Islam, seek to maintain ties/links with one another by resolving our differences without initiating or encouraging violent behaviour. Bahrains main issue is regarding the great difference between the wealthy and the working class. Is this Islamic? Our prophet(saws) discouraged hoarding and profiteering. In effect the wealthy should not extract & withhold. And the working people should grant loyalty and integrity where they are well treated.

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