Pan-Iranism – AN EPIC FAIL

The late Shah was one of the strongest advocaters of Pan-Iranism, a concept that totally failed, because of the deep racist nationalism amongst the Persian elite (who make up hardly more than 49% of the population of Iran) and the majority of Iranic people like the Baloch, Pashtun, Tajiks etc. who are proud Sunni Muslims. Apparently they call to the unity of all Iranic people, this includes the Kurds, Baloch etc. yet these groups during the Shah’s and even worse in the Shia Safawi reign are one of the most oppressed and deprived people inside the Iranian state. And then there are the Arabs of Iran who could be described with no exaggeration as one of the most deprived and oppressed people of Iran, they can smell the oil being carried from their soil to Tehran (most of Iran’s oil is based on soil where Arabs make up the majority!), yet they are literally completely deprived of it.

In fact the Iranian nationists went to such extremes to deprive …

many NON-PERSIAN Iranian people of their NON-IRANIC ethnicity like  the Arabs of Ahwaz/Khuzestan/Arabestan (south Iran) whom they shamelessly describe as “Ethnic Iranians who merely speak Arabic”!  This is pure racism and an insult to a whole people, the Arabs of Iran who are probably more Arab than most north Africans and Lebanese could ever be. This is because the Arabs of south Iran are Badus (Beduins) who less than a century ago became settled, they are from the most ancient and traditional Arab tribes that can be found in Iran like the Bani Tamim, Bani Torof, Bani Assad, Al-Ka’b, Al-Dossari etc. tribes who are living in south Iran since over 2000 years i.e. even before the arrival of Islam, in fact many Arabs were in the Persian-Sassanid Army who fought the Muslim Army at Al-Qadissiyyah, yet we see the Iranian nationalist lying and saying many Arabs of Ahwaz came just recently from Iraq!  How on earth can a people who not just SPEAK Arabic but also trace their origin back to the most ancient Arabic tribes on earth be “ETHNIC IRANIANS” who merely speak Arabic. Of course this is ridicolous and shows nothing but the chauvinism of the Persian elite of Iran who are still not used to the fact that “Persia” is not very much Persian as they wish. How would they feel if others would tell them: “You are not Persians dear Persians, you arePERSIAN SPEAKING Gypsies from the mountains of Caucasia”!

The dream of Pan-Iranism (which is mostly connected with strong anti-Islamic, pro-Majoosi-Zoroastrian elements) is a childish and illusionary concept indeed, for these Pan-Iranists (mostly Persian-Iranians with a Shia backround) include all the so called Iranian ethnics i.e. Iranic people (not to cunfuse with IRANIANS who when referred to are the people of the state Iran) like Kurds, Baloch, Pashtus etc. in their dreamworld/Empire, seems that these enemies of Islam have forgotten that these groups, especially the Baloch and Pashtun are more than just proud Muslim Iranic people, in fact the Arabs are proud of them, the Islamic Ummah is proud of the Mujahideen and lions of Afghanistan, be it the Tajiks or the Pashtun, who are both Ethnic Iranians, but certainly have NOTHING for the nationalistic, Anti-Islamic ideas of Pan-Iranism. In fact even Sunni Iranians INSIDE Iran (even Persian Sunnis) oppose the Shia religion, so do the Pashtuns and Tajiks and other ethnic groups of Afghanistan, now imagine if these proud people consider Shi’ism to be the climax of heresy then what about Pan-Iranism?!

Pan-Iranism is a joke, in fact due to the oppression of the Rafidite Shi’ite Safavid, Anti-Islamic/Sunni regime of Iran and its chauvinist predecessors the ETHNIC IRANIANS of Iran (let alone the Arabs, Turkmen Turks who are not ETHNIC Iranian in the first place) like the Baloch and the Kurds are FED up, and due to the stupidity and chauvinism of these heretics Iran might be divided into many chunks (something we don’t support here at SONSOFSUNNAH.COM), just read how the Kurds got NOTHING for pan-Iranism, they care less about it, they wants freedom and dignity, not a “Persian Empire”:

Kurds’ demanding their own federal areas in the Middle East hope to have full rights, said activist and member of the Iranian Komala Kurdish party, Sahar Amiri.

Asked if Kurds in Iran have any common goals with the Iranian Persian opposition, she said: “Persians who are fighting for democracy do not wish to apply democracy to nations such as Kurds, Azeris, Arabs and this goes back to racist reasoning… There is also classist oppression from Persian elite.”

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PS: Pan-Arabism, Pan-Turkism all that junk is history, the future is for Al-Islam:

 {It is He  Who has sent His Messenger with Guidance and the Religion of Truth, that He may make it prevail over all other religions, even if the polytheists dislike it.} (Surat al-Saff, No, 61)